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A Complete Social Media Copywriting Guide

Copywriting for social media was as rare as hen’s teeth a few years back!

Today, it’s all over.

Ubiquitous all through the Digital Marketing landscape.

Social media today is an amazingly supreme tool to drive traffic and generate leads. A survey was done on small businesses to know about the impact of social media marketing. The result found that 85% of these businesses have generated a new client from their social media handles.

Today, not being present on social media is like band-Aid on a bullet wound. And, not so surprisingly, just creating your Facebook, Instagram & Twitter account cannot be enough. To get followers, you must make use of cream of the crop social media strategies to encourage them — Punchy & well-written social media copies is one of those strategies.

It is important to showcase the utmost craftsmanship and consummate artistry while crafting your social media post. Social media marketing is an important tool for promoting and building brand value for your business. In fact, it helps your business in a plethora of other ways — like keyword research. Do you wish to know more about keyword research techniques on social media? Click the link to read our blog.

Ineffective social media management can harm your business before you know it. Your potential customers could no longer be able to show trust in your business.

What you can do to make your social media handles effective?

Warp your head around every single social media post & get it done as beautifully as it can be.

Are you ready to craft effective social media ads? Do you want to know what’s the most ideal way to create an effective social media post? We have some interesting tips on copywriting for social media. You can use these tips along with 8 Effective Copywriting Standards During COVID-19 to make it even more relevant during COVID-19.

Let’s do it balls to the walls! Read the blog post to make this happen:

  1. Craft your Copy to encourage Engagement.

Social media is about socializing — developing a communication channel & being a part of that communication. There has to be some type of conversation — either one-way or two-way communication. When social media came into the picture no one was much aware of why it is important to keep the tone conversational.

You can encourage conversation among your followers by writing copies that ask questions, or share their experiences. You can frame copies like, “let us know your take on this…”, “tell us about your thoughts on this in the comment box…”, “Are you excited about this, tell us in the comment section…”, and more. Also, you can ask them to guess an answer! This will add to the curiosity and eagerness to get involved in the conversation.

  1. A Social media copy Brand Guideline would make it simpler.

Before you jump into social media marketing, we would suggest you design your social media brand guideline. It is important that before you sit to craft your copy, you must be clear in your head where you want to take your brand & how you want your audience to perceive your brand. This is definitely not going to be easy as it looks — it needs to address important questions. For instance, do you want to keep the tone of your copy the same as it is used on the website? Do you wish to show off the fun side of your business? In fact, social media gives you an opportunity to add some fun elements. If you still have not designed your brand identity guideline, start doing it now — and add social media at your guide book.

  1. Let your audience know everything about it.

Clear. Concise. Complete.

With your copy, you must communicate everything to your audience — who, where, what, why & when.

You must make your audience clear on every single detail in a way that makes them excited & curious. Design your copy in a way that when your audience comes across these ads or copies they feel the urge to engage with it. You must also add exciting calls-to-action to make sure that they are engaging warmly and not just casually. In the end, you must add an effective call-to-action button that will further improve engagement. If you want to know how to design an effective call-to-action, we have got you covered.

Go back to the drawing board and make sure how you have written copies for your social media posts. Have you answered who, why, when, how & what properly?

  1. Make Use of the Emotional Aspect.

Let the copy be a little emotionally driven, you can win your audience for real. Useless words but keep it soulful that the visitors can connect with. While it looks quite a simple thing to write a social media copy, believe me — it can get you MASSIVE results if done correctly. You can understand how every Instagram follower spends around 21 minutes of his/her day scrolling through their Instagram feeds including videos and images. In this visually-driven platform, you can use emotionally evoking captions, mindfully, with videos or images. Your punchy caption will definitely push the reader to stop by and think about it.

  1. Know what’s the goal for your social media post.

Knowing the goal for your organic social media posts can be tricky — but definitely, it’s not rocket science! While you can easily choose the goal for your social ad campaigns where you can select a goal from the available options & focus on advertising, performance, branding, or conversion as per your brand’s requirements — but it is not easy to do the same for organic social media posts. You must pay heed to an understanding of how you can establish these goals for your organic social media posts. The best way to get through this puzzling situation is — look out for the goals that are applied to the paid ads and you can take reference from there and you can get to the core of your organic social media post. Some of these goals for your organic social media posts could be — Clicks, Branding, Followers, Shares, Likes, Conversions, Comments, or others. Once you know the goal, you can measure the success of your post.

  1. Make sure that your Ad Copy Length will not be a performance blocker.

While some channels give an option for using longer content for ad copies that do not mean you can have it done that way. Whatever may be the case — you’ll always be at the winning end if you are creating a copy for an organic social media post using only a few words. Communicating your CTA in three to four-words that would give you the best results possible. While some experts would tell you that a shorter copy performs better, the others may argue that longer social media copies are great when it is about enhancing the conversion rates. In our blog, Copywriting Hacks for Three Popular Channels we have brought you all the important information on what should be the ideal length for your social media copy for Twitter, Instagram & Facebook, separately.

