Your Email Marketing Checklist: 7 Important Things to Know

In the digital marketing landscape, while there are plenty of new & improved tools & technologies that have evolved over the years, email marketing has not lost its significance. With the right kind of approach and by keeping the checklist prepared, you can generate millions of leads and convert them into prospects. 

But, there are certain things you need to take care of before hitting the “send” button. When you make silly mistakes, they bleed into your email campaign. Most digital marketing experts suggest sending test emails to review the entire thing and to press the send button only after you are sure about every part of it. 

Unless we are not checking and rechecking the checklist, before sending it across to your customers. You couldn’t even imagine how these silly mistakes could ruin all the pain you have taken just to make sure this email marketing campaign works like never before. 

To help you with making sure that you clear off all the possible mistakes before hitting the send button, we have prepared this checklist and 7 important things to take into account before sending the email to your customers. Let’s read to find:

Your Email Marketing Checklist: 7 Important Things to Know

  1. There could be Issues with Subject Line & the Sender’s Name.

Subject Line: Subject line is the first thing that your audience will notice. Clearly, it has to be catchy & precise. The more precise your subject line is, the more it increases the chance of your email getting noticed. You need to look for the number of characters it is made off – per the rule of thumb the subject line should be under 50 characters. It should be such that it could be fitted easily into the email pane of the mobile devices

Sender’s Name: What do you think when a robot sends you a message? According to a survey, those emails that use a human name (sender name) are more likely to be opened as compared to those who use their business name. In the sender’s name category you can use the name of anyone from the marketing team of your company to make your email look more communicative. 

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  1. You could have forgotten some Important Links.

And, you might have been thinking about creating those links (this could be pivotal to the email campaign you have set up), but you forgot to create that link. It could be a worse scenario than dealing with a broken link. One of the most dreadful instances of forgotten links is when you have added an image to only incorporate a call-to-action message, but you forget adding that CTA button. Therefore, make sure that you have that plan already included – to check & recheck if everything that was supposed to be linked has been linked. Make sure you have linked the social media icons, images & CTAs as required. 

  1. Check for Broken Images.

Images are an extremely important part of your email marketing campaign. It’s important to make sure that the images you use have perfect pixel and are not stretched. If you have missed checking on any of these criteria, it’s going to negatively impact the email opening rate. Check and recheck if alt text has been associated with these images and they are being displayed as you wanted them to be displayed in front of your user. 

  1. Make sure it’s accessible across Browsers & Devices

The aptest way to understand that your email campaign is working perfectly as you have across various channels (devices, browsers & email clients) planned is by seeing it for yourself. To avoid the hassle of testing this across various devices, email clients & browsers – you can test it across the most popular browsers, email clients & devices. Use a template created with the most winning version. 

  1. It could contain a Broken Link.

Broken links are a big NO-NO for your email marketing campaign and especially when you are doing it for lead generation. It could be one of the biggest nightmares for any digital marketing manager & the company. In fact, checking and rechecking that none of the links therein are broken should be the first thing on your checklist. Before sending it across to your customers, you must click every single link in your email campaign to make sure that all of them are working perfectly. Check every single for page speed, check if there isn’t any 404 error, and make sure you fix every single broken link. 

  1. You may have Missed Social Media Sharing Buttons.

In today’s evolving digital marketing landscape, your social media presence is of foremost importance. This shall also be true in case of any email marketing campaign. In this particular point, we are talking about the social media buttons that could be missed only to conclude a deterioration in the number of people opening your email. Make sure you have incorporated the social media sharing button in your email campaign so that it is easy for your customers to share the same on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. You need to check if the page, blog post, or any other particular link you want to share has been plugged in. 

  1. Undefined Formatting

Before you finally press the SEND button, you should make sure that the formatting on the email when it is sent to your customers looks the same as you have planned it to look. Imagine what impression it will give to your customers when you have left one line after another without that extra space that was really important? In the test case, when you have found anything (from the placement of bullets to space) looking lopsided you should take time fixing it. Don’t underestimate this aspect of your email marketing campaign, it does matter and plays an important role in enhancing the performance of your email marketing campaign. 

  1. Errors (Spelling/Grammatical)

Most digital marketing experts do not pay heed to the importance of putting spellings & grammatical errors in place, but it should be done in the first place. No matter if you are creating an ebook, writing a blog, or drafting a catchy message for your email marketing campaign, correcting spellings & grammatical errors do play a role. Before hitting the send button make sure that you have sent the draft to the biggest grammar geek on board to make sure there aren’t any mistakes. 

  1. Color Issues

Making color choices is another important factor that needs to be checked before sending it across to your customers. You should make sure that you are using only fonts that are clear and easily readable. Before sending it across check on your own and if the shade looks too odd creating stress to your eyes then you must consider changing the shade. Check if the blocks of colors are making it tough to read the text then consider changing it. 


No matter if you are a startup or an old agency having experience in your field, email marketing campaigns can bring you a variety of converting customers. But, you have to be very mindful when you design your email campaign. Before sending your email across to your customers check and recheck every single point listed in the blog post and anything else that comes to your mind. 

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