5 Industries Where Video Content Must Play the Hero

Videos & visual form of communication has become the hero of content marketing. According to a report, in 2020, around 85% of people using the internet in the United States watched a video online on a monthly basis. And surprisingly, 54% of consumers are looking out to see information from brands and businesses in the form of video content. If you have not still begun pondering over it, you’ll just keep running around the bush.

In fact, no one has to convince you about this, your Facebook feed is already teeming with a lot of videos. More of your professional & personal communications have turned around video calling and sharing. You just have seen business websites all flooded with different forms of video content. Today, for every sector, every business — it is imperative to embed video content into its website.

In our previous blog, we have already talked about 7 Reasons Why Video Content is Must During COVID-19. While almost every part of the world is in the state of lockdown and most of us are staying home to stay safe, the only globally popular source of information is the Internet. You may think the internet has much content in the form of text, so how does that relate to video content. To answer this question — let us consider this.

According to a recent report, online content has seen a boom like never before during lockdown. And, more so, online video content — the owners of YouTube recently said that “its data show more than 500 percent increases in views on March 15, compared to the daily average for rest of the year, for personal activity videos with the terms, at home.”

This is a clear indication that even if your business does not connect anyway to any of these activities, you can still tweak your video around these topics to make a connection. This can unprecedentedly enhance traffic and increase your brand awareness. So, if you are wondering if video content is relevant for your industry or not — the answer shall be always YES. Yet, to be a little more precise on this let us catch a glimpse of — for which industries video content makes the most sense — let’s read this post. Jump on the bandwagon only when you have enough supporting data. We have provided herewith enough convincing evidence — don’t worry.

Top 5 Industries where video content is most relevant:

  1. E-commerce

Over the past decade, e-commerce has taken over the concept of bricks and mortar shops. Today when you feel like adding something to your closet, and you turn around to hold your phone in your hand. This is all but the ease of shopping online. People these days prefer placing an order online rather than physically going to a shop. And, a video demonstration of the product strengthens the trust of prospective customers in the product. The practical underpinning for this trust in video demonstration is the three-dimensional view of the product. While the theoretical specifications presented for a product is the entry point, a video demonstration will be the final deciding factor. You don’t buy it, without a video demonstration. For instance, if you are thinking of buying a piece of furniture, pictures & specifications alone cannot convince you enough to hit the button. However, a video demonstration of the product will give you a clear picture of how it is going to look in person from all directions.

  1. Digital Marketing Industry

The digital marketing industry is booming for over a decade and has become one of the most effective ways of marketing a product or service. More often, digital marketing companies rely on communicating about their service through text content. They never turn around to see how video content could transform the scenario and win clients. The plain blogs can be made rich with high-quality video content to enhance traffic and thus, revenue. And, the exciting thing about video content is that it can be repurposed across multiple platforms — from Instagram to Twitter to Facebook.

  1. Travel industry

A demonstration is always better than description!! Travel is a fancy thing. While for many, it is breadwinner, for others’, traveling is about rejuvenation, rebuilding & relaxation. If you are financially dependent on traveling — do not think that it’s just paying you money, but it also pays you quality sleep, knowledge, connection, soulfulness & more. And, for a travel-based industry, it is its foremost obligation to help with getting into that connection even before the vacation. If you have incorporated videos to your site demonstrating about exotic locations of a vacation spot, travelers can feel more connected to your product/service and more likely to buy a vacation package from you. A video is worth a lakh pictures. And, most importantly, it’s a no-brainer to be able to design a video to demonstrate a vacation spot or to showcase your business. Be it the Jungle safaris of South Africa, or the cute penguins of Antarctica — nothing can be brought to life just by looking at pictures & texts.

  1. Education Industry

Education is the most important decision of your life. Education is something around which almost the whole of your life revolves. One single decision taken with respect to your education can tremendously affect your life. The heavy-weighted decision of where to study, what to study, and how far to study will define your personality. While we agree that videos are not only the deciding factor when it comes to the education industry, yet, it can help students and parents dive deeper to understand its curriculum & the education structure that it follows. Various universities and educational institutions are nowadays moving towards incorporating more and more video content into their websites to establish an emotional connect with aspiring students.

