5 Reasons Why Facebook Ads Underperform: How to Fix

Have you been feeling like putting Band-Aid on a bullet wound lately, with those huge numbers of non-performing Facebook Ads?

Do you wonder why these Ads are not delivering & getting impressions even after doing them balls to the walls?

You have –

  • Gotten a robust strategy in place.
  • Created & Corrected the copies.
  • Analyzed your target audience.
  • Scrutinized for any delivery issues.

Now you are ready to go — you are at loose ends — waiting to finally press the publish button.

But, when it actually happens, the result that comes is surprisingly different from what you had expected while putting in that hard work.

Wait — Does that sound absolutely like you?


No one saw your Facebook ad?

No idea what happened?

Is it because you have selected some wrong option, or maybe the server is down or maybe it inadvertently got saved in the draft and has not yet been sent out?

You are at the end of your rope, looking for an answer, what the heck did happen.

Let us help you with some real road blockers and how to get them out of your way towards successful Facebook campaigns.

Just keep reading. We have them here:

Facebook is one social media platform that provides its users with an enormous opportunity to reach out to a huge part of the audience. It’s two million and above worldwide users add to the possibility. But the complicated Facebook system can be really frustrating at times. Over a period, you will know how this must be done to better results. Let’s find where you may have been lacking:

Ads do not match with your Audience Preferences.

One important part that is often ignored is the Relevance Score. With this score ranging from one to ten, Facebook tries to convey how relevant & positively your ads are being perceived by your audience. Are they engaging enough? By positively engaging with your ads means — if users are sharing, commenting & liking your ads. Whereas negatively engaging with your ad would mean — reporting it spam or hiding from the newsfeed. Based on the kind of engagement your ads are coming up with, Facebook gives your ads relevance score. The better the relevance score, the lesser the chances of failing the ad to perform.

You are doing wrong with your approach.

No doubt Google Ads is powerful. This is the reason that it makes for the most part of Google’s revenue. There’s no other way in the universe, you could find so satisfyingly converting ads into revenue. But, there are other channels where you must correctly create another level of engagement with your audience. And, Facebook does have its own strengths. But, you must target your audience here with a different approach. Like you cannot expect your audience to come to Facebook looking out to read a case study or find your company’s brochure. They are coming here to discover their old friends or an ex who is now living in New York City. This makes it clears that — it’s a different game to play here. It’s just a matter of attention and about tweaking your approach a little — and you can do it right.

Bad Ad Creativity approach.

Incorporating creativity in your Ad is a really important part of the game. No matter how many dishes are there on the platter, if it’s not presented beautifully — the guest would never be interested in spending a dinner night at your place. Similarly, it won’t matter, if your offer is interesting, if you are not incorporating the required creative skills, it won’t work as much as you have worked industriously on it. Creativity would include both — copy & the image. Make sure the copy you are creating and the image you are selecting — are actionable & gripping. It must be as interesting to force the audience not to move without thumbs up or, you may not get the attention you have been eyeing on.

You are overdoing Image text.

Facebook has always encouraged ads with fewer or no text. Initially, there was the 20% rule — which defined the length of characters or text a Facebook ad can contain, which Facebook has changed now. Despite this change, Facebook considers minimalist ads more relevant. Ads that are all laden with too much text gets underserved. Consequently, affecting CPC & engagement. So make sure that your copy is short & conveys the relevant message.

Ad Message Mismatch.

Coherent, seamless user experience is the key to any online ad campaign. Ad message mismatch is — using key phrases that do not match with that of the key phrase that has been incorporated on your landing page. That’s the gist of the story — however, it can have more complex elaboration, but we’ll stick to the gist.

There should be this alignment between the taglines, the headlines, and the imagery. Doing this right isn’t rocket science. Understanding the message match can help you with improved Relevance Score and less pay per click. This message match is more than just using the relevant key phrase — in fact, you must also take care of your audience persona. This means you must be as specific as possible. Like the words that you are incorporating with your ad must be specific to the preferences of your audience — use granular targeting.