You can turn around split testing to ensure which technique works better — using a longer copy or a shorter copy. In any case, the most important thing is presenting your audience with a clearer picture of whatever you are trying to convey through the message. Your ad copy will convert only when it embeds the needed information and is offering an incentive for his action.

Be smart…and create your copy smartly!!

  1. Be Present on Every social media channel.

In our last blog, we have also talked about how you can know what guidelines you must follow to create copies for different channels. In fact, every social media channel is created distinctly and more so, with a different vision in mind — you must approach tweaking around your copy for every other channel keeping in mind the type audience you are communicating with. You cannot replicate the copy that you have written for Instagram to Twitter and Facebook — it has to be created differently. In fact, you must clearly establish and talk about the boundaries — for formal & informal communication that you’ll allow — in your Brand Identity guideline. Your audience is going to have a different purpose when they are scrolling through the feeds on different platforms — so make sure that you make the necessary changes into the copy when doing it for multiple channels — Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter.

  1. Get Your Audience the Information Handy.

You can keep your audience into the loop by feeding them with important industry news. But, make sure that it should again be on par with the expectations of the audiences on that particular platform. If you can mindfully leverage their desire to learn and keep the information they are looking for handy, you can keep them hooked to your post.

For instance, LinkedIn, a professional social media platform — it is all about informative content and consumption. It is where top-notch industry professionals are present throughout looking for content on the latest development taking place in the industry they are interested in. Around 94% of the B2B marketers are leaning on the platform for content distribution. More so, 45% of users coming to the platform to read content, belong to upper-level positions like managers, directors, and CEOs. These people belong to the real information-hungry lot from the industry and are always looking for updates — you must create your copy to feed their hunger — that will win you their attention. You can do this by sharing industry news, quotes from influencers & industry top-notch professionals, and industry statistics.

  1. Match the Image/video with your Copy.

Copywriting is not right if you have not correctly matched your copy with the visual — it is all about that. This connection is important to your audience emotionally. Most B2B brands get this connection right to make the much-needed impact. If you are embedding some motivational quote that boasts of hard work with an image that talks about your new digital marketing product — that would look completely irrelevant to the user. Marketers literally do that — and the reasons are many — some don’t think that this text would ever be read, some believe that it just has to be a text that can be embedded into the image. But, that’s where they are mistaken. For instance, when the COVID-19 pandemic has affected our lives both emotionally and economically — we have to give a thought to each & every social media post. It must be so crafted that it does not hurt the audience’s sentiments — the kind of word selection could be an important consideration. You must avoid using certain performing words and phrases. If you want to know more about these words & the copywriting standards during COVID-19, we have got you covered.

Be Wise with your social media copies!

The social media copies that you are crafting are all potent to break or make the engagement rate. Using just a high-resolution image or a video would not serve the purpose. It’s time to reconsider, contemplate & start designing copies that are meaningful, matches with the context, and has the potential to feed the information-hungry audiences, at large. The social media ad copies should be designed in a way that does not undermine the pain point of the audiences. It must offer the right solution at the right time for the challenges they are faced with. You can follow us to reach customers wherever they are and offer them with the right solution at the right time. 

We have here communicated our share of tips & tactics on crafting social media copies!

Tell us in the comment section below, what strategies do you apply for creating your copies? Do you have any other tactics than what is given above? Enrich us with your share of knowledge on the same.

4 Innovative Ways to Beat the Blues of Virtual Meetings

Work from home has been a different journey for people across the world. For some people, it has been a blessing to discover a lot of new things. On the other hand, there are people who have been struggling with fatigue & with an absolutely busy schedule of video conferences & over the call discussions. 

Working from home & the virtual model of work is an important part of the situation we are in today. The whole theory makes it easy to go with social distancing, maintain health hygiene & and prevent coronavirus from spreading. But, the giant workforce is facing the challenge of coping up with the virtual meetings & online discussion fatigues.

One of the most noticeable reasons in that regard is the lack of that opportunity to absorb and analyze people with their body language and about what could be going in their minds. This leads to adding on the need to focus more & putting in more energy in observing what all is going around. 

Therefore, to help these important pillars of society, we have created this list of four ways to deal with the virtual meeting fatigue. Let’s read the post to find out:

  1. Maintain an Ideal Schedule

For people who wake up just a few minutes before the work hours begin, it is hard to feel energetic & quieter throughout the day. Therefore, it is an essential part of your work from home schedule. Make sure that you are getting up early in the morning a few hours before the work schedule starts. Allocate enough time to relax – detoxicate your body, get a soothing bath, exercise & enjoy your breakfast – that should be the mantra. You must come to your working desc about 30 minutes before the virtual meeting of the day begins. Before the meeting, make yourself ready by reading the last emails, and going through the notes you prepared last night. This will keep you satisfied with your day & keep the energy up with positivity. 

