5 Extraordinary Engaging Activities for Your Virtual Team

Are you looking for ideas & engaging activities to keep your virtual team active and engaged? 

With COVID-19 touching every aspect of our lives, there are uncertainties & confusion hovering around. This does not just go true for the employers, but also for the employees.

The only way a team is left to handle work is through virtual collaborations – virtual team buildings – virtual meetings – a remote model of work, and so.

But, the challenge is to keep this workforce engaged. The challenge is where to bring that hoard of enthusiasm that your workforce used to have?

Don’t worry – every lock has a key!

Your key is to work in a way that this remote working model does not disrupt your business. 

There are team building engaging activities for your virtual team. 

Here’s a whole bunch of engaging activities for your virtual team. These activities have been carefully planned as suggested by experts who have already built their virtual teams. 

These are some of the tried and tested techniques. 

These activities can be icebreakers! It will help your virtual team to come closer and proceed through healthy collaboration.

7 Engaging Activities for Your Virtual Team:

  1. Sharing Each Other’s After COVID Bucket List

There’s this monster – coronavirus! And, it has all brought about a huge difference in our lives. 

The short term dreams are at halt & the long-terms are at stake.

But, there is always this bright light after the stark darkness – Let’s be hopeful!

So, the idea here is to ask everyone to share their after-COVID bucket lists.

An after-COVID bucket list is the list of things (big or small) you would do after we are clear of this crisis. 

This bucket list sharing game is a very good idea to peek into each other’s dreams & personality. Each and every mention in the list will tell something about the person. 

This bucket list sharing session won’t be that interesting if everyone completes it in one go. Make it in a way that every week one person from the team will share his/her bucket list. 

There must be some rules ~ like ~ only a set of things from the list you can share. You can have a predefined time limit to share your list. 

The next step, after the person has shared her list will be the audience’s take on her list. So everyone will speak for 5 minutes about what they think about the list or whatever they have to say. Someone may help you tick off one of the wishes from the list. 

This would not just be an engaging activity for your virtual team, but this will also help you know a lot about your coworkers. 

  1. Each other’s view on their future association with the company

This is an interesting way of knowing about everyone’s take on their association with the company in the future. 

The good thing about this game is that it is short and yet very interesting.

The game organizer will have to do one simple thing. Just collecting clipping from newspapers & magazines. These clippings must include a tagline about a company – can be like – “An organization which values its employees”, “one of the fastest-growing organizations”, “the best workforce”, and alike.

So, the game is you will ask every employee to choose three titles from the pool and pen it down on their notepads. 

This will reveal what is going in their head about the company. 

Don’t take it seriously, it’s just a game for that matter!

  1. Discovering Each other’s home workspace

That’s another simple and interesting game to be played during virtual meetings during COVID-19.

It’s about showing your working space and everything around you like keeping. It’s a virtual session where every team member will have to open their home workspaces to their teammates.

This is a fun game that establishes a sense of cohesiveness and camaraderie between the participants. In addition to that, it gives an opportunity to grab ideas from each other on how to make your workspace more energy-imparting. It also gives a peek into the person’s personality.

There should be a whole list of members with the date on which they are going to open their workspaces to their colleagues & clients.  

At the beginning of every week, one candidate will be given the opportunity to show off their workspace. At the end of this, every member will have to tell one good & one bad thing about their colleague’s workspace.

This is an opportunity for both parties to bring about changes to their own workspace for good.

  1. Instant story building

So, the idea here is, the whole virtual team has to contribute to creating a story ( spontaneous one). No preparations, nothing!

This will not work as an engaging activity for the team, but it will work upon their creative juices.

This game sharts with one person, stating the first & the beginning part of the story ~, for example, ~ Mike goes to the market and feels, as if, he saw someone familiar standing at a distant place”.

The other member then has to continue the story with whatever that comes to his mind first. Everyone will be given two minutes to think over. However, a spontaneous answer would be the best thing for this game. 

This way a complete story will be created in an innovative & spontaneous way. 

This game is a way of gauging each other’s creative potential as well as the zeal to work in a collaborative environment. It’s gonna be a way of conveying the message that ~ listening skills & creative efforts are the pillars of any organization’s collaborative efforts. 

  1.  Picture sharing Game

KIS – Keep It Simple!

Don’t want to spend too much time on it? 

Let’s take an easy & simple approach. 

Sharing our pictures with each other may look simple, but it can act as the real icebreaker. It’s an interesting way of connecting with each other, sharing a lot of laughter & discovering amazing things about each other.

So, the idea is ~ at the beginning of every week, one of the team members (as decided previously) will be sharing one of their personal life pictures. The picture can be anything with his/her family member, a per or a single one that reminds of a dreamy vacation. 

After sharing the picture, every team member will explain what comes to their mind, when they got the first look of the picture.

In the end, the person has to explain everything about it. Like what comes in your mind when you look at this picture, where did you click it, what’s the best thing that you find about this picture or anything else.

Damm….it’s going to be fun! 

It’s an absolute opportunity to develop a bond and that sense of camaraderie.


So, these are some of the most interesting & engaging activities to keep everyone in the loop in a virtual environment. There is much more to this you can discover. With the outbreak of corona virus & COVID-19 being the reason for most organizations to switch to a virtual work environment, they are coming up with various innovative ideas. One of such innovative ideas came from AdMedia ~ FREE Virtual Lunch & Learn. Every client who is willing for a meeting will be delivered free lunch to their doorstep, which is a wonderful idea, particularly during this worldwide pandemic. 

5 Tips for Effective Virtual Meetings during COVID-19

Virtual collaborations and Digital meetings have come out to be a general phenomenon, in response to the coronavirus crisis. For many companies, this virtual model of work is not a new thing, but for many, this form of work collaboration is quite challenging. 

