14 Retargeting Statistics You Must Know

Thinking of making Remarketing a part of your Digital marketing tactics? Remarketing used interchangeably with Retargeting has absolutely transformed the game for a number of organizations and has helped them grow into giant brands.

This kind of strategy can powerfully boost your business by tracking past website visitors anywhere they are going across the Internet. Remarketing is undoubtedly a special kind of complementary strategy apart from content marketing & social media marketing, which has the potential to take your business to another level.

The most amazing thing about Remarketing is that it works for you when every other idea fails. It offers you multiple chances to engage with your lost customers. A study reveals that 98% of the customers do not convert on their first visit to the website. This is where Remarketing works to give these overwhelming parts of the customer base another chance to buy.

If this doesn’t convince you enough to make Remarketing a part of your Digital Marketing strategy then read this post. With this blog post, we’ll spill the beans to boost growth statistics and see if Retargeting is implemented smartly.

Here are 15 Remarketing statistics that will convince you to reconsider it. Let’s find:

  1. There could be a 30% Increase in CTR when you Retarget through ads on LinkedIn.

To support this data, it is worth mentioning here some statistics related to B2B LinkedIn retargeting. With these LinkedIn ads, you can still target and convert the B2B buyer who has not converted but is still there in the funnel. With contact targeting, there would be a 37% higher click rate, a 32% higher post-click conversion rate & a 14% decline in the post-click cost-per-conversion.

  1. 25% of the visitors want to see your Retargeting ads

A majority of the online viewers are in the awe of retargeting ads. Around 25% of this part of the online visitors, enjoy these retargeting ads, and the reason is quite obvious — they can get an opportunity to see and discover the products that they were chasing and looking forward to buying. 25% can make a huge difference to your business. However, 60% of these visitors are almost neutral to what is being shown.

  1. There is a 43% more chance of Retargeted Customers to get Converted.

Be it work or personal life, prospects & customers browse a number of websites throughout their day. These websites show them a variety of content to feed their curiosity. And, here retargeting will help a little more towards making them more interested in your brand. The chances that your prospective customer will buy a product will increase by 43% over your competitor when he sees your remarketing ads.

  1. Retargeting can Improve the Conversion Rate to up to 150%

Depending on the business you are in, how conversion rate shows through remarketing ads will vary. For instance, the effect retargeting will have on conversion rates in the case of e-commerce is about 128%, whereas this is about a 147% surge in the case of financial services. So, it is important to closely look at how this can help your business change the statistics and then incorporate it into your remarketing strategies.

  1. The ads relating to the products a visitor saw earlier have a high probability of being considered (three out of five)

The phenomenon of adblocking and banner blindness has become prevalent. Customers have now many options to block or Skip your ads and if it is creating any hindrance in what they are actually looking for, they prefer blocking the ad without giving another thought. But, the story could be a little different in case of remarketing ads — because these ads are meant to remind visitors of the products that they have shown interest in.

  1. As per 90% of the marketing managers, Retargeting ads perform better than other strategies.

Remarketing ads can help marketing managers productively enhance the usefulness of other forms of advertising including display advertising, email marketing, search ads, and more. Customers are getting strategic reminders about the products they were interested in without paying anything — which is not a bad deal for these prospects.

  1. Remarketing Enhances the search for the Business name by about 1046% in comparison to other strategies.

The research where we have obtained these stats also established that compared to other placement strategies, Remarketing was the most performing one. Based on such empirical evidence, you can be sure about the efficiency & the effectiveness of remarketing ads. And, to gain your audience’s trust in your retargeting ad campaigns, you must be wary of the policies maintaining consumers’ data privacy.

  1. Behavioral Retargeting is Liked by about 25% of Consumers.

Around 25% of the consumers like behaviorally targeted ads, and the reason is obvious — these work as a reminder to them about what they were interested in a few days ago. These statistics are also a reminder that only one-fourth of this audience is interested in seeing these remarketing ads. If you can apply this strategy mindfully, this can drastically change the game and bring more customers back to conversion.

  1. There are 70% more chances of Retargeted Visitors converting as compared to the other lot who is not Retargeted.

Most online buyers will not convert on their first visit. They do not get enough convinced about your product when they see it for the first time. A lot of them would require some motivation to hit the but button. And retargeting will provide that extra motivation thereby improving the conversion rate by 70%. To learn more about how to enhance conversion rate read our blog here.

  1. From around 47% of customers, it’s been heard that they would not mind sharing some data to get better deals.

A study conducted on American consumers established that about 47% of them would not mind purchase tracking as long as they are getting occasional discounts. However, for 32% of these consumers, it is not acceptable to share any data on their online behavior. These statistics clearly suggest that consumers don’t mind their online behavior being tracked as long as they are getting some benefit in exchange.

  1. There are 173% chances to make your Existing Customers Buy Again with smart retargeting.

Before diving into the new consumers, it is quite important that you are taking good care of your existing customer adding value to what they need, every day — because it is their loyalty in the end that takes you to the front seat. One of the best ways to build trust in your existing customers is mobile remarketing. And, more so, mobile remarketing can be an important move for your mobile marketing strategy. To know more about Mobile Marketing — why it is Important & What Strategies Apply read our blog here.

  1. In the US, the average revenue generated from every visit of a repeat customer is about 497% higher.

In addition to everything else, remarketing also helps bring back the past online buyers to consider repurchasing. They would spend 500% more than what they have spent during their first purchase. You get a better bang for your buck when you spend retargeting your past buyers as compared to the prospective buyers.

  1. Revenue can jump from 8% to 26% on Retargeting the customers who left the shopping cart.

In the online world, cart abandonment is a common term. Based on a study, it is a common notion that about 70% of visitors would abandon the cart at some point of checking out. Only 8% of this cart abandoning customers will come back to place an order in real, if they are not retargeted. However, you can bring back and inspire 26% of these customers to buy your product using remarketing ads.

  1. There could be a 2-4% surge in the conversion rate through onsite retargeting.

You can convert about 2-4% of the website visitors through onsite retargeting. Most often, marketers don’t pay heed to onsite retargeting, but it can potentially result in more leads and more conversions. You can use exit popups that start appearing when the user is about to leave the page and target these potential customers.


Retargeting as we have discussed in our previous blog on Smart Techniques for Successful Remarketing Campaigns is an amazing technique for driving traffic back, nurturing customers, enhancing brand awareness, and ultimately converting these customers. And, more so, the above statistics on remarketing hence proves why it is so.

You can be missing really an amazing technique that will work come rain or shine. If you are still not a part of active remarketing, your site has a lot more potential to perform — exploit that potential with retargeting. Let AdMedia remarket to put your brand on top of the user’s minds wherever they are on the web.

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