  1. Move Your Body

While through an in-office work model, you get the time to travel from one place to another for one to another meeting, we have this opportunity to stretch every part of the body. But, when we are working from home, all day we sit in front of the computer. There are only a few occasions when you get off your working desk and move your body. This is also one of the reasons that make one feel lethargic. This is a real unhealthy practice, which if continued for a prolonged period of time can give rise to a number of ailments. And, ultimately this can lead to making your virtual meetings unproductive. So, It is important that you are stretching your body every hour, moving around the house, doing the house chores – this will keep your body moving. This will keep you refreshed throughout and these virtual meetings are going to be easy. 

  1. Take short Breaks & Enjoy your Sign Off Routines

Dealing with the mental fatigue is usually an issue with all those who work on the desc. And, when you are working from home, this kind of mental fatigue becomes manifold. The only tool to get rid of this continual fatigue kind of strain is keeping it all organized. If you can keep it all organized, if you can do your work in a disciplined manner, you will enjoy the same situation without any mental strain or fatigue. Secondly, giving yourself a few minutes at the end of every day to complete the tasks you ticked off, is another way of keeping such mental fatigue at bay. What happens is that – when you pen down tasks and plans you ticked off that day will give you a sense of accomplishment – this is a wonderful practice for everyone irrespective of what kind of work they are doing. Moreover, the practice of creating a rough plan for the next day’s work is anyways popular as a brain reliever. But, this should not be done at the cost of sacrificing your personal work-life balance and by stretching your workday too longer. No matter if you are working from home or from the office – there has to be a balance – maintaining the work-life balance is very necessary. 

  1. Keep aside some time for fun activities. 

There are companies & organizations who are taking care of the role of the fun element while working from home. For different people, having fun has a different definition. While feasting is fun, for others it can be some casual activities. Taking care of this, many companies have also come up with the innovative idea of FREE Virtual lunch when meeting remotely. On the other hand, many companies are focusing on planning out activities & games to keep the employees engaged & entertained. Employers must understand that the personal connections that are suffering because of the adoption of work from home model can make the work quite mundane. At the beginning of every virtual meeting, some fun activities will kickstart the energy for sure. You can try different ways & activities looking at the situation. 


This is how you can keep the pace of work intact. You need to put in all the colors if you really wish to accentuate the beauty of the hallway. In a similar way, if you want your pool of brains to function in the best way possible, you need to put in all the elements in balance – fun, motivation, energy to work, and more. Organizing some fun activities, providing free virtual lunch, keeping in touch with your employees continually, organizing contents & rewards are some of the most innovative ways to keep the mundane situation of work from home & virtual meetings interesting. Stay home, work from home! Keep virtual meetings interesting with virtual fun things!! 

How to Increase Your Instagram Followers in 2020?

Want to increase your Instagram followers in 2020? 

To identify the glitches & the drawbacks, it is first important to identify the issue. 

So where’s the issue?

Most often people think that there is no such thing about their business that they can create Instagram posts, which is a complete myth & mess.

According to a study, around 25 million business accounts on Instagram were opened. And, businesses spent $7 billion over the Instagram advertisement. 

This clarifies that businesses are interested in investing in Instagram advertising. 

And, no matter, if you are a traditional B2B company or a B2C company, you must work to increase Instagram followers. 

Thinking that there is nothing that you can post. Posting on Instagram will do nothing but take away the opportunity from you to strengthen your customer base. 

Hire creative & innovative individuals who will do the job for you.

To help you with this, we have prepared this comprehensive list of the best ways to increase Instagram followers. Read the full blog to find out more. Here we go:

Top Ways to Increase Instagram Followers in 2020:

  1. The Instagram Bio of your Business Does Play a Role

The Instagram bio that you have designed does matter. It must include call-to-action, a link & some branded hashtags. 

This is the most important and the first place where customers will discover you. Therefore, you have to be very convincing, but at the same time, it should not sound too desperate. 

This is where people will decide whether they want to follow you or not. 

And, you must make sure that it is being updated at regular intervals whenever required, or whenever there is some new information across. 

  1. Start with an Instagram Editorial Calendar

To start with the best part of the game is taking time to design an Instagram Editorial calendar. 

When we create content, we brainstorm on finding new ideas, research & then finally making it look SEO friendly. 

But then when it’s about Instagram or precisely social media posts, the general feeling is “we cannot afford to give it so much of time”. There are other important tasks on the platter to accomplish. 

But, that’s a wrong approach! You must reconsider this approach unless it pays you.

Pay attention when you are sharing text, videos & photos over the business Instagram account. Because then millions of people have access to that content. They may like or not like according to what you are sharing.

The best way is to have an experienced person dedicatedly working on what’s being posted. He must make sure that this content is in line with the industry’s standards. 

