MediaPost SPIS June 2021: Discuss The Future Of Search!

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has affected our globe badly. It has impacted all the industries, but the impact on advertising is worth considering. Even if the world returns back to normal, the complexity of the advertising industry will certainly not. The traditional tools for targeting and tracking customers are now dissolving because ofContinue reading “MediaPost SPIS June 2021: Discuss The Future Of Search!”

Cross-Channel Remarketing: A Tactic To Increase Engagement

As the digital world is expanding enormously, there are more websites offering services than ever before. As a result, customers prefer to switch between the websites to compare the services and choose the one that provides them the experience they want. This makes it essential for the companies to reach the customers at the rightContinue reading “Cross-Channel Remarketing: A Tactic To Increase Engagement”

5 Mobile Marketing Strategies for 2021

It isn’t surprising that as much as 65% of people in the USA are using smartphones and 70% of the mobile users will get an action triggered in about an hour. And, that is why it’s essential for every business— whether a bricks & mortar entrepreneur or an online business owner to get their mobileContinue reading “5 Mobile Marketing Strategies for 2021”

Everything about H1 Tags & How they are Important for SEO

Do you think H1 tags in SEO are just about the title? In essence, the H1 tags are much more than just a title— a number of SEO experts have said that they noticed significant ranking improvement when they optimized the website for the H1 tag. This itself reveals that the Google search algorithm takesContinue reading “Everything about H1 Tags & How they are Important for SEO”

Private Blog Networks: Penalty or Profit?

Back in 2016, Google itself confirmed — link building is one of the topmost ranking factors. So, we can’t do away with the importance of link building as one of the most primary ways to enhance traffic. Building links is one of the most effective ways of supercharging your SEO, ranking & accelerating the organicContinue reading “Private Blog Networks: Penalty or Profit?”

Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Is it worth upgrading to GA4? Is ga4 google analytics worth the ballyhoo it is getting?  It’s all over the map — a lot of marketers are struggling to get answers to a few of these questions even when they know everything about the GA4 update.  In a recent development, Google Analytics updated to GoogleContinue reading “Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to Google Analytics 4 (GA4)”

Multichannel vs. Omnichannel Marketing: What is the Difference

The digital marketing world is evolving at an unimaginably fast pace. Every day there is a new concept, marketers are busy implementing so as to get the best of both worlds enticing customers & improving ROI.  In the past few decades, the digital world has taken a drastic turn with people switching between multiple devicesContinue reading “Multichannel vs. Omnichannel Marketing: What is the Difference”

E-commerce Marketing Strategy: 15 Tips to Increase Your Online Sales

The sale during the pandemic took the wind out of sails for most businesses. However, this COVID-19 phase proved out to be a blessing in disguise for the e-commerce sector. There were almost no signs of slowing down!  Per a study, it has been estimated that the e-commerce industry will take a big leap forwardContinue reading “E-commerce Marketing Strategy: 15 Tips to Increase Your Online Sales”

Content Repurposing: How to Make Your Old Posts Breath in Life?

Do you even remember how many blog posts you have written for your brand until now? And, do you know how many people could reach out to read your blog? Millions of blogs/ articles are being created on a daily basis. But, not every post gets the visibility that it should get. Most of themContinue reading “Content Repurposing: How to Make Your Old Posts Breath in Life?”

How Google Ranks Google Lens Result

Google officially launched Google Lens, the image recognition technology in 2017. It made it possible for people to understand a lot of things in their surroundings using the camera of their smartphones.  Google Lens is like — when you have a business card of someone from the last meeting who may be of great helpContinue reading “How Google Ranks Google Lens Result”