Smart Techniques for Successful Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing is also known as Retargeting! With the help of Remarketing, from your past interests shown in the business, an online advertiser can re-deliver advertising.

This simply draws benefits from the fact that those who have previously shown interest or had any kind of interaction with the business will be more interested in buying a product or services.

For instance, a person who has searched for earphones online is more likely to get convinced with ads, remarketing the product. Remarketing makes easy to bring those interested customers back to your website. In fact, data shows, a retargeted customer is 70% more likely to convert than the regular website visitor.

But, the important question is what are the Remarketing best practices getting the best results. You want to improve your Remarketing campaign — but how? So, this post is all about how you can create successful remarketing campaigns, and what are the best Remarketing practices. Let’s find out:

To be clear on which website pages are you tagging?

One of the most important parts of setting up a remarketing campaign is to understand which part of the website or what pages are you targeting to tag. And, this is irrespective of whether you are doing it through an AdWords remarketing code, or Google Analytics remarketing code. For instance, suppose you are targeting two top-performing landing pages that generate most leads. You want to enhance leads by 10% in the next 15 days and are eyeing upon the bounced back leads. So, to achieve this target, you need to tag these two specific pages for your remarketing campaign. In other cases, if you are targeting to increase the sale by 10% in the coming 15 days, you must tag the top-selling products for your remarketing campaign.

Segmenting Your Campaign is Important.

Segmenting your remarketing campaign will make sure you are not considering all your visitors similarly. Be it door-to-door marketing or online marketing, it is very important that you are communicating your product in a way prospects want to perceive it. Similarly, when you are working with your remarketing, you must segregate them for different audiences — to help them with information as per their demographics, age, and other requirements. You must also decide how specifically inclined you must be for a visitor based on how much time he is spending browsing the website, what pages they are viewing, and more. And, for each of these ad groups, you can create different CTA’s containing a link of the web pages that apply. Guide your prospects throughout the sales funnel.

Make ad creatives for different networks in Different Sizes.

It is important that you are making ads of different sizes with images and copies to match these ads. This will make sure that your ads are being shown on every Google Ad network site. It also helps in optimizing your message reach thereby helping you with catching your audience on the sites where the traffic is the most.

Bidding more on Conversion & shopping cart abandons would do.

There is no doubt that that bunch of the customers who have abandoned your shopping cart or a particular landing page is interested in your product or service that drove them towards your site. A smart marketer, in that case, will focus on bringing this lot of the customers back to the site and designing remarketing campaigns in a way to convert them. It is important to strategize this in a way to enhance the ad spend focusing on your warmer traffic.

For repeat Viewers, offering coupons & discounts would work.

You can reinvigorate the feeling of coming back to the cart for the lost visitors by provisioning attractive discounts and You can consider in advance that someone who has come to check out your products is really interested in buying it. There could be a variety of reasons that made them leave the cart — might be there was something else bothering them to work on, maybe it was the end of the month, maybe they wanted to purchase it on a specific date. Whatever could have been the reason, but you have considered that they were interested in your product. So, it is time to drive them back with lucrative discounts and coupon offers. When your special customer notices the special offer for him, he’ll trust you more.

Rather than selling directly focus on educating about your Product.

Marketers often do not do it right — instead of particularly educating them enough about the product they focus on directly selling the product. But, that is not the right way to go about it. You have to feed and nurture your bounced audience and help the non-lead generating pages to perform. A better strategy could be leading these customers to a page that is absolutely free and the visitor is not required to pay anything. This will also help in building brand awareness, lead generation, and more so, building trust in your products.

Create Remarketing Campaigns for Converted Customers.

Most remarketing strategies are so designed to exclude the already converted customers. But, that is not quite an inspiring technique — this way you are losing upon an awesome opportunity to work on your brand awareness and building trust. For instance, someone who visited a week ago to your bricks and mortar store to buy a pair of jeans. Now next week when she returns, is it good for your brand not to welcome her as during the first visit?

For your already converted customers, you can tag them as post-conversion landing pages. Here, you can create your remarketing campaigns smartly with longer duration and low frequency — so that it keeps on top of their mind. Every six months retarget your previous customer list or retarget them whenever there is a new collection in your online store. You can lure these customers with a five percent discount for their loyalty.


For a variety of businesses, remarketing is an immensely powerful tool. If remarketing done smartly can put your brand in the front of users wherever they are on the web. Remarketing is about building your brand to inculcate that much-needed trust your customers are looking for. Those lost customers after seeing your remarketing ads on their favorite sites will start considering your brand. Remarketing ads also build consumer confidence in your products.

Let us know in the comment sections, your strategies for designing remarketing campaigns. Also, let us know if those strategies have been successful or not and what suggestions would you give us?

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