How to Strategize the Content Syndication Process

Content syndication can give popularity to your content. It helps your content reach thousands of readers across the web. Content syndication adds value to your content by making it marketable. Content syndication is the process whereby you republish your content on several third-sites. It increases your subscribers and you do not have put in extra […]

How to Fix Voice Search Optimization for Better SEO?

Have you fixed your voice search optimization? If not, it’s high time — you must get started. The user is more comfortable with the voice search than typing. Voice Search is gaining popularity at an essentially fast pace. In the years to come, voice search can dominate internet browsing than ever before. Here are some […]

Content or Backlinks: What Improves the Health of a Site?

This is an important question for almost every marketer — content or backlinks? What would engage in more quality traffic? Whether it’s good to focus on content or on the backlinks would make it happen. The crucial question is — content or backlinks — which of the two would engage your audiences & enhance your […]

SEO Audit Checklist 2020: Follow These Tips

When it is about inbound marketing, SEO is the top priority for most Digital marketers — as much as 61%. Today, it’s important for any business to grow online and SEO is the most essential for your business to grow online. Everyone who is worried about extending their online presence is doing that. And, if […]

Instagram Brings Suggested Posts in Users’ Main Feed

Users will soon get “suggested posts” in their feeds just below the “you’re all caught up” section. This will highlight content from people a particular user is following but may be interested in. This suggested post section will show up after the “You’re all caught up” section (that tells you have covered everything from people […]

Tips to Write Irresistible Email Advertising Copies

In the last few years, email advertising has come a long way. While most brands today look obsessed with the idea of all those fancy new functionalities — they do not always work. No matter how many bells & whistles you are incorporating therein, it won’t work. So how does it work? Do you know […]

Ecommerce Sales Funnel: Important Stages & How to Navigate?

Is your eCommerce sales funnel not living up to your expectations? There may be challenges that you might not have been able to overcome. You have to sink in the fact that the average conversion rate for eCommerce sites is 2.63%. The ugly fact of 97.37% of the visitors coming to the site just to […]

5 Powerful Tactics to Create Marketable Youtube Video Ads

Today the most incredibly efficient result-oriented platform to say is, “YouTube video Ads.” As many as 78.8% of marketers have voted YouTube as the most efficient video marketing tool. This data beats even Facebook, which got only 58.5% votes. In fact, BI Intelligence has reported that video marketing has become popular in the last few […]

Writers’ Guide to Marketable Content Creation & Proofreading

Content is the currency in a digital landscape! There has to be a great amount of attention & creativity to create a piece of marketable content. The whole process of content creation has to be intelligently designed. There are a number of steps you need to follow before you finally press the “publish” button. A […]

Meta Description Helps Google Understand Content?

Per a tweet from Google’s Martin Splitt, the Meta description helps Google to understand the important things about the page or a summary of what’s there on the page. This looks like an extension of the previous knowledge of SEO & meta description. Role of Meta Description in SEO. There is a tradeoff going on […]

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