Top leaders are perplexed and are looking out for ways to handle this remote workforce. They are looking for various collaboration tools & techniques to keep the pace of productivity and to make sure that there aren’t any business disruptions. 

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the shift to a remote model of work has become manifold. And, there is this increased pressure upon the industry leaders to make sure that the business associates, clients, and employees are all equipped with the right kind of technological capabilities. From high-frequency internet connection to various technical devices is what is required for these virtual meets to go on smoothly. 

In addition to all that, these virtual meetings must be conducted in a way to keep the spirit of the attendees going. Here are a few ways that can help in coming up with successful virtual meetings & discussions. Here we go:

  1. Announce some Additional Perks

And, when there is this fear of coronavirus killing us if we dare step out of our homes, what can be a better perk then a FREE virtual lunch while this remote discussion happens? So, it is very important to keep the participants lured & delighted with some extra perks of working remotely. And, amidst this hardship that we are currently going through, it is the foremost obligation of the meeting manager to keep doing things and offering perks that will gravitate more and more people to join remote meetings & discussion sessions. This is the only way to keep this functioning. Different companies are coming up with innovative ideas – one of which is a Free virtual lunch by AdMedia.

  1. Assure the consistency & Reliability of Virtual Meetings

Procurement of the best-in-the-class workstream collaboration solution and the enterprise-grade video meeting is the foremost need of any enterprise, when it’s employees, clients & other associates are asked for virtual meetings & discussions. The work from home culture & virtual meetings has become the only way for any company or organization to function during these tough times of coronavirus. And, therefore keeping check of the crucial tools & technologies is the only way out. For productivity to happen smoothly, proper connectivity, sufficient bandwidth, and way out for High-quality group video calls are prerequisites. 

The key idea is that with a virtual model of work, we are now working from different parts of the city, country, or even the world. While in a few areas, connectivity is sufficiently good, but there are internet dead spots, which is a significant part of it all to take care of. The virtual meeting manager has to be responsible for maintaining reliability & consistency during these meetings. 

  1. Keeping the Virtual Meetings Safe 

So, this virtual meeting theme is all because of the coronavirus outbreak. It is the instructions that we have received regarding social-distancing and quarantine, that we are not going to our offices and are working from home. This means keeping safe from the coronavirus is one of the major concerns. So, in this case, the manager has to maintain the consistency thought that no one goes out. Free virtual lunch is one of the amazing things you can do to maintain that your employees and clients are keeping healthy & safe. 

  1. Restructuring the Meeting Culture for Better Productivity

From the beginning till the time your organization is all working on the virtual model, it must make sure that meeting culture is continuously being worked through for better results & better productivity. Overwhelmingly, there can be a meeting overload, which must be taken care of by the manager. Polls can be conducted on the kind of overload they are experiencing and accordingly different innovative ways can be worked out to get this going. The in-office meeting culture is absolutely different from the virtual meeting model and therefore, it shall not be based on a similar culture. So, keep experimenting, go for polls, ask the employees & participants to find better & productive ways.

  1. Keeping the Participants in the Loop with various Engaging Activities

A driving force is a key! One of the key concerns of such meetings is keeping the employees & participants in the look. So, how can that look be maintained? What can you do to achieve that kind of engagement? When we are working in the office, it is the frequent activities, small games, and various other ways of engagements that keep us in love with our work. It is these frequent engagements that keep our spirits high. In addition to that, the everyday interaction with our colleagues or managers that we are involved in (be it on a professional or personal level), is another motivating element through an in-office work model.

But, how can that motivating element be incorporated into the virtual meeting or work model? You can announce casual games in between the meetings ~ like peeking through each other’s workspaces, sharing work from home pictures, creating & sharing videos with each other, organizing movie nights & more. This way each and every employee can be kept into the loop with absolute motivation. 


So, these are some of the interesting ways to keep the good work going. With all of the above tips, you can make sure that there isn’t any hurdle being caused in the work as well as productivity. This will make sure that the virtual work model & virtual meetings are being done effectively & productively. Let’s make use of various other innovative ideas to keep our workforce motivated until we are fighting this menace of coronavirus. 

Let’s meet & discuss from home as effectively as before!!

Stay home, stay healthy!!!

3 Keyword Research Techniques on Social Media in 2020

Have you ever come across the keyword research techniques on social media? Do you know how your business can take a quantum jump with that idea?

That fine line of difference between the social media & search engine optimization is not that clear to many of the Digital Marketing experts including beginners, mid-level, and even the experienced Digital Marketing experts. 

To learn about keyword Research Techniques on social media, it is first important to understand how social media can help your business and the search Search Engine ranking.

How social media can support your Digital Marketing Strategies?

  • It can help in enhancing the Google ranking.
  • Social media optimization can help with enhancing your chances of converting prospective users into buyers.
  • In certain conditions, your tweets can also show up in SERP.
  • You are noticed more when you are present on social media. 

The good thing about social media presence is that your audience has noticed you while he was already on the platform of his choice. This is completely different from search engines. When a user goes on a browser, he is actively looking for an answer and has come with a purpose. In the case of social media, your business post is visible to the user passively. 

But, unconventionally, today more and more users are using social media platforms to search for trending topics. When they search for a hashtag, this means they are not just interested in information, but they are looking for a thread of conversation. And, this is indeed an opportunity for digital experts to directly know about the audience behavior directly. More so, there is more data to help with keyword research that’s quite helpful in producing key content for the audience. And, there are many other ways to get this data other than joining Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn. 

Let’s find out what are those useful Keyword Research Techniques on Social Media:

  1. Look for Trending Topics on Twitter

The tool is being active on Twitter. Keeping a check on what your target audience is talking about. 

So, there’s a lot trending Twitter, but you can get to the right keyword by diving a little deeper into what your audience is talking about those topics. You have to find out from the tread of conversation, what they are actually interested in. 