  1. Fashion Industry

Fashion is the most glamorous industry certainly needs a lot of flamboyance and pomp. The showbiz absolutely has to be demonstrated in a lot of videos. Videos can only build that needed bridge between the website-visitors, and the seller. When you put so much text content into a fashion-related website, it does not make sense. For a fashionista or a fashion freak, it is certainly not gravitating to know their favorite celebrity style just by looking at pictures. So, video content should be an important part of any fashion industry website.


There are many other industries apart from the five mentioned above — healthcare, SaaS (software as a service), hospitality, and more. In fact, in today’s digital landscape where we most often want to shrink in the time, and effort invested in learning or knowing about anything — video content should be on top of the list. More so when we are surrounded by negativity, and the coronavirus has messed with our heads, the only amazing thing we are left with is videos that drive optimism. Look for the blessing in disguise — make the perfect use of this time by creating sensible, sensitive & salable video content. Use Videos to Your Advantage by planning out a strategy to reach out to your audience and make them fall in love with your website/products/services.

7 Reasons Why Video Content is Must During COVID-19

Coronavirus pandemic has made the future of businesses & marketers look clear as mud. This whole COVID-19 scenario has messed our heads, and we cannot figure out what’s going to happen next. But, crossing the bridge when it gets there is the best way to address a problem. Looking for a solution, when the problem comes up without worrying in advance and focusing on improving the current scenario is always smart.

If you can contemplate a little more, you’ll understand how consequences of coronavirus (lockdown & self-isolation) are blessings in disguise for many marketers with respect to reinforcing their online presence. People are moving towards virtual and are staying indoors. They are not in any real social interaction and the only mode of communication or entertainment they are left with is, “Internet.” This means more chances of getting your product or service noticed. More so, video content is going to get your audience hooked up with their mobile devices or desktops.

On average, a person watches video content for an hour, which has definitely doubled or tripled during COVID-19. With nothing to do, people are engaging more in video content than reading text. And, video content has thus shifted from the nice-to-have complimentary thing to the focus of any piece of content. There are plenty of reasons why video content is being preferred over text during coronavirus. Not only is it a no-brainer to watch video content and understand, but also you can effortlessly connect through a visual medium.

Lockdown is an opportunity to hit the right button and connect with your consumers through video content. And, the good news is that creating a piece of video content is not rocket science. You need your mobile phone, and you can do it for free. You do not always have to be perfect — all that matters is the accuracy of the information you are trying to convey. Before you begin incorporating video content onto your website, let us help you with why it is important for your business during COVID-19. Here we go:

7 Reasons Why Video Content is Must During COVID-19:

  1. Engages Customers Effortlessly

People are more likely to engage with your website if you have incorporated video content into it. Most visitors skim through any website. It is less likely that they will understand clearly what you want to sell if you have explained the same with much long-form text content. This means fewer chances of them returning ever to your site. On the other hand, video content is more like a one-to-one conversation, and it has tremendous potential to engage customers effortlessly.

It is ten times more likely that people will be interested in engaging, commenting, and sharing your video content than a blog or an article. Surprisingly, video content enhances user engagement on a Facebook business page. Twitter posts consisting of videos are six-times more likely to get retweeted than posts consisting of text. Concerning your website, video content can engage three times better organic inbound links. It adds to your monthly website visitors to around 200% to 300%. This enhances conversion to finally increase revenue for your business.

Marketers must also pay heed to include an effective call to action into their video content to further enhance the chances of conversion. With this CTA, let your customer know where you want them to go after the video is over. Facebook page? Website?

  1. Reinforces Trust in your Brand

People like to do business only with those who can be trusted. Likewise, consumers will come to see you and to buy your product only when they have trust in your brand. Videos play an important role — it establishes an amazing emotional connection with your brand and its consumers, in particular. For everything, it does, it also works well with brand awareness by enhancing it to over 50%.

