Analyzing Video Ads

Video ads are almost as common as banners these days. Almost all of the professional videos on start off with an advertisement, though the promotions are rarely related to the content provided. This reflects the challenge of targeting within music that may appeal to a diverse consumer base. Nevertheless, video marketing is quickly turning into a dominant platform. Its rise in popularity merits further examination into the utility of this phenomenon. FreeWheel’s Video Monetization study delves into the matter and uncovers some surprising insights.

Advertisers have several options at their disposal when it comes to placement. For instance, pre-rolls start at the very beginning of a video whereas mid-rolls appear halfway through. Pre-rolls currently dominate the scene. Many simply assume that pre-rolls are better from the viewer’s perspective because they don’t disrupt the desired content’s flow. Additionally, pre-rolls complement short form content, defined as five minutes in length or less, due to time constraints. These pre-rolls tend to last for either 15 or 30 seconds. Given the prevalence of the 2-3 minute video duration, it would seem as though 15 second ads would yield higher completion rates. FreeWheel’s findings demonstrate the exact opposite. In short form content, 30 second spots perform better in terms of completion.

video ads

When it comes to long form content, which spans at least 20 minutes, mid-rolls deliver optimum results. According to FreeWheel, long form videos with interstitial mid-rolls generate the strongest achievements. However, this information may be a bit misleading and easily lends itself to misinterpretation. Overzealous executives should not start making 20 minute presentations when the usual 3 minutes will suffice. Expansive intervals usually indicate some form of entertainment, such as a television show or live music broadcast. While the data indicates that consumers are getting used to the idea of exchanging brief ads for free viewing, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll embrace a 30 minute product demo.

As for the ad’s content, consumers obviously respond to behavior based targeting. They’re also accepting and even enthusiastic about things that make them laugh. Humor is subjective, and can be hard to pull off. Creativity enhances audience appreciation, but being informative compensates for what’s lacking in other areas.

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