A lot of what’s trending on Twitter is newsworthy content, but it’s in the conversations related to those topics that marketers can really find the details of what matters to their audiences. With this conversation thread, you can find out, which language your audience uses most often. 

But, this is going to happen only when you are continuously following and discovering your audience, 

You can pick the questions coming from the audiences to designing your content targeting that group of the audience. There are plenty of newbies and people who are asking questions. These questions can help to determine the right keyword. 

So, the whole idea is to be active on social media – if you aren’t, you are going to miss on the information that really matters to your organization. Understanding the conversation, your target audience is interested in is an important part of the game. This form of the Keyword Research Techniques on Social Media will help in designing the right kind of a Digital Marketing strategy.

  1. Get Data from Instagram hashtag Search

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Instagram today has become “the hashtag search platform”. 

So, no matter what you are looking for, you can use a hashtag to get the result on Instagram. So if you are looking for a WordPress expert, you can look for #wordpressexpert. This is an opportunity to look into the work that has been done to analyze and get in touch with the experts. 

Another important thing, when you are searching for a hashtag, look for other hashtags appearing. So, check with the posts, keywords – if you are using them in your content or copy. How you must also use that similar keyword to let your content & posts show up. 

Follow the hashtags, look for the posts. Are they using the keywords in their posts? What kind of posts they are writing & designing. So, there is too much information you can extract within a few minutes of going through these posts. 

Here’s a snippet of what all you can check with:

  • The trending hashtags.
  • Co-occurring hashtags that can be targeted as keywords.
  • Instagram caption designing technique & how it must look.
  • Use of certain languages that you must also follow.
  1. Know your Audience with Facebook Ad Targeting Options

So, this can give you a uniquely specific data! Since we put in too much information into Facebook, they have the most targeted data for the right audience. 

In fact, dig deeper into your target audience and its behavior. You can obtain the nuanced information on Geography, gender, connection, relationship, age, interests, languages, education, and more. And, this is going to help you serve your audience better with a way better understanding. 

So, with this information, all you will have is to find more audiences from a similar section. And, you can even develop a better understanding of the existing audience. 


Therefore, with this, you must understand that Keyword Research Techniques on Social Media in 2020 can be a great way of serving the right audience.  And, the right approach to reaching the top position in the race. Other than Facebook, Instagram & Twitter – LinkedIn and Pinterest are two of the other significant platforms which make it easy to reach out to the right audience at the right time. 

So, while you are up to creating a piece of content, targeting a section of the audience, you must first use these Keyword Research Techniques on Social Media in 2020. You must look into the trending posts and peek into how they are designing their captions (it will give you an idea of how you must do with yours). The general keyword research techniques coupled with Keyword Research Techniques on Social Media can create astounding results. 

6 Benefits of Virtual Collaborations During COVID-19

Virtual collaborations, virtual meetings, virtuals lunches ~ nothing is a novel idea! It has been there since technology began making our lives simpler. 

There are businesses that solely function on the virtual working model. Over the years they have known plenty of advantages of the virtual working model. Therefore, they continue to function in a similar way. But, for businesses & organizations, a sudden need to shift to a virtual collaboration has popped up. With quarantine & social-distancing being the top priority in the fight against coronavirus, virtual lunch meetings, and virtual collaborations are the best options we can switch to.

The good news is that there are a lot of advantages when you are collaborating with your tops clients, employees & colleagues. Let’s find out what are those advantages and how that can help in our organization to sustain through the fight against coronavirus. Here we go:

9 Benefits of Virtual lunch Meetings & Virtual collaboration:

  1. No more Geographical Boundaries

The best think about virtual collaboration is the absolute removal of the geographical boundaries that exist. The revolutionization of technology has made it all easy for people from around the world to connect with each other. There is this internet, there are web cameras, there are many other technical types of equipment that can connect you with people from around the world.  

While in an in-office working environment, you need the person to be physically present, in a virtual model of communication, just a good internet connection along with a few technical types of equipment will do. Not only Virtual lunch meetings just cut through the physical boundaries, but it also takes care of the space that is not required in case of a physical model of a meeting. Virtual meetings and the virtual model of work give us a lot of space to involve people from different parts of the world, building strong relationships. And, this has all been possible because of internet connectivity, which led to the idea of virtual models of work.

  1. Virtual Lunch Meetings are far less cost-effective

As compared to the in-office model of work, in virtual meetings the cost involved is far too less. You just need a small space, a laptop & internet connection – that would cost only a few bugs. However, in case of a physical meeting, there are travel costs involved, hotel accommodation cost (if required), and other miscellaneous costs involved. And, not only it is cost saving for the company, but employees get the opportunity to save a lot of time that they spend commuting to & from office. Many companies, like most of the US-based companies, hire a pool of talents from other major companies where salaries are very less as compared to the hiring country itself. So, that is another place where companies can save a considerable part of their budget.

  1. Physical storage of documents is Reduced to almost Zero

Another noticeable advantage of collaborating in a virtual environment is the need to produce and store is reduced to almost zero. Most of the data is stored in the digital form, which is also easy to later archive or access, ads compared to the physical form of data. Digital storage of data not only has a positive impact on the working environment, but it does have a very positive impact on the environment we live in – it reduces the carbon footprints with almost no use for any consumable material. In addition to that, it makes it easy for every single teammate to view the latest changes and to check with the latest version of any document they wish to.

  1. Reduces Leaves & day off

One important thing that adds to productivity is the reduced frequency of leaves. As everyone is almost all through staying at home, there is almost no need for casual leaves. In a number, if cases, most employees/clients apply for leaves as a sabbatical when they can stay at home, spend time with loved ones, and take time to relax. But, in the case of virtual meets, virtual discussions, you are already at home, there almost everyday one gets those small sabbaticals. Therefore, the number of leaves & day-offs applied is almost reduced to zero.