You can sit & brainstorm and curate content that appeals to your audience. Consider sharing about holidays, seasons, upcoming events, anything new happening in the organization, articles, and more. 

While you must create a plan in advance, you can always incorporate new ideas when they come to your mind. 

Prepare your library of ideas & keep incorporating new ideas when they come to your mind!

  1. Point to Instagram from Your Website & Relevant Channels

The business rule says that all of your & prospective clients & customers find your Instagram business account. You can do that by embedding an Instagram icon on the website and linking ]it actually to the account. 

You can also link your Instagram business account from the business signature you use. 

And, to make it more relevant, you can make your website to be fed directly by the latest posts on the website. 

This is one of the best ways to promote your Instagram account. This makes it easy for all the customers who regularly visit your website to discover your Instagram account. 

  1. Checking on with Different Filters & Dimensions will Help

So, do you think it has to be all formal? Eve on a fun space like Instagram? 

No that’s not true! Yes, of course, there has to be some decorum, but that’s not always true. 

Even if it’s an official account, you must experiment with filters & dimensions to make it look attractive. In fact, you must also use filters on the content you are posting. 

The reason is obvious – the idea beyond using filters & other features indicate towards attracting more and more people to see it. So, don’t hesitate to use filters. 

And, to your surprise, you must also download an effective photo editing app to give a touch up to your photos before posting them. 

Talking about the dimensions, you must not restrict yourself just to the square format. You can go for portrait & landscape as per the type of photo used. Many surveys have shown that the portrait dimension performs better than square & landscape in terms of engagement. 

  1. Cross-post Your Instagram Content to Facebook & Twitter

Another important way to increase your Instagram followers is harnessing the power of cross-posting your content on Facebook & Twitter. 

This will be helpful in bringing those customers to your Instagram account who are there on the other social media sites, but they have not been able to find you on Instagram. 

So, with this cross-posting, this group of customers will surely come to visit your Instagram account. 

If that’s fine with you, it’s simple to go to settings and switch to automatically post to Facebook & Twitter or you can also do that manually for every post. 

  1. Instagram Analytics to analyze the Performance of your Posts

All Instagram business accounts are free! You can create one anytime. 

This Instagram Business account gives an insightful analysis of the data when and where your audience is most active. 

You can use this data wisely to get your posts optimized. 

In addition to this analytics, Instagram will also get you with insights into the gender, age & location of your customers. So, make use of this data to be able to be found by more and more people. 

  1. CTAs & Questions incorporated in the Post Work Well

CTA (Call-to-action) is an important part of the game!

Therefore, you must make sure to include a CTA at the bottom of every post. You can also include a question that aims at boosting the engagement.  Some example CTAs include “Follow us & you won’t miss an update”, “Go to the link in bio to know more about us”, and more. 

You can also use an engaging question about your product at the end. Like if you own a gift selling website, in a post you are talking about birthday gifts, you can add a question like “Tell us what birthday you are expecting from your bf this year?” – Comment.

Here you need to be a little creative!

This is all about tapping into the nerves of your customers and finding out what they expect from you. 

Here are some other important ways on how to  Increase Your Instagram Followers in 2020:

  1. Run Contests
  2. Use High-Resolution Photos
  3. Comment, Follow & Like on other’s posts

So, these are some of the best ways on how to  Increase Your Instagram Followers in 2020. To gravitate more customers to your Instagram business account & Get ads that look amazing and capture users’ attention visit With this little attempt, your business will acquire immense strength to grow leaps & bounds.

Everything about Twitter Content Calendar

Do you really want to be noticed on Twitter? 

Are you looking out to be as precise and give a nuanced understanding of what’s going around as you can when designing your daily twitter post? 

Has it become an everyday struggle to think “what to post on Twitter”?

So, guys, there is really good news for you!

To help marketers on this twitter has designed a Content Calendar with tweet prompts.

This is a month-long twitter content calendar. This will save a lot of marketers time and energy. 

A Month of Tweets is all about creating a clear picture of what is to be done. Now marketers can refer to this content calendar and follow the everyday tweet theme. 

Here’s the full content Calendar full of Tweet prompts:

Now to help marketers with any type of confusion with the categories of the tweet, it explains each of them separately. Here we go:

Monday Tweets for the Month – First Monday to Fourth Monday

FAQ: Answer user’s queries. 

Motivational Monday: Making use of the very popular hashtag (#MondayMotivation) shares an inspiring story (short) or an inspiring video or a motivational picture.

Twitter Poll: This is about running a Twitter poll, where you can engage your audience in something related to your business.

Positive Brand News: This is about sharing anything unique & exciting happening in your company that has never happened before.

Tuesday Tweets for the Month

Retweet: Retweeting can include anything from a thought leader, a business associate, or even a customer.

