How important is Mobile Advertising?

Whether you believe that the media controls the masses, or that the masses shape the media, what we see, hear and read is a reflection of our times. Nowadays, news media outlets feature stories submitted by every day citizens. News stories are captured by cell phone cameras, and facts are collected from texts. The decrease in Newspaper circulation, and news program viewership, means that people are turning to websites and mobile updates for their news.

The invention of smart phones has only increased the amount of web surfing that goes on in everyday life. Whether it’s to hear celebrity gossip, or read ESPN updates, people are looking to their cell phones to supply them with information.

And when it comes to entertainment, even television has competition. TV commercials can be avoided with the help of video recorders, television programs can be watched online with minimal interruption, and movies can be downloaded to cell phones and iPods.

What does all of this mean for you? As a small business owner, advertising is your way to earn brand recognition, and earn revenue. When you’re competing against established organizations, you have to advertise on a large scale to earn the type of exposure you need. With the decrease in TV commercial effectiveness, business owners and advertisers have looked to online advertising. This has led to a surge in Online Advertising, but what about mobile advertising?

The new challenge for advertisers is going to be how to effectively market on, and utilize, cell phone applications. In the coming months we will be revisiting this topic, and with your feedback we hope to come up with a solution.

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