10 Benefits of Email Marketing in Online Advertising Strategy

Email marketing combined with some other search engine optimization techniques can do wonders for your business.

It’s like some real revenue-driving magic machine!

For every $1 you spend, email marketing can get you $38. It drives you ROI like no other strategy.

It brings you the best buck for your buck — and that is what you want as a marketer. Every other action is aimed at driving traffic & hence ROI.

You’ll be surprised to know that Email marketing can bring your business 40 times more customers than that through social media.

Email marketing is the only online marketing strategy that remains relevant even after so many years. While talking about quirky Tweets and memes are good, you cannot do without an intelligible Email marketing strategy in online marketing.

Now that you know, why incorporating Email marketing in your online marketing strategy is important, you cannot do it to your advantage with a couple of Email marketing techniques in 2020 that used to be popular in 2010.

With any such technique, there are 100% chances that your mail will be thrown to spam and will never be used. According to a survey, around 56% of the global email traffic went to spam.

It is evident that you need to work out to design your email marketing campaigns. It should be appealing and grab the attention of readers. At the same time, it should contain the information that the user is looking for.

But, if done correctly, Email marketing can get you better results than any social media marketing strategy — and the reasons are undeniably many.

Almost 99% of the world population check their emails every day, and it can be the most amazing way to get any kind of updates. There are many benefits of incorporating email marketing into your online marketing strategy. Let’s talk about some of these benefits of Email Marketing:

  1. Discover about the customer experience

If you really wish that your customers must continue engaging, interacting, and purchase from you then you have to constantly be absolutely aware of the customers’ experience. With Email marketing, this is really possible. This is the reason — we say that email marketing is one of the most efficient forms of digital marketing. You have an amazing way of obtaining customers’ feedback with email surveys and do more.

This information can enable you to calculate Net Promoter Score (NPS) and base your next strategy on this data. This data, which lets you know about your most valued customers, and also the reasons why some customers are not comfortable continuing with your brand.

  1. Can Create Campaigns on Short Notice.

Unlike most digital marketing strategies which may take days and months to bring in place and even then cannot give any assurance of the result — Email marketing campaigns can be set up on short notice with almost the assurance of customers coming to you at the right time & right place. Planning Email marketing campaigns do not take that long. The best things about email marketing are that — you can design it so as the audience sees it at the right time. You have the freedom to segment your audience and send the content at the right time.

  1. More Personalized Content can be sent to the User.

Another interesting aspect of email marketing is that — it can be highly customized. You have the freedom to personalize the email as per the requirement of the customer, including their name in the email. Personalization does not always mean doing it any extraordinarily — Including even the first name of the customer can be extremely useful with respect to enhancing the click-through rate.

On top of that, you can even use segmenting the audience and sending the message in groups, depending on the group or segment they fall in. For instance, you can go for some email marketing campaigns for the existing customers, and there could be another targeting first-time customers.

You can use different images and texts based on the individual needs of every customer. You may also do this segmentation based on geography and engagement levels thereby reaching the right customers at the right time.

  1. Can Drive ROI & enhance the sale.

Email marketing is an amazing tool to improve sales & thus ROI for your business. According to a study, there was around 760% increase in the ROI after the business used a segmented ROI strategy. And, email marketing can encourage customers to buy their products even after cart abandonment. A survey conducted on the customers, it was found that around 59% of the respondents can change their purchasing decisions. Email campaigns can very easily include the message that is to be conveyed to the customer.

  1. Drives lead.

Email marketing can help with improving sales, driving leads, and hence improving conversion. You can keep track of the good and bad leads and how many of them are even opening your email. This way you would be able to save a lot of time focusing on other ways of driving traffic.

  1. Lets you Reach the Right People at the Right Time.

While it is important to reach your customers — it is way more important to reach the right customers at the right time. You cannot make it happen without reaching them when they actually want to hear from you. With email marketing, this is easy — because most of the time they open their email. It can help with making your marketing campaign success as customers can check their email via different devices. This will give you a platform to interact with your customers on a regular basis.

  1. Generates Quality Traffic.

Producing great content and disseminating that to your customers via email campaigns would create an effective marketing strategy. These campaigns would send traffic to your site helping with improving SEO. This also helps in keeping your audience engaged and improving YouTube brand value. Many of your audience may reach your blog, your product, and various other parts of your site using your email campaigns. You can connect your content with your email campaign — however, you must make sure that you are incorporating an engaging call-to-action.

  1. Cost-effective Campaigns.

While various other forms of online marketing strategies may be costly, email marketing can be way more cost-effective. For designing any email marketing campaign, you do not need anything more than an expert copywriter and a graphic artist — unlike any other form of online marketing. On top of that, email marketing campaigns do not take time — you can create any email marketing campaign in as much as one day.

  1. You have access to your media and contact lists.

While through online marketing campaigns like social media, you do not have access to the information that you post and the contact list — with email marketing you can own the contact list & the information that you post. Even if you lose your email, you can have access to the list of your flowers.

  1. You get a Forum for Self Promotion.

Email marketing is an amazing way of self-promotion. Unless you would not find a way to promote your business, you cannot find a way whereby people can know about what you are selling and how it can help them solve their problems. Through email marketing, you can promote your products and services. And, the best thing about emails is — they are not interrupting.


Email marketing is one of the best forms of online marketing. A well-created email list can help with accentuating your online marketing strategy. With this contact list, you can interact with your customers and promote your products. And, it will help you with improving your sales & leads. You can earn recognition using email marketing. At AdMedia, we help you boost revenue by reaching users through one of the most popular and effective advertising channels: email.

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