Key Piece of Content: Tweeting a key piece of content is about tweeting an existing & valuable piece of content like that of a downloadable guide.

Ask a Question: Asking questions can be really a great way of creating engagement. And engaging actively with the replies is another part of the game, which adds to the engagement.

UGC (user-generated content): UGC is about sharing a piece of content that was created by a customer and not by the company’s team.

Wednesday Tweets for the Month

Pro-Tip: Tweeting a Pro-tip is all about sharing a best practice or a feature that makes your product stand alone in the market. 

GIF: Bring a one-liner in the form of a GIF and tweet it for better engagement. 

Wednesday Wisdom: Making use of the popular hashtag (#WednesdayWisdom) share an inspirational quote relating it to your brand and also share brand-specific tips.

Videos: As per the Twitter recommendations, repurpose an existing Video to share on your Twitter Handle.

Thursday Tweets for the Month

Retweet with Comment: Search for @mentions and retweet a question with an answer in a way that can help other people. 

Statistics: Tweeting statistics is about sharing a piece of data that can benefit the audience. To make this more effective, you may also add a simple & precise graphical depiction of the data.

Successful Past Tweets: Go to your profile or to the Twitter Analytics dashboard. Search for tweets that always get attention and retweet them so as to a way broader audience base. 

Go Live: This is about a real-time engagement with the audience with a live video.

Friday Tweets for the Month

Behind the Scene Pic: This is about highlighting people who are behind the success of the brand or organization.

Meme: Looks at the fast-food accounts to get inspiration for the trending memes. Tweet a meme to engage the audience.

Shoutout: It is about highlighting and sharing about a standout customer, partner or employee.

One Liner: This is going to be a simple text-only tweet.

And, this Twitter calendar is not just about a month. If you find it relevant, you can use it for the upcoming month’s twitter content calendar. You can tweak around and do some relevant changes as per the need of your brand and use the same calendar in the future. 

In addition to that, Twitter has also suggested some important upcoming days around which you can design your Twitter Content Calendar for the upcoming and even in this month.

These important dates have been published by calendar taking into account the kind of extraordinary audience engagement history. So, designing your content calendar around these popular dates will surely be beneficial in terms of audience engagement. 

Some popular dates:

World Health Day:  April 7th

Passover: April 8th

National Sibling’s Day & Good Friday: April 10th

Easter: April 12th 

National Pet Day: April 11th

Earth Day: April 22nd

Ramadan: April 24th

This list of popular days looks shrunken, because of COVID-19, which has led to the cancellation of the most public events this month. 

But, you have enough to design your twitter content calendar. A systematized and consistent approach can really be beneficial both in terms of audience engagement and brand value enhancement. 

So, either follow the above Twitter content calendar (as suggested by Twitter) or you may also make some additions or tweaks with popular days of the month or any other creative idea specific to audience engagement. 

Twitter has provided us the clear picture of how we must design twitter posts for an entire month, which is one side of the game. But, if you are looking out for various other means of marketing your product or services over the internet, you must reach out to us at to discover how we function.

Digital Marketing Strategies During COVID-19 Pandemic

Digital Marketing strategies during COVID-19 pandemic – so, the question is how to formulate a sustainable & customer-centric plan?

Over a few decades, the digital marketing industry has grown leaps and bounds and, it has been booming since then! Today, Digital marketing has become a very important tool for all businesses. 

Even when the world is hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, Digital Marketing is the only tool businesses can rely on, for their marketing needs. Most Businesses have reported a dramatic change in how they have been functioning for several years. 

Therefore experts are suggesting to tweak the way a business approaches its Digital Marketing strategies during COVID-19 and its digital presence, in the wake of this worldwide health crisis. It should consider and must be very carefully thought, before posting any digital data including the current campaigns, posts, and any type of stuff that showcases a business in general. 

Here are a few tips on how you can design your Digital marketing strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

  1. Be Very Specific of the Tone & Care about Their Sentiments

Your Digital marketing strategies during COVID-19 or any such crisis just be tailor-made as per the current scenario. No matter what service or product you provide to your users, it’s about providing people with what they are looking for. With this worldwide turbulence that COVID-19 has brought about, every business needs to pay heed to the TONE of every little thing on any Digital Marketing platform. 

While almost the world is in living in Isolation, working from home and maintaining social distancing, businesses can still connect and build camaraderie with their customers through various digital means. But, a business needs to be extraordinarily careful while building its Digital marketing strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s very important to take an optimistic approach. 

As the situation prevails, we are not supposed to provide any of our two cents, yet there’s nothing bad in sharing an optimistic view of the pandemic. One can share views on how to work from home policy, the period of quarantine & self Isolation period can help you become more productive. 

