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AdMedia is your one stop shop for everything advertising and affiliate related.

We’re here to help you succeed without much work on your part. Earning money is never easy, unless you are teamed up with AdMedia that is. It has taken years, but we have developed the most extensive list of premier advertising and affiliate solutions, and they are now available to you.

When advertisers sign up with AdMedia, they have the opportunity to create an optimized campaign with the help of our dedicated Account Managers. Campaigns can be as personal or general as your business requires. Put your own personal touch on your campaign by designing your own banner ads. It’s quick and easy with our step by step online guide. Advertisers can also take advantage of Rich Media Ads, Re-Targeting, Contextual Ads and Display Ads. Advertising methods include CPA, PPC, CPV, and SEM.

Affiliates who sign up with AdMedia receive personal attention from our team of Affiliate Managers. Campaigns are based on factors like traffic quality scores and traffic volume. Affiliates have a wide range of campaigns to choose from including CPA, Search Solutions, Display Banners, Text Banners, Email Marketing, Inline Text, and Domain solutions.

AdMedia also makes it easy for both advertisers and affiliates to track their campaigns online. Our associates are able to track how well their campaign is doing by reviewing daily reports posted to the account homepage.

To learn more about AdMedia, or to sign up, we can be reached at (800) 296-7104. Visit us at AdMedia.com. To hear about new products and special offers look out for the AdMedia newsletter and visit us here often at AdMedia.

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