Content Repurposing: How to Make Your Old Posts Breath in Life?

Do you even remember how many blog posts you have written for your brand until now? And, do you know how many people could reach out to read your blog?

Millions of blogs/ articles are being created on a daily basis. But, not every post gets the visibility that it should get. Most of them are just seen by a few people and are then discarded off into the trash. 

This is not only a waste of time but a colossal sum of money it takes to create those blog posts. On top of that, if your content is not getting the traffic that it should, it’s certainly reducing the ROI. 

Imagine what you have wasted until now creating thousands of blogs and letting them go away into the trash without getting the visibility that it must. 

In that scenario, it makes sense to get your content marketing done using the older posts by seasoning them. As a content marketer, you can maximize the visibility of your brand and the blog post by bringing your blog posts in front of people. 

While churning out new content ideas and content every single time could be tough! So what if you can repurpose your older posts and serve them in front of the hungry audience to get noticed tremendously. 

Repurposing will bring life back into your older posts and will open the door to reaching out to the millions of readers out there who might have been looking out for this information for a long. 

Repurposing your content is about reusing and reformatting your older posts in a way that they become suitable for a variety of other content outlets. In this blog post, we’ll talk about plenty of ways to repurposing your older blog posts. 

Let’s get started:

  1. Convert your blog into a presentation.

Create a presentation chrome your old post with interesting statistics, exciting quotes & much more. This could provide the users with an easy-to-read recap of your older content and it could consequently lure thousands of readers. In addition to that, these presentations can be shared on various social media platforms and can thus improve engagement. There are several online software you can use to create your presentation from your older piece of content. 

  1. Converting your content into infographics.

Infographics, the visual representation of your content. Infographics can be a wonderful way to enhance social shares and thus enhance engagement. You can create infographics from your older posts and then republish them. When an old blog post is converted into infographics there are tremendously increased views. This step will boost ROI and engage in more valuable audiences. You just need to make sure that, while drafting the infographics, you have given a gripping headline and explained everything with supporting facts & figures. 

  1. Convert your older posts into guides.

When you have been writing on the same topic for so many months or maybe years — you must have gathered enough knowledge on the topic. So, when that happens, it’s time you can convert this knowledge into a hands-on-guide for your audience. This is the case with your older posts, you have written so many posts on the same topic but in pieces. Repurposing these pieces of content into a guide will offer this amazing opportunity to woo your audience. Guides when created in subtle, clear & informative ways can have pretty high re-reading value for the fact that — they are of use to both beginners and for people with experience in the field.

  1. Convert your older blog post into videos.

In the last few years, videos have been taking over various other forms of content. People are more comfortable listening to information than sitting on their couch and reading them through. Most people today have no time to read a long article! On top of that, videos are easier to understand and interesting. So, you can turn your older blog posts into videos and get them republished to engage the audience. 

Some more ways to repurpose your blog post:

  1. Turn your blogs into podcasts.
  2. Update your older blog post with exciting new information.
  3. Create an e-book from your older blog posts.
  4. Start writing guest posts on topics you have covered.
  5. Create an FAQ from the collecting question of clients from support.

Repurposing: Let your old blog post breathe in life!
Repurposing your older content including blogs & articles will not only help them breathe in life again, but it will also bring in better engagement. If you are a content marketer, after reading this blog, you’ll understand why it is important to incorporate this technique (repurposing your content) in your SEO strategy. There are hundreds of advantages of creating something interesting from the older blog posts. Hope this information will give you an idea of how you can repurpose your older blog posts to breathe in life again!

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