  1. Select and Pause the Campaigns that are not in Tune with Present Scenario 

Without an inch of doubt, you just have set up a slew of email marketing campaigns to make your customers ready for a new product to be launched. However, such Digital Marketing strategies during COVID-19 should not be a priority. Until this turbulence caused by Coronavirus is stopped, it is not necessary to go for anything like this that is not so important at this point in time. It’s better you hit the pause button for such Digital marketing campaigns during COVID 19. 

The best way to deal with the situation is by winning your trust in the existing customers so that they would continue with your services in the past. You just design Digital marketing strategies during COVID-19 that can be helpful for your existing customers during this worldwide pandemic. 

  1. Let your Customers Know about COVID-19 & its Impact on Your Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected different industries in a different way! While some businesses have shut their doors temporarily, a bunch of them are functioning in a similar way as before with very few tweaks around. However, irrespective of this impact, a business must make sure to keep their customers up-to-date with what’s happening around. 

These communications could be in the form of various Digital marketing strategies during COVID-19. You can resort to a banner on the website, an email blast or it could be a  social media post or anything. These customized notifications will inform your customers in advance about any changes in the way your business functions, and they would know it before placing an order. 

And, even if there are no tweaks that have happened after the onset of this pandemic, you must show your support for those who are suffering. A small social media post or an emailer would do the trick and win your customer’s trust in how your business reacts to a situation.  

  1. Avoid Social Media Posts that Might get Criticized during COVID-19 pandemic

The world is faced with this tragedy of COVID-19. Everyone is hit hard by what’s happening in every corner of the world. So, while you promote a product or service, you must know that anything that’s against the sentiments of your existing or prospective customers should not be there. You should make sure to any kind of social media posts (Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin) that is not in tune with the current situation should be avoided. 

  1. Say YES to Creating an environment of Camaraderie with Other Businesses

Most industries across the globe have been hit hard by this health crisis. And, many businesses around the world are suffering as hard as yours during this pandemic. Plenty of digital marketing strategies during COVID-19 are helping businesses convey their message of suffering because of the Government’s complete & compulsory lockdown. This strategy may at times go well in reaching out to the Government and to the ones who can help. Based on the likes, shares & comments, you may get spotted by people who can help in this trying time.

You just need to build your Digital Marketing strategies during COVID-19 pandemic very carefully. In these times, it’s not just about promoting your business, but you must also understand the seriousness of the situation. Many companies have shown their business ethics by coaxing their employees not to panic, allowing them sick leaves, and some of them are also offering free meals to their clients, customers & employees. 

In tune with this, AdMedia has also come up with an initiative called FREE VIRTUAL LUNCH & LEARN Under this program, AdMedia will be providing free lunch to its clients/employees & customers. As social distancing is at the forefront of our daily lives, the company is providing an option to enjoy healthy, customized food options, delivered to you in the comfort of your home. 

How You Can Use Quarantine Period for Brand Image

While the world is in a panic situation due to Coronavirus and the current lockdown that is going on, we are here to tell you how one can take advantage of this situation in the field of digital marketing. Digital marketing is the current Marketing System of the world and it is full of many opportunities. As our experts believe that there is nothing in this world that doesn’t have a slightest of positive effect on the field of digital marketing.

As soon as the Quarantine was established people started believing that social distancing will also harm their business which is true to a certain point. However, there are many businesses and Advertising benefits that you can derive from this situation.

Let’s take a look at the perspective from both the side that is the user and the seller. If you are a seller of some important commodity that is essential for your day to day life or is important for survival during this quarter in time period then this is a silver lining. You can easily sell your products at a great profit during this time. However, if you are a consumer then you have so many options to do at home. Most of the sellers are into the laws page and are selling products at a very high discount so you can take advantage of the situation and buy stores products at a very low rate.

Coming to today’s scenario imagine being locked down in your house and start thinking of the things that you need for this Quarantine. Voila! we just gave you a great business idea. As a digital marketer, you should see the positive side of this lockdown and plan on your business idea related to it. When let’s talk about the positive effect it will be having on you if you are a digital marketer.

Since you will be working from home you have a whole amount of time dedicated to yourself apart from any kind of distraction. When you are at home and explain various things you get different ideas for your marketing strategy and this would help you in developing a plan along with your team which could help in boosting your business once this lockdown is ended.

Everybody is searching for the coronavirus right now. You can also try to relate your brand with it and show people the way a day can use your product or service to keep themselves entertained during this period.

You can start running apps which will help people to have a brand image of you as until now most of the people would have been bored of listening to the same Corona thing again and again.

If you are an E-commerce website then you can obviously of a people great discounts and Boost Your Business by telling them how they can buy products from you and get 0 contact delivery. Buy-products online will not just help them in staying home but also will keep on providing them important commodities that they would be requiring.

The boosting budget of your ad could easily be sorted because everyone is online and it is a great opportunity to create a solid brand image. You can post blogs and social media posts to create an emotional connection with the audience.

You can even brand campaigns which showcase the good side of your brand and how responsible it is acting up as of now. You can add vlogs along with some Instagram boomerangs showcasing the creative side of your team.