  1. More Opportunities

In case of a physical meeting or a physical discussion with a client – it is not always that the meeting happens. Organizing a physical meeting itself is not a small task, you have to look for a professional environment, a space to stay, and many other things. But, the story is a little different in case of a virtual meeting. If it’s an online meeting the chances of more and more people to participate increase. The obvious reason is the absence of those complicated formalities through virtual meetings. In addition to this amazing opportunity, virtual meetings can also be organized quickly ad urgently across various departments in an organization. 

  1. Indirectly Contributing to various Planet Saving Causes

The virtual meetings and discussions are almost based on the green-technology model. This form of a working model helps in the reduction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Thereby protecting the planet from the greenhouse effect. Virtual meetings involve only the environment-friendly methods of communication that require almost no use of paper and it also reduces the human & vehicle movement, which is one of the root causes of environmental pollution.  Virtual-work-model is not a bad idea with this plenty of advantages that it has. 


So, when it’s keeping us safe from coronavirus along with these amazing advantages, why not switch to the virtual collaboration method. In the present time of COVID-19, organizations and companies can work way more creatively making virtual meetings a better option. In line with such an innovative move, AdMedia has come up with a free virtual lunch & learn program. Under this, clients & affiliates will be delivered with freshly prepared lunch at their doorstep, before the meeting begins. You can also think of something interesting & safe for your professionally connected family. Let’s make a difference, while we are faced with a different circumstance!!

Important Guidelines for Conducting Virtual Meetings

As a result of the fear of further havoc that can further result from the crisis of corona, companies have temporarily moved to the virtual model. Everyone is working from home, and the meetings and conferences are being better conducted via Virtual mode. 

Amidst all the ruckus that Coronavirus has brought with it, Virtual meetings & virtual mode of working are the only things that create the thread of hope. But, Virtual meetings are completely different from the real ones. There are too many issues & too many new problems to address that you can’t do without.

So, when we are all going further with this new mode of meeting with our clients/employees/colleagues, there has to be a certain set of guidelines or rules without which the results cannot get you anywhere. Keeping in mind the fact that almost the world has moved to the virtual mode (wherever applicable), we have prepared this Virtual meeting Guidebook.

Let’s read to find out how you can make a virtual meeting more effective. Here we go:

  1. Create your own Professional workspace.

A Carpeted room: An uncarpeted room may produce distracting sound. On the other hand, a room that has soft & carpeted furnishing ~ meeting inside such a room will create the best audio sound. 

Don’t have a deep-colored Background: Having a neutral colored background is one of the simplest ways to a successful virtual meeting. If you can have bookcases, some office plants & photo frames in the background, that would be the most appropriate way of conducting virtual meetings. Anything that is distracting in the background can diminish the effect of whatever you are trying to say.

Have proper lighting in the space: The space you are going to have this virtual meeting should have proper lighting around. Make sure that there is proper space that can fall properly on your face when the meeting occurs. If there could be two desk lights on either side, it would make your video call easier. According to the day, you can adjust these lights so that proper lights fall on your face. 

Use Laptop not Phone: While a lot of people use their phones as using the app is an easy option. But, that’s not actually a great idea. That does not give you proper time & space to note down important points. Trying to hold & balance the phone is just impossible. Therefore, using a laptop is the best way out for a virtual meeting. 

  1. Make sure you are in a Technically sound environment

Testing Technology: It is almost that no technical issue occurs, but there are always ways you can reduce the chances of technical issues occurring less. Before your virtual meet or conference starts, you must make sure that all the equipment is working well. 

Positioning the Webcam properly is important: Another important part of the game is placing your webcam properly. While most people place their laptops on their desks, resulting in the webcam getting placed in an awkward position. Putting it in a way that both parties could see each other in their Eyes is the best position. You can do that by placing the laptop on the top box’s top.  

A Good Microscope is Important: If you use a good microphone, the sound is clear and there is almost no interference. Use an external mic – it sounds better than any inbuilt mic. And, in case, you are not willing to invest in buying an external mic, you can easily use the microphone that comes with your phone. 

  1. Treat the Meeting as a real one

Dress up professionally: When it is an audio call, there is this liberty to just wear those fuzzy slippers & lose pajamas, but this won’t be considered good enough when it’s a video conferencing or a video call. You have to look professional and dress up as you would have, had it been an in-office meeting. And, it’s not just about the upper part that is visible throughout the meeting, but you also have to take care of what bottom wear you are putting in at the time of the meeting. Because that is what will make you feel confident throughout and will definitely affect how you are speaking.

Make sure all Notifications are off: Before the meeting starts, make sure that all the notifications are either turned off or are put on the “Do Not Disturb” mode. Don’t ever think that you can ignore them. In case, you are sharing the screen, this is going to be tough managing, as you won’t like everyone to see what else you are doing. 

Do not look at the screen, look into the camera: If you have not done a video call or a virtual meeting before, this may be a little tough for you. But, you have to understand that, when you are talking to a particular person, you have to look into the camera and not at the screen image. This will help in creating a strong & effective connection with whoever you are talking to. 


These are some of the important Guidelines for Conducting Virtual Meetings. You have to think beyond the general myth that Virtual meetings are any different than in-office meetings. As the overall agenda, the purpose of the meeting is the same. 

The team manager can also use different ways to encourage team attendees & participants. There could be some light talks, small games to play & even a free lunch at the time of the meeting is important. One of such innovative initiatives by AdMedia, FREE Virtual lunch & learn program is one of the most perfect examples of encouraging the participants. 

While we are going through tumultuous times, a dose of encouragement is very important. So, if you are thinking of virtual meetings, try some innovative initiatives that will definitely make the session interesting & productive.

