How to Create Landing Pages that Drive Conversion

Your landing page must convey the right information to the customer. It should be so attractively designed that they come to your landing for the very first-time bells on. If you want to win your customers smartly — an awesome landing page design is the first thing to consider.

But what happens in most cases is — marketers are so hemmed by correcting many advanced strategies that they shut their eyes’ to the “landing page design.” It results in NO conversion, which makes them doubtful about other competent strategies too.

Throughout the world, online marketing campaigns have become the most popular mode of advertising. The first thing that this approach involves is the enticing landing pages. When designed smartly, keeping with the needs of the customers, landing pages can help boost your business by driving traffic.

Clean, easy to understand and user-friendly landing pages drive customers to the conversion funnel easily. Make it so flawless and eye-catchy that the customer feels to hit the buy or subscribe button on his very first visit.

Irrespective of the business you are in, it is always the first thing to design a landing page with relevant and effective call-to-action. Read our blog on How to Write Best Call-to-Action? You must add to it a social media sharing button & awesome landing page copy to capture visitors’ attention. Researchers say that — about 48% of advertisers prefer creating a fresh landing page for every marketing campaign.

Landing pages are present to speak for your business even when you are not there to speak. Design it so convincingly that you do not need to boast at all, even when you are there. Keep your energy ready for the next step and let your landing page help you cross the first stage.

So before you begin with creating your landing pages, you must ask yourself a few questions — what does my audience expect from my landing page design? How can I convince them to commit to my call to action? How can this help in enhancing the conversion rate?

The answers to these questions are simple — look at the statistics, just tweaking around the landing pages can increase the conversion rate from 1% to 25% (Approximately) and more. There are simple things to be aware of when designing converting-landing pages. Let’s find out here, what are these aspects. Here we go:

Keep it Clean, Organized & Simple.

There are three important pillars of how far your landing page can help drive conversion — the overall structure, look & feel. The most important thing for your landing page design should be keeping it easy to use. Every part of your page must be so designed to drive the audience towards conversion — be it filling the form or downloading an e-book or signing up for a newsletter. Also, it is important to make smart use of colors, font, typography, and interesting images, so that your landing page looks attractive. You can use certain button colors like green or red as that is believed to be helpful in enhancing the conversion rate. But then, you must make sure there is an absolute contrast between the button’s color and the color of the background. To design a landing page that converts, you must use different button attributes. If you wish to learn more about how to enhance the conversion rate, we have got you covered.

Know your Audience’s Challenge.

Who is your focus when you are designing this landing page?

Of course, it is your audience.

You know, it is very tough to satisfy someone you have never known.

Knowing your audience before promising service is a prerequisite — only then you are going to have an impact on your target audience. Maybe your competitors are not using this methodology where you can beat them to stand ahead. You can communicate your product with a deep understanding of the challenges they are facing. You have to always refrain from providing the wrong medicine for a condition. Challenge yourself to solve your audience’s challenges — be so wise that they would seek you & your solution. The similar goes with your landing page design. Your goal is to make it look attractive to your audience and drive them towards a solution (for the challenge, they are facing). The idea here is to capitalize on their challenges — so focus on this challenge all through. For instance, if you are a Digital marketing agency, you must talk about different forms of advertising you can help with — Native ads, video content marketing, and more.

It is always good to approach uniquely to discover the challenges your audience is facing and that is keeping them awake through nights. If you are there to provide them a helping hand whenever they are looking for one, they will surely seek it. If you are putting in some relevant content, suitable calls-to-action buttons, and are designing with the utmost caution, an audience you are seeking a solution for a similar challenge will surely turn back to. Your conversion rate will be enhanced tremendously. Not only that, but your audience will also start believing in you and sharing your product with friends and family via different channels.

Optimize for mobile.

While we often think that talking about this is not important and with such a whopping number of people using mobile numbers these days, no one ever misses optimizing for mobile. But, you will be surprised to know that a lot of people do that. Even when 49% of the world population uses mobile phones, most agencies give a miss to optimize the same for mobile. Google says that the landing pages that take more than five seconds suffer a reduced bounce rate. So, while you are designing your landing page, you must make sure that it is optimized properly for mobile devices.

A Minimalistic Approach would Do.

Make sure there is nothing extra appearing on your landing page when someone tries to open it. A great landing page is one where the user can navigate without any distractions like popups or videos in general. Make sure that you are providing only that information which the user needs to move down to the funnel (avoid any kind of redundant or not so useful information with respect to solve the users’ problem). If you have provided too much unimportant information on the landing page, it can lead to losing your audience and hence cutting through the conversion rate. It makes it easy for the user to understand your product — if you are using bullets & numbering in your copy. Want to know the standards of writing your copy during COVID-19? Click the link to read.

A good landing page will always look unobtrusive to the users, and yet, he can find all the information that he has come looking for. Clean & clear visuals with eye-catchy content will pave the way for generating traffic. While you can be minimalist with your description, there is always room for adding a more button that will take the reader to the details about the product. Most users know this kind of navigation & they would visit the detailed page if it really interests them. Another interesting way to keep the visitors engaged is by using the information in the form of video through your landing pages. Mentioning just the key highlights using text would make the user comfortable about hitting the buy button.

