E-commerce Marketing Strategy: 15 Tips to Increase Online Sales

The sale during the pandemic took the wind out of sails for most businesses. However, this COVID-19 phase proved out to be a blessing in disguise for the e-commerce sector. There were almost no signs of slowing down! 

Per a study, it has been estimated that the e-commerce industry will take a big leap forward with a growth rate of 265% through 2021. And, therefore online businesses are looking for a result-oriented E-commerce Marketing strategy for 2021. 

To take the advantage of this, online marketers are looking out for an improved E-commerce Marketing strategy for 2021. For businesses, it’s more like a golden opportunity to acquire valuable customers, get back those lost customers, and build relationships. 

So, how to increase your online sales? How to reach out to your most valuable customers & increase traffic on your website? You cannot win the game, get traffic & increase conversion with the basic e-commerce Marketing Tips & Techniques. 

Therefore, in this blog post, we’ll be giving you an overview of some of the most effective E-commerce Marketing strategies & tips on how to make them successful. Read further to discover more & make sure you are implementing these Tips & techniques. Let’s get started:

E-commerce Marketing strategy for 2021: How to Increase Online Sales.

  1. Talk about the Exigency of Buying your Product.

While undoubtedly, taking an honest approach is essential to a result-oriented E-commerce Marketing strategy for 2021. But, we cannot rule out the essence of creating exigency or urgency for the product or service you are trying to sell. This will help you persuade your customers to buy from you in the shortest possible time. 

There are a variety of ways you can create this sense of exigency — one of the best ways is enticing the audience with time-sensitive special offers. In addition to that, extending financial incentive to customers like discounts in any form, or free shipping. This could be a helpful E-commerce Marketing strategy for 2021. 

  1. Learn to Humanize your Brand.

Your customers will trust words from humans more than the other way round. So, as an e-commerce company, you should focus on making sure that your customers are able to see the face behind your brand. This is an essential answer for — how to Increase Online Sales! You can humanize your brand by sharing pictures of how your products are being produced & packed, showing them videos & testimonials. So that your customers are able to see the face behind the brand — you must also communicate & reply to them on social media. 

And, don’t just skim through the bad reviews from the customer – hire people to reply elaborately to every dissatisfied customer. This will assure your customers that there are real humans behind who are working day & night to make it an exciting experience for them. Your e-commerce marketing strategy must focus on every trivial aspect — that is how to increase online sales. 

  1. A perfectly-crafted product description is essential to the success of your E-commerce Marketing strategy.

Optimizing your product description will not only entice more customers & encourage them to buy your products but it will also support your SEO strategy. Description optimization will help you show up high on the search engine & rank high. This evidently will mean high visibility of your products, better lead generation, and improved sales. 

A perfectly-crafted guide will equip your audience with the information he/she is looking out for. This will not only encourage your customers to buy from you but will also reduce the bounce-back rate. So, don’t forget to incorporate bettering your product description in your E-commerce Marketing strategy for 2021. Also, include testimonials, reviews & dedicate a page to frequently asked questions. Write a killer description for every single product on the site!

  1. Don’t complicate your Checkout Process.

What if you are noticing most of your customers are bouncing back from the checkout process? Certainly, you have in place a complicated Checkout Process — which might be thwarting the performance of your online business. So, you need to make the checkout process as simple as possible and that is how to increase online traffic & sales. 

To start with — make sure that everything related to the checkout process is on the same page. In case, you cannot do with a single page, at every other page during the checkout process, show a progress bar at every page indicating the time left for the checkout process. Make sure that every next button is easily discoverable or the user will get frustrated leaving your site.

Simplify your checkout process for bettering your E-commerce Marketing strategy!

  1. Use social media for selling your products/services.

Don’t use Instagram, Twitter & Facebook just for morning motivations & late-night goodbyes! You can sell & popularize your brand using the power of social media. And, not only you should focus on an organic social strategy, but you should also create a strong paid social ad strategy, which will help you sell your products on social media. But, here you have to be cautious of which social media platform will work well for your business. Do your research in advance to find out where your target audience is!

  1. Bring back your past customers with retargeting.

A recent study has revealed that as much as 98% of your customers will not convert on their first visit to your site. And, if you want to bring back those lost customers to your site, you’ll need to incorporate retargeting in your E-commerce Marketing strategy. There are a number of ways you can use to retarget your customers — one of the most popular ones is running retargeting ads on other sites. 

Whenever a customer visits your site and returns without buying other websites. You can show them your retargeting ads that are relevant to what they were looking for on their favorite websites. Pretty interesting!! You can also retarget your audience with email campaigns. These retargeted ads & email campaigns will allow you to come back and purchase from you. Retargeting could prove out to be one of the most successful E-commerce Marketing Tips & techniques we have stated above. 

Some more E-commerce Marketing strategy:

  1. Consider updating your website.
  2. Do not hesitate to invest in quality images.
  3. Highlight FREE offers for your audience.
  4. Create a mobile app for your online business.
  5. Create detailed Buyers’ Persona.
  6. Focus on Your Content marketing strategy.
  7. Run PPC campaigns
  8. Use Email Marketing Automation.
  9. Highlight Trust signals like Customers Testimonials.


Create exigency, humanize your product, update your website & use quality images for your products — this is how to increase online sales & traffic. In this blog post, we’ve mentioned some of the most result-oriented, E-commerce Marketing strategies that will bring your brand in front of your audience and improve sales. 

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