5 Mobile Marketing Strategies for 2021

It isn’t surprising that as much as 65% of people in the USA use smartphones, and 70% of mobile users will get an action triggered in about an hour. And, that is why it’s essential for every business — whether a brick & mortar entrepreneur or an online business owner should get their mobile marketing strategies done correctly.

Mobile marketing is the business of targeting your marketing campaigns to mobile device users. If you are not getting your mobile marketing strategies tweaked & corrected at the right time, you might lose out to your competitors. In 2017 around 59.6% of the digital search ad dollars were spent on mobile— and that data is just for the American market.

It was estimated that mobile ad spending would hit over $247 billion, but the pandemic took a toll on the world. But despite the challenges that the coronavirus pandemic has brought, we saw some great results. Sitting in the cocoons of our homes, all frightened, we discovered how mobile technology could maximize results both in the personal & professional areas of our lives. In a nutshell, the COVID-19 pandemic brought about a massive digital transformation, and the digital marketing experts moved to embrace different mobile marketing strategies to reach out to their audience.

We hope this behavior will remain in the digital marketing landscape in 2021 and in years to come. Before getting into the details of mobile marketing strategies, let’s look at the mobile marketing stats from the past few years.

Mobile Marketing Stats:

1. The average time spent on smartphones per user is five hours a day.

2. According to recent data, almost 70% of the online traffic is built through mobile uses.

3. In 2019, about 80% of the internet searches happened on consumers’ mobile devices.

4. In the US, about 57% of the online traffic comes from tablets & smartphones.

5. 80% of emails are accessed through users’ mobile devices.

6. 75% of Americans use their mobile devices to check important emails.

7. According to data, in 2017, 61% of the emails in the US were accessed from mobile devices, with 24% in the webmail client & 15% on the desktops.

8. Similar data reveals that in 2017 about 95.2% of the total Facebook users accessed their social media networks through their mobile devices.

9. In 2019, a stat that Google revealed said that.

10. 77% of the online shoppers will only hit the buy button if the company’s products can be easily purchased from the mobile app.

11. It is estimated that the mobile data traffic across the world will increase to about 700% in 2016 to 1021.

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That was enough data to convince you that mobile marketing is compelling, and you have to exploit it in the best possible way if you want to succeed in the digital marketing landscape. With too many mobile marketing strategies, you might get overwhelmed— getting stuck in the rat race, picking a set of techniques that don’t deliver results is pretty apparent. So, we’ve rounded up five mobile marketing strategies that would drive better leads, improved revenue & increased traffic. You might have thought these strategies don’t work, but they DO work & have the potential to skyrocket your business — and we’ll tell you how. Let’s read:

5 Mobile Marketing Strategies To Give Boost to Your Business:

1. Responsive Site & Mobile App Development

As we also mentioned in the last section, many of your customers must be using their smartphones to browse your site or products. Today’s consumer is more comfortable shopping (be it food, apparel, cosmetics, & any other beauty products) through mobile. Even if someone wants to check out your website, there are 90% chances of using a mobile device to browse your site. This makes it essential that your site looks responsive and mobile-friendly. Another essential thing that will add to the relevance of your mobile marketing strategy would be — developing a user-friendly & attention-grabbing mobile app.

The mobile app is not just a buzzword, but it can bring thousands of dollars for online marketers. It’s one of the most effective ways to reach out to your target market. Any user cannot access their laptops all the time (like when watching a Netflix series or maybe when he is in his cozy quilt). On the other hand, with an average user spending five hours on their mobile phone every day, you can imagine how easy it is to research, read & place an order for their favorite products.

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2. Incorporate SMS marketing into Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

SMS marketing that we also call text marketing— is advertising your products using text messages. This permission-based, mobile marketing strategy via which marketers can send coupons, deals, and alerts directly to the users’ mobile devices is a powerful way of grabbing your customers’ attention. As per the stats, SMS marketing has the highest deliverability. According to a finding, an open rate for text messages is about 98% & an SMS marketing response rate is about 45%. With people getting push notifications for every text message, it’s hard for the receiver to ignore the message— in most cases, they would respond within 90 seconds. But you must not use these tactics in your mobile marketing strategy too much— it is most effective to be used for time-sensitive promotions.

3. Facebook as a Part of Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

You cannot even think of ignoring this mobile marketing strategy, with almost everyone on the planet having a Facebook account. And more so with almost everyone using their mobile devices to access their social media accounts. If you own an online business or an online marketer, Facebook advertising is a must, which is a pay-to-play platform. You can easily use Facebook’s Mobile Ads Manager App— to create ads, promote ads, and monitor progress in a fraction of seconds. In addition to that, it will help your business build credibility & be in the good books of prospective customers when you allow existing customers to leave reviews.

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4. Hyperlocal targeting

Hyperlocal targeting is a marketing strategy in online advertising that is used to target a specific local area. With mobile marketing & the use of mobile devices rising, hyperlocal marketing has become more important. As per Think With Google, there has been a massive increase in the “near me” searches in the last two years— it’s risen to about 500%. “Near Me” searches are when people are looking to get their favorite products or services in the area they live in. Today, people are looking for stores, services, restaurants, hotels — that would meet their requirements within minutes. Hyperlocal targeting focuses on prospects in a precise geographic location (maybe a few blocks or streets) — it targets people making “near me” searches. Hyperlocal mobile marketing strategies use techniques including geofencing, where you mark the particular geographical area, and with anyone trying to enter the fence, you get a push notification.

5. Voice Search Optimization

It is estimated that voice search will take over 50% of the online searches in the coming years. However, most businesses are not prepared for voice search marketing— which is an excellent opportunity to be ahead of other businesses in the race. So, how can you make this a part of your mobile marketing strategy— when building content, make sure you use many long-tail keywords to match what people are searching through voice search. People will talk in a little more detail when speaking than when they are writing their query. Ask your SEO strategist to use keywords smartly & make use of the “near me” phrase in keywords.

The more you’ll work on your mobile marketing strategies; the more are the chances of a powerful impact on your potential customers & your business.

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