Use Important Trust Signals.

What are the trust signals? These are features used within a landing page to assure users of the trustworthiness of the product or service being offered. There could be different forms of trust signals including — testimonials (which is an assurance from a third party about the product), using Like counters, and more. Trust badges are another tool that provides an assurance of the product that is on sale through the landing page. Trust badges are actually the logos of the brands that you were associated with, at some point through your work journey. It can also include certain recognition and endorsements that you have received in the past. Also, trust badges can represent the coalitions & groups that your organization is a member of. These trust signals approve the authenticity of your product and your audience would feel confident about partnering with you.

CTA that Compels the User to take Action.

Carefully crafted call-to-action help to a large extent in enhancing the conversion rate and boosting your business. This is the small part of your landing page landscape that would be crucial with respect to help the user navigate through the payment section of the buying process. It has been established from previous researches that landing pages with a single CTA can have a conversion rate as high as 13.5% while those landing pages with two or more CTA would have a conversion rate of 2% less than that in the former case.

One idea that successful landing pages use is — it will first introduce a challenge and talk about how it could be bothering your life. In the end, they will introduce a product embedded with a suitable CTA. At the bottom of the page, there would be testimonials & other trust signals to assure them about your product. Focusing on a specific topic would always result in a great response. Moreover, the traffic coming to landing pages in most cases is from channels or campaigns. Therefore, you must customize the page accordingly.

On top of that, you must create your CTA making it almost impossible for the users to refuse your offer. Understanding the nuances is important to create the best copy. If you want to learn how to create a compelling CTA, click here.

Create Customized Landing Pages.

There are different sources where you are getting your audience from — if you are promoting an exclusive offer. It is a great idea to customize your landing pages for different audiences differently. All these audiences coming from different channels — Facebook, Twitter, PPC & Instagram are absolutely different. In fact, they have come to the Internet with a completely contrasting vision in their minds. Therefore, you must make sure that you have customized your landing page for them all.


Your landing page design would play a crucial role in enhancing conversion rates and helping your business grow. Go back to the drawing board and make the required tweaks if you think that it’s missing any of the elements of a good landing page. Use these landing page designing techniques in combination with other digital marketing techniques for improved conversion rates.

7 Ways How Virtual Meetings Can be Productive

With the outbreak of COVID-19, Virtual Meetings have become a common way to get the business going. Almost every industry has switched to work from home. And, they are looking for ways to conduct Virtual meetings productively.

Virtual meets are not a big deal for the companies that have been functioning that way. But, the coronavirus crisis has brought a challenge of managing virtual meetings for those organizations that have been following only an in-office work model.

In the midst of the pressure to perform as productively as possible, clients, employees & co-workers are looking for ways of how virtual meetings can be productive. To help with that, team AdMedia has prepared some of the best practices for productive virtual meetings. Let’s read to find out:

  1. Pre-Decide the sequencing of announcements

The foremost important thing about Virtual Meetings is how you are sequencing announcements & activities. This will ultimately decide the whole mood of the meeting. To start with, you must announce the key agenda of the meeting in the first place. After which you must start with an “an elephant in the room” ~ talking about the most difficult situation that needs to be dealt with smartly & productively. The moving forward with a lesser serious announcement or activity. If you have anything cool & fun that you are sure, everyone in the team is going to like ~ keep it for the end of the meeting. This will end the meeting on a motivating & optimistic note.

The most important thing to keep in mind when starting the meeting is – before beginning to discuss a challenging topic, warm up the attendees to make them ready for the intense discussion.

  1. Creative Ideas to keep Everyone engaged will do the Magic

Make the discussion interesting. A Virtual meeting is undoubtedly & entirely different from an in-office meeting. If not strategically planned a Virtual meeting can be, at times, distracting & lethargic. Just as most online meeting platforms do with multiple-choice polls, which then shows the response of the participants in a graphical representation. You can also look for ideas as simple as asking every attendee to read one slide of the presentation. Another popular way to improve productivity is breakout workshops, which means dividing the team into smaller groups. This will also help with allowing more participants in the meeting. These creative ideas can play a really crucial role in making sure that the meeting is streamlined & it’s only a result-oriented discussion.

  1. Good Presentation is an Important Part of any Virtual Meeting

Storytelling can be an amazing way of engaging the attendees both for a virtual meeting or an in-office meeting. But, in a virtual environment, knowing the art of storytelling can be an amazing tool to keep it going. Everything matters. Your tone. The rhythm. Justified variation in the pitch of the voice while speaking. And, even your volume can play a crucial role in keeping the discussion interesting. Keeping it simple is the key. Know in advance what important points need to be discussed. You should also make use of perfect body language to convey exactly what you want to say. For a professional environment, it is an important skill to acquire.

  1. Make Sure You are sitting in a Technically sound environment

Is the internet working smoothly? Do you have high-quality devices? Is your laptop/system working properly? Assume yourself ready for a virtual meeting only when you can answer YES to all the above questions. For virtual meetings or precisely to say online work, a technical sound environment is the foremost important thing. If you are leading the meeting, you must check on the employees, if that’s working fine at their end. In addition to that, a good quality headset is essential as it will not only cut through the noisy background but will also help with a clearer voice. 