7 Ways How Virtual Meetings Can be Productive

With the outbreak of COVID-19, Virtual Meetings have become a common way to get the business going. Almost every industry has switched to work from home. And, they are looking for ways to conduct Virtual meetings productively.

Virtual meets are not a big deal for the companies that have been functioning that way. But, the coronavirus crisis has brought a challenge of managing virtual meetings for those organizations that have been following only an in-office work model.

In the midst of the pressure to perform as productively as possible, clients, employees & co-workers are looking for ways of how virtual meetings can be productive. To help with that, team AdMedia has prepared some of the best practices for productive virtual meetings. Let’s read to find out:

  1. Pre-Decide the sequencing of announcements

The foremost important thing about Virtual Meetings is how you are sequencing announcements & activities. This will ultimately decide the whole mood of the meeting. To start with, you must announce the key agenda of the meeting in the first place. After which you must start with an “an elephant in the room” ~ talking about the most difficult situation that needs to be dealt with smartly & productively. The moving forward with a lesser serious announcement or activity. If you have anything cool & fun that you are sure, everyone in the team is going to like ~ keep it for the end of the meeting. This will end the meeting on a motivating & optimistic note.

The most important thing to keep in mind when starting the meeting is – before beginning to discuss a challenging topic, warm up the attendees to make them ready for the intense discussion.

  1. Creative Ideas to keep Everyone engaged will do the Magic

Make the discussion interesting. A Virtual meeting is undoubtedly & entirely different from an in-office meeting. If not strategically planned a Virtual meeting can be, at times, distracting & lethargic. Just as most online meeting platforms do with multiple-choice polls, which then shows the response of the participants in a graphical representation. You can also look for ideas as simple as asking every attendee to read one slide of the presentation. Another popular way to improve productivity is breakout workshops, which means dividing the team into smaller groups. This will also help with allowing more participants in the meeting. These creative ideas can play a really crucial role in making sure that the meeting is streamlined & it’s only a result-oriented discussion.

  1. Good Presentation is an Important Part of any Virtual Meeting

Storytelling can be an amazing way of engaging the attendees both for a virtual meeting or an in-office meeting. But, in a virtual environment, knowing the art of storytelling can be an amazing tool to keep it going. Everything matters. Your tone. The rhythm. Justified variation in the pitch of the voice while speaking. And, even your volume can play a crucial role in keeping the discussion interesting. Keeping it simple is the key. Know in advance what important points need to be discussed. You should also make use of perfect body language to convey exactly what you want to say. For a professional environment, it is an important skill to acquire.

  1. Make Sure You are sitting in a Technically sound environment

Is the internet working smoothly? Do you have high-quality devices? Is your laptop/system working properly? Assume yourself ready for a virtual meeting only when you can answer YES to all the above questions. For virtual meetings or precisely to say online work, a technical sound environment is the foremost important thing. If you are leading the meeting, you must check on the employees, if that’s working fine at their end. In addition to that, a good quality headset is essential as it will not only cut through the noisy background but will also help with a clearer voice. 

  1. Assign tasks to Everyone in the Team

So, there are different tasks to be done & ostensibly different roles to play. While a single person can handle all of these responsibilities ~ take keynotes, look after the team management, motivate the participants, ask questions, and more. But, this form of a virtual meeting will not be as encouraging as everyone doing their bit and participating throughout the meeting. Distributing responsibilities with different names for each role as schedule checker, meeting manager, keynote, presenter & distribute all other responsibilities according to what is required. An amazing way would be to keep rotating these roles among attendees for every other meeting. 

  1. A clean and professional background is must

While this may sound trivial to many, but everything counts. It does have an effect on you as well as the mood of other participants. This can be considered under soft skills. When you learn presentation skills, you are taught the art of looking professionally good. While through an in-office-work model we say that the surrounding we are working does have a direct impact on productivity. Consider this in a similar way. Maintain throughout the meeting a professional & clean background. If that is not possible for you, technology has given us different options. Many software like skype, have the option to blur the background. This software provides an option to customize the background. 

  1. Set the Mood of the Meeting for everyone to Positive

While in office, all of us are almost in the same space & state of mind – and if not that can be easily turned on. But, this goes completely opposite for a virtual meeting. There are different people in the meeting who come from different spaces. Before the meeting starts, each of the team members can be in a completely different emotional state of mind – some might be in a pessimistic state. Therefore, it is the duty of the meeting manager to set the tone to positive for everyone, so that their mental & physical presence can be felt during the meeting. Start it with some light & out-of-the context conversation to set the tone of the meeting. 


In nutshell, the idea is that, in addition to discussing the agenda, keeping the attendees motivated is crucial to replicating similar results through virtual meetings as in-office meetings. In a similar attempt to keep the spirit of the attendees high, AdMedia has come up with the innovative FREE Virtual Lunch & learn program. Under this initiative, the company is taking the onus to get delivered healthy & freshly cooked lunch to the attendee’s doorstep, before the meeting starts. 

Given the crisis of coronavirus, such attempts will not only make the meetings productive but will also keep everyone safe & healthy in self-isolation. 

Posts to Share During COVID-19 – LinkedIn

LinkedIn has prepared a list of suggested posts during COVID-19. 

As we have noticed how the graph of LinkedIn activity has suddenly shot up with the outbreak of coronavirus. 

With the increase in LinkedIn activity, the type of content people are interested in reading has also changed. This dramatic shift has come to picture through the last two months.

While a month ago the most searched hashtag was #marketing #leadership, after the outbreak of coronavirus, this has changed to #COVID-19 & #coronavirus. Since February, the LinkedIn search trend has suddenly shifted to what it never had been. 

Data shows that, from the very beginning of February, the number of articles searched on coronavirus suddenly has grown to 17-times of that it was before. 

