Silly Meta Description Mistakes You Should Not be Making

Too many debates have been going around on whether meta descriptions still matters to your SEO.  Yes, it does! But not to the extent it was before. Google has also clarified this saying — meta descriptions are more about being an introduction to the page. Meta descriptions are some form of a summary of the […]

Google Analytics 4: What is GA4 and How to Upgrade?

For marketers, Google Analytics is a reliable platform where they can get insights into the customers’ behavior, preferences, and bring about changes to help their customers with an improved experience. And, the need for reparation & amends has even accentuated with more and more businesses turning from bricks & mortar shops to online stores.  Without […]

Art of Crafting a Blog: How to Write a blog to Get Ranked?

Crafting a blog is art!! We often think — the craft of writing a blog is just like any other skill.  This thinking is what derails the process of creating a blog that gets ranked on search engines.  And, when you really want to popularize your website by writing interesting blogs — missing on the […]

Does Customer Retention work for Your Business’s Success?

Customer retention is the foundation stone of any digital marketing strategy!  But, how to develop an incredulously smart customer retention strategy? To get into the nitty-gritty of how to create a powerful retention strategy, we need to first answer the following questions: What customer retention exactly is? Why is customer retention important for your business? […]

Is Press Releases Still Relevant to Your SEO Strategy?

Do you still think press releases should be a part of your SEO strategy?  YES. It complements your SEO strategy, which already contains content marketing, blogging, social media marketing, and much more.  By including press releases in your SEO strategy, the idea is to share your new products & services, and other noteworthy content with […]

12 Unique Benefits of Using Contextual Advertising

In our previous blog post, we talked about contextual advertising and what techniques you can use to boost your advertising using contextual marketing. We discussed what is contextual targeting how it differs from other forms of online marketing. This is another post on “contextual advertising” in a row. But, it is going to be discussing […]

5 Important Contextual Marketing Tips to Boost Advertising

You can get away from the fact!  Your customers have been ignoring your banner ads, sponsored search results & video ads lately.  It is because you have not been doing it right. Learn about contextual advertising – learn the art of creating campaigns that fit into the context. Create the marketing experiences that get etched […]

Email Advertising Trends & Stats of 2020 You Must Know

Are you up with designing your Email advertising strategy?  Before starting with designing your Email advertising strategy, knowing about the latest trends and stats will enhance the probability of creating a winning strategy.  Marketing is all about keeping your plans & strategies updated with the latest industry trends & stats. Tweaking it according to your […]

Your Email Marketing Checklist: 7 Important Things to Know

In the digital marketing landscape, while there are plenty of new & improved tools & technologies that have evolved over the years, email marketing has not lost its significance. With the right kind of approach and by keeping the checklist prepared, you can generate millions of leads and convert them into prospects.  But, there are […]

10 Common SEO Mistakes You Must Avoid Making

Are you an SEO expert?  Even if you are well versed in the nuances of Search Engine Optimization, you could be making silly mistakes like an amateur.  You could be making these SEO mistakes without your knowledge.  Today SEO has become complicated with everyday evolving technologies & just going back to where you started is […]

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