It is a great opportunity for every display marketer and in an advertising agency to revamp its brand image before this Quarantine period and sup. If we see just a limited time like 3 to 4 weeks then we could imagine going for a downsize or loss but when we go for a larger picture we need to prepare ourselves for the heavy demand that people would be doing once this period is ended. Being a human we can’t live without a few commodities for more than a few weeks and when we have been into an isolated situation we will miss those things. Hence, it is a great time to advertise and promote your brand. Even if it doesn’t bring you sales then obviously it will give you a good brand image that you seriously need. It will not just increase your traffic and website visits but will also help people in knowing that they have something to be entertained and informed during this period.

How your Marketing Will Be Affected by Corona

After officially being announced as a global health pandemic, by the World Health Organisation, the coronavirus is now taking a troll on the world’s economy two. According to the latest reports of the UN around 250 million jobs would be lost if the same situation continues or if the situation worsens. Until now people were taking it very lightly but according to the industry experts, it is believed to have a disruptive impact on the economy and the companies. In the digital marketing ecosystem, there are many ways it could affect. We are here to make you understand the various effects it could cause and how you need to be ready for it beforehand. If you know the situation that would arise then you will obviously prepare a backup plan for it. We all know that the travel industry has been affected in a very bad manner and there are millions of dollars that have been lost due to the vacuum created between the demand and supply. Not just the demand and supply have been affected but also the purchasing power of the consumers has lowered down which has made the industry suffer huge losses. That has taken us at least 8 to 13 years back when there was a financial crisis in most of the back countries.

Well, the main issues that will arise in the digital marketing industry according to the experts are:

More strict policies

The biggest joints in the field of digital marketing that is Google and Facebook have responded very strictly to the spread of news in this regard. Earlier it was easy for the marketers to fake promote their brands or products by saying that they have a cure to this virus. Also, there were many ads running on social media that claim to cure, prevent or even treat the coronavirus. However, these policies will not work anymore as Facebook and Google have changed their algorithm which will remove any content even from YouTube or any of the ads which claim the aforementioned things. Not just that but it will also block all apps which will be related to Coronavirus. Both the giants have decided to not let anyone take advantage of this situation and to fake promote their brand or products. Because of this update, many grams have to recheck their Strategies and the amounts spent on the ads would be gone into losses.

Account reviews

Since there is a surge in the marketing business, the amount of budget you were spending on paid searches and paid social accounts will obviously change. In today’s scenario, the only thing people are interested in reading and listening is a coronavirus. Hence if your brand is no way related to it you are shortly going to see a dip in the search result of the topics and keywords related to your brand. Not just that the clicks and Impressions that is the traffic of a business is obviously going to decrease too. You need to go under serious account management if your brand doesn’t promote or sell any product which could help in combating this.

Decline in Sales

Your brand is obviously going to see a decline in sales. Most of the cities are under a lockdown period of 2 to 3 weeks. This would mean that you won’t be able to serve your clients for customers during this tenure. Since there has been a great difference between the commodities of sale and purchase you need to plan out your profits accordingly. You should understand that there is no need to spend a hefty amount as of now on your advertisements if your brand is related to sales or services. People nowadays are more focused on the basic commodities of their day-to-day life and only those are being sold not just offline but online too. If you have any E-commerce website then you must plan out your profits in a manner that the users purchasing power must be met full stop there are many big brands who are selling the products by increasing their amount and this has created a vacuum between the purchasing power of the people and the selling power of the seller. There are also people who are buying the commodities on a large scale and this has created a scarcity of the product in the market. If the lockdown period continues then your sales will obviously go down and there will be no use of spending so much on your advertisement because people will not be able to buy it or another scenario they will already be having a backup for it.

Working from home

We need to agree that it is something that can not be done from remote areas. Due to the white bread of this virus, many IT sectors have advised their company’s employees to stay back at home, the same thing goes for the digital marketing sector too. If your entire team is on the lockdown period and is working from your home then you might have to face many miscommunications or decline in the conversion. Working from home is quite a task because sometimes the person is not sufficient to have all the Technologies required for the task. Hence, this has affected many sectors too.

Marketing Strategy

You need to change your digital marketing strategy too.  Currently, the only posts that are being demanded and being surfaced are the ones who are related to the coronavirus for updates regarding it. The only Industry that has seen a boom is the news industry. Hence if you could promote more of the preventive measures of this virus or include foreigners in any way to your product or services you can surely take benefit from it. You need to rework on your different strategies so that you provide the end-users with some informative things
As of now, we all need to be a little more careful and serious regarding our work and industries. This virus is not just taking on your life but is also taking your sustainability too.