Some of the most searched topics on LinkedIn after the outbreak of coronavirus include work from home, social distancing, remote working, online classes, crisis management, collaboration, quarantine, and more. 

During the month of March, the search for most of these topics has shot up like never before.

Keeping in mind, this sudden shift, it is important to be able to engage readers with your posts. This needs tweaking around your posts as per the need of the hour. 

Therefore, LinkedIn has prepared this list of suggestions on what are the 4 Types of Posts to Share During COVID-19 on LinkedIn. Here’s the list:

Types of Posts to Share During COVID-19 on LinkedIn:

  1. Share Personal Stories of your Lockdown days

Personal stories,  sharing every little detail have been and will always be a great idea. People like listening to stories that are a part of their stories. They feel connected as they can draw inspiration and help themselves find a way to help themselves. 

You can create a post asking very personal questions like “how do I work my day through the stress of work from home?”

So, this is something most people would connect with because they too have similar questions in mind and for which they are looking for an answer.

The best way to approach answering such questions is by starting a thread of normal conversation that you have with your colleagues or friends. Give all the details of how your new day looks like and what you are doing to enjoy work from home.

If you are managing a team and you want to discuss your experience and also want to find out what motivates other managers. 

This kind of a conversational post can engage people & be interesting. 

  1. Be a part of a Relevant Conversation – Comment

The best way to discover stories & conversations on LinkedIn is by searching through hashtags related to the topics you are interested in. 

For example, if you are looking for threads of conversation on work from home, you must search #workfromhome. And, you must comment with relevant ways to make work from home interesting. 

You can be a part of any conversation on a particular topic you are interested in by searching the topic with a hashtag and then following the group.  

  1. Don’t try to fake around – Be “You”

LinkedIn has hinted that it is not always like that you have to create only work-related posts. 

It says you should sometimes be “YOU” and create posts that tell about your life and the things around. For example

What has been the source of motivation in life

Tricks to spread happiness

Sharing motivations quotes & more.

LinkedIn says, don’t be too tight on your thoughts. It’s good going easy sometimes.

  1. Be a Part of New & Reliable Stories – Share Your Thoughts

Another way you can remain connected with your favorite groups & communities is by sharing news & stories from authentic sources. This is another great way to gain trust & be liked.

The team of editors at LinkedIn is always looking for trusted news from trusted sources & updates from experts. 

In the times of corona, the best way is to find out information from different authentic sources including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention & the World Health Organization. 


So, these are some of the best ideas around which you must design Posts to Share During COVID-19 as suggested by LinkedIn. 

There is nothing to be unsure about. Just go easy. The best way is to understand that people are facing a similar problem as you are and they are in similar situations. 

And, there are people who have also come successfully out of the situation. You can always ask questions & get solutions.

A Blueprint to Manage PPC During COVID-19

Across the industries, the coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed the landscape, which looks evident. 

Many companies have stopped functioning until the world comes back to normal, and some have to stop functioning permanently due to a number of reasons. 

And, the one that is still operating is feeling stranded. 

Uncertainty, confusion, and hopelessness are all hovering around. And, the challenge in front of them today is, how to survive amidst the coronavirus crisis.

And, in the haphazard most companies are falling far behind the ones who have navigated through the uncertainties, particularly in the case of PPC advertisement.

According to a report, due to this global shutdown, Google & Facebook have to suffer a loss of over $44 billion in ad revenue.

We know that all of the situations are not at all good enough. But, the upside is that we can turn the corner by adjusting the PPC strategies in the right direction. This will help in the long run to win over and come out in pretty good shape. 

This post is all about adjusting your strategies & preparing a Blueprint Plan to Manage PPC During COVID-19. The only way to come over this is to reach your target audience in a strategic way during these taxing times. 

Does this sound creepy? PPC during COVID-19?

Is that really a smart idea? Or is it foolish?

This will sound crazy to everyone and that’s quite obvious given the condition.

The dropped conversion rate in the US has dropped to about 21% since the outbreak of COVID-19. 

It is clear that people are not getting involved in buying anything right now because of the effect of the coronavirus. For most companies, the priority right now is plenty of other things and not PPC.

And, when the world is hit hard by the effect of coronavirus, keeping PPC campaigns running seems completely a waste of money. At this point in time, the most important task at hand seems to be scaling down on expenses as much as possible. 

Let’s dive a little deeper into the data to understand how PPC performance in different industries has been affected by the coronavirus outbreak. 

To start with, the travel industry is the most affected industry. Bars, restaurants, and other businesses have been similarly affected.

But, in contrast to that, there are other industries that are thriving well in the industries in terms of PPC performance. According to data, the search ad conversions for the virtual entertainment industry, on the other hand, has risen to 102%. 

In addition to that, medical and health products/services are doing well in the market. 

With a general assumption, most of the companies are working out ways to scale down their spending on PPC campaigns.

But, you must rethink! Isn’t it time for you to take advantage. And, when most of your competitors are stepping back you can take advantage. 

This will give you a less competitive edge. Also, you can enhance the visibility in the lowest spend ever. 

This is a very important point to note here. Remaining visible during the times of the pandemic will not only increase your brand awareness, but this will also keep your business on top of the game when we get back to work and resume working. 

Nothing could be a better sign of being reliable & authentic than being present in these trying times. 

But, this, of course, won’t mean that you can follow through a similar path. There is an unusual situation around and the markets are going to respond differently. 

Therefore, you must tweak around your PPC campaigns. It’s the need of the hour to take a different approach to remain stable on the trajectory of growth, the team had taken the company to. 

Let’s find out how you can work out a way to continue being on the trajectory of growth with PPC campaigns during COVID-19:

A Blueprint Plan to Manage PPC During COVID-19:

1. Search Behavior

Everything is locked down & social distancing is at the forefront of everything. But, in spite of that scenario, the online space is not going to stop. It’s still working as usual. People still purchase, research & buy products.