It is very important to look after where you are sending your audience after they click your ad — a message mismatch would probably confuse them. Some advertisers do it so poorly — instead of taking the user to the product they have promised through the ad, they take them to their home page. That way you are taking them back — do you think your audience will appreciate this?

Let’s take a look at what could be the possible Fixes:

Don’t get a long face, if you find it hard-working on the Facebook ads. You have a way out to enhance engagement, work on your click-through-rate & drive conversion. Take a troubleshooting journey along various aspects of Facebook ad creation to mend it so that it starts delivering.

Here are fixes for each of the above hurdles that you must be facing on your way to creating and performing Facebook ads. Here we go:

Problem 1.

Ads do not match with your Audience Preferences.

Solution: So, you can start with split testing your images. Like you can use different images for different groups of people. Maybe the younger generation gets more convinced with bright colors, but a little older generation would appreciate & love to see dull colors. Split your audience accordingly. Also, make sure that you are showing them the similar pictures that they are going to receive.

Use the Facebook Audience Insights to know about your target audience. It will give you an idea — like you cannot target the 10-15 age group if you are selling some Digital marketing services. Make the use of the audience’s behavior & demographics to refine the targeting.

Your audience would appreciate refreshed content & graphics. Check out the non-performing ads & study the individual ads’ performance to figure out where you need to make some new changes. Get some creative fresh designs!

Problem 2.

You are doing wrong with your approach.


You have to create some interesting pieces of content that can divert your prospect’s attention from her BFF’s marriage pictures to the content & design of your ads.

Get some unique offers onboard — just move away from the same boring offers. Creating multiple compelling offers and redoing the approach — is like having half the battle won.

If you want a great conversion with your ad, just make sure that it’s about the perfect blend of the right offer, lead nurturing & the perfect timing.

Problem 3.

Bad Ad Creativity approach.


Make sure that your Facebook ads are not missing the creativity factor — it might be the major cause of low click-through-rate. Don’t underestimate the power of a good copywriter — he may get you benefits-driven copies that perform better than ever before. Another important thing is learning from the past — it may help you review & analyze past mailers, social media performance & landing page performance in the past. With this analysis, you can get to know what works well for your audience. Make sure to use relevant images that deliver your message in a subtle & substantial way.

Problem 4.

You are overdoing Image text.


Whenever you’ll try to upload an image that has been overdone with too much text, Facebook will warn you — however, it may upload the image. You should take this warning seriously, and adjust the text accordingly or it may make your ad underperform. You can maximize character count in your Facebook ad instead of incorporating text. And, even if you decide to incorporate text, make sure you are using some Facebook Ad tool that helps you with meeting the requirement.

Problem 5.

Ad Message Mismatch.


It is important that you are taking care in advance that the message that you are showing with your Facebook ads is matching with the page’s message where you are taking the user through the ad. The message must be creative & coherent! If your Facebook ad talks about some product or service, it must take the user to the product or service detailed page. If your Facebook ad is about a lead magnet, make sure that it takes the user to the landing page. In that case, you can create landing page variations that can match each of these creatives.


With a better understanding of creating Facebook ads, you can drive better conversion to your website. If you have not yet been able to harness the power of Facebook ads, it must be because of certain silly mistakes, which can be undone in no time.

In this blog post, we have very clearly mentioned some common mistakes you may have been making and some common fixes for each of these mistakes. You must take immediate action on what you have been doing wrong for so many months & years. Fix them. Improve conversion.

At AdMedia we understand that good advertising needs to be eye-catching, interesting — and more importantly — targeted. An ad that lacks relevance is one consumer will easily ignore. But an ad with strong graphics and targeted content would leave a larger impact. Therefore, we turn no stone unturned to help our clients with relevant ads.

Let us know in the comment box below if you have anything else to share about Facebook ads. You may also ask a question.

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