Types of Facebook Ads You Can Run for Your Brand

In today’s digital era it is very important to maintain your brand’s image and positioning in the market. Facebook is considered to be a very big giant with an Upper Hand in today’s market. If your brand gets famous on Facebook you are likely to drive a very good sales target. The Facebook business page is continuously evolving and the features it offers to its clients are amazing. With the business community of Facebook now one has many opportunities for reaching out to the audience and to retarget them. However, just like the different options, it is more likely to generate confusion as the advertisers fail to figure out the perfect Facebook ad for their business. It is very important to select the perfect ad because one never knows what harm the wrong ad might cause. With its algorithm, Facebook has allotted specific targets for each type. For gaining an upper hand in this race you need to be aware of all of them. 
It is always important to stay ahead of the competition and if one doesn’t know about the basic differences between the different Facebook ads then they might end up harming their own business and sales target. It is not always important that an ad is run for the purpose of the sale. Sometimes it is to maintain the engagement and to keep the brand’s image in focus.

There are 5 different kinds of ads that one can run on Facebook:

  • Carousel
  • Image
  • Video
  • Slideshow
  • Collection

Carousel Ads
Carousel ads are basically designed for generating more website visitors and for better conversion rates also they improve your overall marketing results. One can add up to 10 images or videos with separate links and headlines that would identify the creators you uploaded. One can easily let everyone know the story of the brand while using the carousel ad format. One can use it in various formats and for various purposes. If one wants to plan a digital marketing strategy where they want to end up showing their best collection to the users they can obviously choose this format. You can also let the users directly go to the buying link of the product uploaded with this format. This can also be used if one wants to showcase the best product or service of them. You can even include the mandatory information regarding each image or video that you uploaded in this format under it. Facebook hosts this ad not just on the Facebook app but also on Instagram and messenger too. It is a great way to showcase your creativity by using get to narrate a certain story. Each item has its own title and description along with the destination link. If you want to combine it with a custom audience then it would work wonders for you full stop however the first image or video should be clickbait so that you can drive a lot of attention.
Things that you need to keep in mind while posting the ads are;

If your image has text more than 20% then it will not be approved.
Your headline should be of 25 characters, a link description of 30 characters and an ad copy text of 90 characters.

Also, the recommended image size is 1080 x 1080 or 600 x 600 pixels.

You can select this at type to drive visitors to your site. They are basically to generate the lead. The number of visitors you will get the more data you will derive for the retargeting purpose. It is a single image format. The ideal size of this image should be 1200× 628 pixels. Also one should always keep in mind not to bombard with a huge amount of text. Your text should not take more than 20% of the image as Facebook will not approve of it. Your image ads should be formal and quite creative. It should not look flooded with text. 

If you want to have the impactful ad copy with this format then you should use the small text which is clickbait. Always talk to the point and your image must be creative enough to derive the attention. In this ad the major role is played by the image hence it should be perfect enough to speak a thousand words.

It is a single video Facebook ad which helps in advertising even on  Instagram. However, your video should never exceed 60 seconds. To have a more impactful video Ad format it should be somewhere between 10 to 15 seconds. According to a study, the videos derived more traffic than text. 64% of your target audience are likely to buy a product once they watch a video of it. It is human psychology to believe that images can be tampered and creatively shown better but the video will tell the exact product. If the video is longer than the audience gets bored and might skip your main message. The video ads play in the new sweet without the sound and hence you should create a video that is visually so good that people understand it without even turning on their sound. Also, your message should be in the front along with a call to action button.

It is different then the Facebook video format and one should never confuse between both. Facebook gives an option of selecting 3 to 10 images and then turning them into a good Facebook slideshow format. If you are not good with editing videos then you can select the best images and turn them into this format. It can be really helpful if you want to show a transformation or transition of certain products. Facebook has gone overboard by giving you the option to add sound. It is quite easy to maintain this as they have a very fast loading time. You can add URL, description along with a good title and a call to action button. 

Collection ads
They are quite interactive ads and allow the user to scroll up and down and even have many interactive buttons that allow them to even zoom in and zoom out. You can add multiple products in different categories and create a collection. You can choose from the provided templates or can simply build one using the advanced builder. You can even go on the blank canvas so that you can create a template best suited for your products.

Stay Ahead in Instagram Marketing with These Tips: 2020

There are over 800 million monthly users of Instagram. Out of which more than 60 million photos every day also researches shows 1.6 billion likes are daily recorded on this site. There are so many influencers and big names on Instagram that it has become the new platform for influential branding. There are many big brands that are associated with Instagram and chooses this website for their promotions. (more…)

Why Your Brand Needs A UI and UX Designer?

What’s the first thing that you observe while you open any app or website? Its design for sure and how smoothly the transitions are happening. We all do the same, but what we overlook is its importance and the designer is never thanked enough. It is a very crucial task and is also less appreciated. The developers are thanked a lot and even given their share of applause but the designers always lag behind. We are here to explain UI and UX to give you a deeper insight so that the next time you view a website you can understand the technicalities that go into it. 

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