In the meantime, you could inform your customers on how & what services are available for virtual delivery. 

You can use attractive ad copies to make your customers aware of free delivery, fast delivery & various other value-added services. 

There has to be a different search trend during COVID-19 depending on the industry you work for. 

2. Use of Messaging & pivoting value props

Many products, as of now, can enter into a reserved zone to promote different products & services. Companies can shift to products that are of more value and demand in the crisis of corona. 

The first thing to know is that you must know whether your service or product can be considered a part of essentials?

Some of the key trends for messaging & pivoting value props are Online webinars/classes, Family time, Social distancing, Homeschooling, Work from home, Medical essentials, Entertainment/Streaming online, and more. 

If your service or product can fit into any of these categories, you must promote those services & products as a temporary plan for the promotion. 

If you can, you must look forward to shifting into virtual plans & FREE virtual lunch & learn meetings, and move to more such options.

Then another important step would be to take care of the current campaigns. You must review them to understand what can be added and deleted to accommodate the changing landscape. For example, you must review some copy CTAs like “Visit our store”.

3. Budgets & Spend

This is the best time when you can rework your budget and compare your budget & spend. 

You have to take a look at how you can shift your budget to whatever is relevant at this time of emergency.

The best strategy would mean shifting your budget to those PPC campaigns that are more relevant as per the current landscape.

This is the time when you can review the actual spend versus budget. And, you can find the part of the budget that was not used throughout the year. You can use this part of the budget against the campaigns where it is most required at this point in time. 

It’s better to set monthly spending or lifetime spend instead of spending on daily budgets. This will give you more time to concentrate on other important tasks related to the task manager.

Use automated bidding features. This will adjust the CPC automatically inline with the goal of the adviser. 

Making smart use of this feature will keep you at the forefront in the landscape where the user behavior is changing at every step.

Other Smart ways to Manage PPC During COVID-19:


So, these are some of the smartest ways to manage your PPC campaigns during COVID-19. To help yourself remain in the race, you have to study the data and plan out different solutions according to the current situation. This is the time to quickly respond to the situation and to tap the nerves of your audience (according to the current situation). 

How to Increase Your Instagram Followers in 2020?

Want to increase your Instagram followers in 2020? 

To identify the glitches & the drawbacks, it is first important to identify the issue. 

So where’s the issue?

Most often people think that there is no such thing about their business that they can create Instagram posts, which is a complete myth & mess.

According to a study, around 25 million business accounts on Instagram were opened. And, businesses spent $7 billion over the Instagram advertisement. 

This clarifies that businesses are interested in investing in Instagram advertising. 

And, no matter, if you are a traditional B2B company or a B2C company, you must work to increase Instagram followers. 

Thinking that there is nothing that you can post. Posting on Instagram will do nothing but take away the opportunity from you to strengthen your customer base. 

Hire creative & innovative individuals who will do the job for you.

To help you with this, we have prepared this comprehensive list of the best ways to increase Instagram followers. Read the full blog to find out more. Here we go:

Top Ways to Increase Instagram Followers in 2020:

  1. The Instagram Bio of your Business Does Play a Role

The Instagram bio that you have designed does matter. It must include call-to-action, a link & some branded hashtags. 

This is the most important and the first place where customers will discover you. Therefore, you have to be very convincing, but at the same time, it should not sound too desperate. 

This is where people will decide whether they want to follow you or not. 

And, you must make sure that it is being updated at regular intervals whenever required, or whenever there is some new information across. 

  1. Start with an Instagram Editorial Calendar

To start with the best part of the game is taking time to design an Instagram Editorial calendar. 

When we create content, we brainstorm on finding new ideas, research & then finally making it look SEO friendly. 

But then when it’s about Instagram or precisely social media posts, the general feeling is “we cannot afford to give it so much of time”. There are other important tasks on the platter to accomplish. 

But, that’s a wrong approach! You must reconsider this approach unless it pays you.

Pay attention when you are sharing text, videos & photos over the business Instagram account. Because then millions of people have access to that content. They may like or not like according to what you are sharing.

The best way is to have an experienced person dedicatedly working on what’s being posted. He must make sure that this content is in line with the industry’s standards. 

You can sit & brainstorm and curate content that appeals to your audience. Consider sharing about holidays, seasons, upcoming events, anything new happening in the organization, articles, and more. 

While you must create a plan in advance, you can always incorporate new ideas when they come to your mind. 

Prepare your library of ideas & keep incorporating new ideas when they come to your mind!

  1. Point to Instagram from Your Website & Relevant Channels

The business rule says that all of your & prospective clients & customers find your Instagram business account. You can do that by embedding an Instagram icon on the website and linking ]it actually to the account. 

You can also link your Instagram business account from the business signature you use. 

And, to make it more relevant, you can make your website to be fed directly by the latest posts on the website. 

This is one of the best ways to promote your Instagram account. This makes it easy for all the customers who regularly visit your website to discover your Instagram account. 

  1. Checking on with Different Filters & Dimensions will Help

So, do you think it has to be all formal? Eve on a fun space like Instagram? 

No that’s not true! Yes, of course, there has to be some decorum, but that’s not always true. 

Even if it’s an official account, you must experiment with filters & dimensions to make it look attractive. In fact, you must also use filters on the content you are posting. 

The reason is obvious – the idea beyond using filters & other features indicate towards attracting more and more people to see it. So, don’t hesitate to use filters. 

And, to your surprise, you must also download an effective photo editing app to give a touch up to your photos before posting them. 

Talking about the dimensions, you must not restrict yourself just to the square format. You can go for portrait & landscape as per the type of photo used. Many surveys have shown that the portrait dimension performs better than square & landscape in terms of engagement. 

