Email Advertising Trends & Stats of 2020 You Must Know

Are you up with designing your Email advertising strategy? 

Before starting with designing your Email advertising strategy, knowing about the latest trends and stats will enhance the probability of creating a winning strategy. 

Marketing is all about keeping your plans & strategies updated with the latest industry trends & stats. Tweaking it according to your objectives & needs can only get you the results you are eyeing on. 

Over the last few years, online marketing has witnessed behemoth transitions and so has email marketing. 

One after other new development surprises you when you just had the perfect sigh of relief and felt like you have gotten a hang of the Email Marketing best practices. It’s an ever-evolving online marketing strategy.

For a better strategy & a better understanding of how you need to plan your marketing budget, you have adequate knowledge of the latest email marketing trends & stats. 

To help you with this, we thought of throwing light on Email advertising the latest trends & stats. We’ll explain how these stats will help you create a winning marketing plan in your budget. 

Let’s get started:

In our previous blog, we have discussed how email advertising can help your organization drive traffic & generate revenue even today. 

Latest Email advertising Trends & Stats:

With new & improved technologies like Instagram influencers, Facebook marketing, chatbots & more, you might be confused – is it good to invest your time & money in this old form of online advertising. 

Don’t worry! 

It is worth spending on creating your email marketing strategy and creating email campaigns for your valued customers. 

You are not sure about the results only because you have no idea about the stats. 

Let me tell you — for every $1 spent, email advertising gets you $38. This means Email advertising generates as much as 3,800% ROI, which is amazing to start with. 

Read about some more Email advertising stats that will surprisingly keep you ahead of your competitors. 

Email advertising Stats:

  • 3.9 billion world’s population uses email. (so there is a high probability that you’ll be noticed).
  • 46 percent of all emails are opened on mobile devices.
  • Of all the business professionals, 35% open their email on their mobile devices.
  • As many as 73% of millennials prefer to do all kinds of business communication via emails. 
  • Segmented email campaigns are capable of generating as much as 760% revenue. 
  • Every week, customers receive as many as 3-5 emails from almost 35% of marketers. 
  • According to as many as 80% of professionals who are into some kind of business say that email marketing enhances the customer retention rate. 
  • Per a survey, as many as 59% of customers revealed that email advertising campaigns can influence their purchasing decision if it looks convincing to them.
  • By 2023, email users throughout the world are going to increase to 4.3 billion. 
  • In 2019, it was reported that there are as many as 5.6 billion active email accounts. 
  • According to 31% of the B2B marketers, the most reliable way to generate leads is email newsletters. 

Let’s look separately into how email advertising campaigns are popular among consumers, mobile users & and what is an overall email marketing ROI.

Consumers are excited to see you in their inbox.

If you have the right kind of strategy, consumers are never annoyed by your email. They are, in fact, excited to see you in their mailbox. 

  • As much as 99% of users are actively using their email. 
  • Unlike general marketing emails, personalized emails produce a six times higher transactional rate. 
  • Segmented emails increase revenue to as much as 760%.
  • While only 20% of users like to follow brands using social media channels, 70% of the consumers find it easy to follow brands using email subscriptions. 
  • Before starting with their work, 58% of consumers will check their emails

Improved ROI with SMART Email Advertising.  

You get a handsome return on your investment when you are smartly creating your email campaigns. Here’s the proof:

  • Email marketing generates $32 ROI for every $1 spent on your campaign. 
  • According to expert analysis, email advertising campaigns enhance conversion rates more than search, direct traffic & social media. 
  • For 59% of online marketers, email marketing drives them higher ROI as compared to other marketing strategies. 
  • Offers through email marketing campaigns would make your consumers spend 138% on placing orders than through other offers.

Email advertising & Mobile Devices 

It has become more important than ever to create your marketing campaigns mobile-friendly than ever. 

  • Depending on your business and the industry, as many as 60% of the emails are opened on mobile devices. 
  • Of all the Gmail users 75% open email using their mobile devices.
  • It is highly likely that consumers (42.3%) will delete emails if it does not look optimized for mobile. 

The purpose of listing out these email marketing stats inculcate confidence in you while you are thinking about the best strategies to bring your product in front of your users. The stats listed above will, without an inch of doubt will help with devising your email advertising. Once you have all the knowledge of the stats, all you need to do is to find a company that provides email advertising services. At AdMedia, we give you an opportunity to send a Thank You email while they sign up for your newsletter. We help you take advantage of this valuable follow-up by including ads for different products & services. For more information keep following our AdMedia blog. 

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