An Ultimate Guide to Cross-Channel Marketing

Wrap your head around and answer this question. What is your SINGLE dedicated advertising goal? Enhanced Traffic. Enhanced Sale. Yes, that’s RIGHT. You are going balls to walls to let your audience know what’s new you are offering them. But, if you have not implemented cross-channel marketing for your brand — you must think about […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Brand Safety in Digital Marketing

Do you know what brand safety is? Do you want to know how it helps in keeping your brand safe? The process that enables advertisers to keep their brands away from getting tainted or associated with any kind of the wrong message is Brand Safety. Brand safety measures help by avoiding the risk of any […]

What is Banner Blindness? How it Gets Triggered?

A lot of people have a habit of reading a lot of self-help books on “how to manage your time” — that keep them motivated through their days and weeks. With whatever they read, somehow they develop a habit of creating time slots for every part of the day and every task that has been […]

Ultimate Guide to Help you Overcome Banner Blindness

Are you keen to know how you can get rid of Banner Blindness? Are you worried that it’s causing your hard-earned money invested in these banner ads to go in vain? Do you want your ads not ignored? This is a big question for every marketer who is trying to sell his products/services using Banner […]

How to Correctly Craft Meta Descriptions

Are you correctly crafting meta descriptions for your website? Do you know that meta descriptions are a significant part of the optimization technique? This part of the optimization technique can enhance conversion and CTR rates to an unimaginably high-level. Writing compelling meta descriptions is a current hot ticket in the Digital Marketing landscape. However, from […]

A Complete Social Media Copywriting Guide

Copywriting for social media was as rare as hen’s teeth a few years back! Today, it’s all over. Ubiquitous all through the Digital Marketing landscape. Social media today is an amazingly supreme tool to drive traffic and generate leads. A survey was done on small businesses to know about the impact of social media marketing. […]

How to Create Landing Pages that Drive Conversion

Your landing page must convey the right information to the customer. It should be so attractively designed that they come to your landing for the very first-time bells on. If you want to win your customers smartly — an awesome landing page design is the first thing to consider. But what happens in most cases […]

Copywriting Hacks for Three Popular Social Media Channels

Social media is an important tool for the success of any brand marketing strategy. In a survey, 92% of advertisers said that social media marketing played an important role in boosting their business. More so, every single social media channel is crucial to generating traffic, driving conversion rates, and helping your business to grow. Not […]

Six Powerful Advantages of Native Advertising

In our previous blog on native Advertising, we learned everything about the topic. So, if you have decided to use the technique, you must know the advantages of using Native ads over other forms of advertising. Native advertising allows marketers to reach out to their customers without being overbearing and more so, in the content-heavy […]

14 Retargeting Statistics You Must Know

Thinking of making Remarketing a part of your Digital marketing tactics? Remarketing used interchangeably with Retargeting has absolutely transformed the game for a number of organizations and has helped them grow into giant brands. This kind of strategy can powerfully boost your business by tracking past website visitors anywhere they are going across the Internet. […]

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