  1. Assign tasks to Everyone in the Team

So, there are different tasks to be done & ostensibly different roles to play. While a single person can handle all of these responsibilities ~ take keynotes, look after the team management, motivate the participants, ask questions, and more. But, this form of a virtual meeting will not be as encouraging as everyone doing their bit and participating throughout the meeting. Distributing responsibilities with different names for each role as schedule checker, meeting manager, keynote, presenter & distribute all other responsibilities according to what is required. An amazing way would be to keep rotating these roles among attendees for every other meeting. 

  1. A clean and professional background is must

While this may sound trivial to many, but everything counts. It does have an effect on you as well as the mood of other participants. This can be considered under soft skills. When you learn presentation skills, you are taught the art of looking professionally good. While through an in-office-work model we say that the surrounding we are working does have a direct impact on productivity. Consider this in a similar way. Maintain throughout the meeting a professional & clean background. If that is not possible for you, technology has given us different options. Many software like skype, have the option to blur the background. This software provides an option to customize the background. 

  1. Set the Mood of the Meeting for everyone to Positive

While in office, all of us are almost in the same space & state of mind – and if not that can be easily turned on. But, this goes completely opposite for a virtual meeting. There are different people in the meeting who come from different spaces. Before the meeting starts, each of the team members can be in a completely different emotional state of mind – some might be in a pessimistic state. Therefore, it is the duty of the meeting manager to set the tone to positive for everyone, so that their mental & physical presence can be felt during the meeting. Start it with some light & out-of-the context conversation to set the tone of the meeting. 


In nutshell, the idea is that, in addition to discussing the agenda, keeping the attendees motivated is crucial to replicating similar results through virtual meetings as in-office meetings. In a similar attempt to keep the spirit of the attendees high, AdMedia has come up with the innovative FREE Virtual Lunch & learn program. Under this initiative, the company is taking the onus to get delivered healthy & freshly cooked lunch to the attendee’s doorstep, before the meeting starts. 

Given the crisis of coronavirus, such attempts will not only make the meetings productive but will also keep everyone safe & healthy in self-isolation. 

Why a ‘Free Virtual Lunch And Learn’ Program is Important?

Imagine enjoying the quarantine period by staying safe and healthy at home. But, then an important meeting arises that can’t be missed. A total mood spoiler? Amidst the chaos of coronavirus, quarantine has become the need of this hour. These mood spoilers are what everyone needs to get over. Staying at home and maintaining a social distance is all the world needs right now. This may sound easy but becomes hard in the time when those meetings are urgent and help to stay in the market for longer periods of time. Building client relationships is as important as maintaining employee and employer relationships. 

With Admedia’s new virtual lunch program ‘Free Lunch & Learn’ one can achieve both. All you need to do is stay back home and enjoy the free lunch before your meeting. Sounds simple and interesting? Well! It is. This promotes a healthy relationship that Admedia shares with everyone it is associated with. There are many benefits of this program like;

No- Stress

The entire idea is to learn without having any stress. Lunch and learn sessions are very important for encouraging a stress-free environment. The employees and the clients can be in a surrounding which is both relaxed and comfortable. 

Strengthening Relationships

It is a great team-building exercise and helps in strengthening professional relationships. The clients are really happy when they are made feel special and this program focuses on the same.

Lighten the mood

Listening about the deaths and harm COVID-19 is causing creates a serious environment and everyone misses how good their busy schedule was. In this time when they are offered these virtual lunches before meeting it lightens up their mood. 

Increases loyalty

When the company takes such initiatives for the people associated with it, they start developing loyalty and trust in the company. Hence, the clients would appreciate the hospitality and think of further business associations. And the employees will put their 200% in the growth of the company.

The need of the hour

It is very important to stay back home and avoid human contact as much as possible. The government has been taking preventive measures just to make people stay home and keep themselves healthy. It is very important that their efforts and concerns must be appreciated and the only task we have to do is to limit our physical contact.
In-person meetings can wait but health will not. Admedia understands its social responsibility and this gave the rise to the concept of virtual lunch and learn. The work we are doing or the meetings attended will help in the growth of the company. This, in turn, will help in the growth of the employees. Anyone who is willing to join this initiative can visit to know more about the concept of Virtual lunch and how to avail it. However, there will be certain parameters to confirm your free lunch. The Free lunch and learn is offered at the sole discretion of AdMedia LLC. The last day of submission as of now is April 30th but if the quarantine is increased then there might be changes that will be updated on the website.

3 Important Tips to Create Your Content Strategy for 2019

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Microsoft and Moleskine to develop auto sync of Smart notebooks to Windows

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Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam Launches “Stories Are Everywhere”

It’s Wieden + Kennedy’s first work for Instagram and it’s a huge multi-channel Instagram Stories campaign that was launched in the US, Germany, and Italy in April. However, it is the agency’s Holland unit that came up with the video collection of 26 films that was screened at the Insta Stories Festival in Cologne, Germany, last week. (more…)

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