  1. Cross-post Your Instagram Content to Facebook & Twitter

Another important way to increase your Instagram followers is harnessing the power of cross-posting your content on Facebook & Twitter. 

This will be helpful in bringing those customers to your Instagram account who are there on the other social media sites, but they have not been able to find you on Instagram. 

So, with this cross-posting, this group of customers will surely come to visit your Instagram account. 

If that’s fine with you, it’s simple to go to settings and switch to automatically post to Facebook & Twitter or you can also do that manually for every post. 

  1. Instagram Analytics to analyze the Performance of your Posts

All Instagram business accounts are free! You can create one anytime. 

This Instagram Business account gives an insightful analysis of the data when and where your audience is most active. 

You can use this data wisely to get your posts optimized. 

In addition to this analytics, Instagram will also get you with insights into the gender, age & location of your customers. So, make use of this data to be able to be found by more and more people. 

  1. CTAs & Questions incorporated in the Post Work Well

CTA (Call-to-action) is an important part of the game!

Therefore, you must make sure to include a CTA at the bottom of every post. You can also include a question that aims at boosting the engagement.  Some example CTAs include “Follow us & you won’t miss an update”, “Go to the link in bio to know more about us”, and more. 

You can also use an engaging question about your product at the end. Like if you own a gift selling website, in a post you are talking about birthday gifts, you can add a question like “Tell us what birthday you are expecting from your bf this year?” – Comment.

Here you need to be a little creative!

This is all about tapping into the nerves of your customers and finding out what they expect from you. 

Here are some other important ways on how to  Increase Your Instagram Followers in 2020:

  1. Run Contests
  2. Use High-Resolution Photos
  3. Comment, Follow & Like on other’s posts

So, these are some of the best ways on how to  Increase Your Instagram Followers in 2020. To gravitate more customers to your Instagram business account & Get ads that look amazing and capture users’ attention visit With this little attempt, your business will acquire immense strength to grow leaps & bounds.

Free Virtual Lunch & Learn Program – How, Why & When?

Voila! AdMedia has found a way to be productive in the turbulent times of COVID-19!

Our Free Virtual Lunch & Learn Program is all about providing an environment wherein we can together keep the business relationship that we have built over the years, going. 

Regular meetings, discussions & follow ups are the linchpins of any business. And, particularly, the Digital marketing industry cannot thrive without regular (very frequent) meetings. Therefore there’s a dire need for, if not face-to-face, then at least virtual meetings. 

Through meetings we connect!

The COVID-19 has locked us all inside our homes, which is a crucial part of the preventive measure. Given the scenario, our business these days is based on the concept of work from home. 

But, work from home does not let us meet face-to-face. So, why not meet up virtually to discuss our next important project. We can together make this happen!

FREE Virtual Lunch & Learn Program by AdMedia is one such attempt. Along with business obligations, eating healthy, delicious & Freshly prepared food is equally important!! 

Therefore, we will make sure that healthy, delicious & FRESHLY prepared lunch is delivered to your doorstep before we start with the meeting.

Here’s everything about FREE Virtual Lunch & Learn Program:

In Digital marketing, to claim to have the finger on the pulse of the industry means to be able to meet the right kind of people in the industry everyday. 

The Innovative idea of Virtual Meet with FREE Lunch & Learn Session by AdMedia is a a great step towards that endeavor:

What is FREE Virtual Lunch & Learn Program?

It’s an alternative to a face-to-face meet! 

It will include a Virtual Meeting supported with FREE healthy & freshly prepared Lunch at your doorstep.

To know more about the program, you must visit

How does it work?

Once you open this link (mentioned in the previous section), a page like the one given below will appear.

You can see a web form in the right hand corner of the page. 

You have to fill the form and one of our assigned representatives will immediately get in touch with you.

You have to provide some mandatory information including ~ your name, business email address, phone number, Delivery address, company name & Best time we can reach you.

Once we receive the aforementioned information, one of our representatives will get in touch with you via phone or email to schedule a meeting time that works best for you.

After that you will receive instructions to place your order.

You can then place your order. You can get your food (lunch) customized as per your taste.

Before the “Virtual Meeting” starts over, your HEALTHY, DELICIOUS & FRESHLY prepared lunch at your doorstep/workplace.

Why is it important?

To support the business during the COVID-19 outbreak!

A massive economic disruption in the market is being indicated in the years to come (after COVID-19). 

Because we are all working from home, living in isolation, most businesses are on halt, and there is a tumultuous situation in the market. 

But, in spite of all this, we can always find a way. And, this FREE Virtual Lunch & learn program is in line with that quest to keep the pace of work we were in alive. 

Amidst this Pandemic, the HEALTH of our clients & associates is equally important. Therefore, we will meet virtually, so that you will not have to step out of your homes. 

We will meet Virtually so that CORONA could not dare to reach you.

We will provide you with a healthy & freshly prepared lunch in comfort of your homes/workplace. This will prevent you from stepping out from the confines of your home. This will keep you safe & healthy.

We want to see each of our business colleagues in the same healthy & safe way we’ve last met. To make this possible, to make sure that when we meet face-to-face Post-COVID-19, we are all healthy.

We are also open to any idea or information how we can keep ourselves safe from corona. 

Let’s just discuss & meet Virtually over FREE lunch at the time that is best for you!

When it Works?

This is an exclusive program/offer that is valid till 30th April 2020. 

The FREE Virtual Lunch & Learn Program has been an innovative attempt of the team AdMedia. It will help us work smoothly as possible in this challenging time of COVID-19.

AdMedia urges you to support each other in the endeavor to help our business work normally. It will help each and every one of us associated with the company in fulfilling our general economical obligations. 

Let’s come together & support each other!

Work from home! Meet from Home!

Stay healthy, stay Safe!!

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