Coming face-to-face with your audience with the help of video content bridges the gap and builds trust in buying your brand. Video is one of the most important sources if you want to build this trust and bring more people into the look. There are indeed various forms of video content that can build trust in your product. Like you can use customer testimonials in the form of video to strengthen this trust rather than the written form of testimonial.

  1. Google considers Video Content

Google likes to see video content on your website. According to the recent algorithm changes, Google has transformed the search result with a blended form of search results that also includes video content. Considering the fact that Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world, and is owned by Google, embedding Youtube video makes it 53 times more likely for your website to appear on the first page of SERP. With this new update, now 25% of the Google search result consists of video content. This means that you can use video content to rank on the SERP for any keyword and the chances are quite high as compared to using the traditional SEO strategies. In fact, video content has the potential to drive over 150% organic traffic. You can create different forms of videos to rank high on the SERP including “How-to videos”, “Tutorial videos”, “Review/testimonial videos”, “Funny videos”, and more.

  1. Enhances Conversion Rate and Accelerates Sales

Video content form is extremely compelling, and it appeals to the customers. Marketers who make use of this interesting medium of communicating their brand to the customers generate 49% more revenue than the ones who do not. Also, video content drives better ROI than any other content form. You’ll be surprised to know that embedding video content to your email, increases the click-through-rate by 200-300%. And when you add a video to your landing page, the conversion rate goes as high as 80%.

Videos can explain your product or service in a better & satisfactory way. It’s the ideal way to showcase or present a demonstration of your product or service. From the layman, who has zero knowledge of the thing you are selling, to the well-informed person who wants to better his life with your product — a video demonstration of the product is suitable for both. 90% of customers say that videos play a crucial role in taking the final purchasing decision.

  1. It can be Easily Repurposed on a variety of Platforms

The fact that video content can be repurposed on various platforms makes it the king of content marketing. Most forms of content can be incorporated only to a few platforms and channels. But, video content can be embedded smartly into Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. And, more so, you can also embed a piece of video content to your website. Some of these videos can also be repurposed as blog posts and similarly, you can spread your video content across various channels to reach your target audience. More than anything, you can now upload videos, according to the new Google update, to your Google Business listing directly.

  1. Educates about your Product or Service

A human mind is so wired to be able to get the better hang of something from a visual demonstration. Something that you’ll see in the form of a video is more likely to be remembered for long. And, the most effective types of videos are tutorial videos that educate the consumer about a product or a service. Our brain is wired to absorb information more easily in visual form (about 50%). In all, 98% of the population likes to be educated about a product by watching videos.

Never forget to embed educational videos into your content. Consumers are more attracted to watching videos than reading text, especially when it comes to exploring a product or service. Furthermore, it also helps build your brand image and awareness. Know that consumers will be more convinced about your product by watching videos than by reading text.

  1. Video Content Underpins SEO Efforts

Backlinks to your website have always been the underpinning aspect with respect to improving SEO and hence, rank high on the search engine result page. However, the focus has shifted from quantity to quality, but backlinks have never lost their significance. Blogs with videos can attract as much as three times more inbound links than that of the blog post without videos. To get better results from your video content, you can take a creative approach. If video content is creative & informative — a single video can go viral giving massive backlinks for your business.

Video content does enhance the social media share for your post thereby surging on the engagement. Both the bounce rate and the time spent by a user on a website is positively correlated with video content. The website with videos is also given preference by Google according to its Hummingbird update, enabling you to rank higher on the search engine result page. It also enables you to show up in the organic search results more often.

Wrapping UP:

According to a study, U.S. Internet users spend as much as fifteen-hours every week watching video content. If you have still not exploited this immense usefulness, it’s the right time, to begin with. This is a time when you can get a free ride with respect to your video marketing efforts when all we are left with is the Internet & our mobile devices, after lockdown. Social media giants like Facebook & Instagram are moving towards exploiting video content capabilities, and every business should walk on their paths. If you really want to be on top of the race, enhance conversion, and build your brand awareness, it’s time to consider moving towards video content marketing.

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