Top 5 Advantages of Cross-channel Advertising

Pretty soon, cross channel advertising will become one of the most basic elements of generating quality traffic, customer retention & driving better ROI.

Cross-channel advertising is an extremely efficacious form of online marketing. In the years to come, it is going to be omnipresent.

Given the age of technology, with users at every part of the internet and across multiple devices, almost every other company is preparing to incorporate cross channel advertising in its Digital marketing strategy.

This cross channel customer experience is highly helpful in building a good understanding of the product and forging long-lasting relationships with the audience.

What is cross channel advertising?

Cross-channel advertising is a strategy whereby marketing campaigns are executed in a cohesive environment in which you reach your target audience via different channels. Cross channel advertising is an effective way of forging a better relationship with the target audience. It makes your brand visible on various channels creating an effective way of conveying your company’s message.

The cross channel advertising strategy makes sure that your brand’s message reaches as many customers as possible. If you wish to learn more, you can read our blog post, An Ultimate Guide to Cross-channel advertising.

What are cross channel customers?

Over the last decade, there has been a tremendous shift in consumer behavior.

There is a dire need to bring about a shift in your approach too. Now is the time, you must start considering them cross channel clients.

Today when someone decides to buy something — there are too many considerations and too many channels through which they can buy products & services they wish to.

And, most interestingly, these customers can easily move back and forth seamlessly between the channels during the buying process to discover their ideal product. This means that — now we have to reach a cross channel customer with our digital marketing strategies.

This group of technology-driven customers with buying behavior whereby they switch seamlessly between different channels while they are deciding to buy a product — are cross-channel customers.

For any business to consistently grow, it is important that you understand and adapt to the customers’ behavior and buying habits. And, one such change that you need to bring in your strategy is adapting to the cross-channel buying pattern of new evolved customers.

With this key, you can very much correct your marketing strategy. Today, it’s all about keeping all the available communication channels open so that no customer goes back unsatisfied. Cross channel has too many advantages for any business that wants to thrive in the current market.

Let’s talk about a few of these advantages of cross channel advertising. Here we go:

  1. Makes it a wonderful Buyer’s Journey

For any business, the most important thing is its customers. So, while you are creating a strategy, taking care of their buyer’s journey can only get you improved ROI, better customer retention & enhanced sales. How you are designing your digital marketing strategy will directly affect what kind of experience your customer is going to get throughout the entire sales funnel.

Let us understand how cross channel advertising makes the whole buyer’s journey wonderful. A customer will need the following things to seamlessly communicate with you and your brand:

A website where he can browse your products & get all the required information.

A brick & mortar shop, if he wants to check out your products offline.

Social media presence to know about your new offers & engage with your brand.

Email to keep in touch with customer service.

A buyer’s journey will involve all of these channels. To make sure that the customer makes the buying decision as quickly as possible, you must make this experience through different channels trouble-free & enjoyable. Boring & obtrusive buyers’ experience will devalue your brand.

Cross channel advertising speeds up customers’ buying decisions by improving customers’ buying journey.

  1. Attracts New prospects easily.

When you are working with multiple channels, the chances of getting noticed by new prospects increases. You can have better visibility in your target market. Like your customers are everywhere, you are also everywhere with cross channel advertising. If someone does not happen to find you through one channel, he will surely stumble at your brand through some other channel. The more coherent channels you are using, the more there are chances of getting noticed by new prospects. All they want is a good product, good service & an effective way to reach you. Cross channel advertising can help you with an improved loyal customer base.

  1. It helps you understand your customers better.

By using multiple channels, you will have way better chances of connecting with your customers. Based on what actions they are taking on each of these channels, you can analyze their buying behavior and habit. You can get better insights into, whether they are exhibiting similar behavior while browsing through different channels. You are interacting on multiple channels with your customers including phone, email, social media, text, website & more. Your brand can indeed understand which channel an individual customer prefers. This can further retain all those customers who found you through any of these channels.

  1. Adds to the Brand value.

Incorporating cross channel advertising in your digital marketing strategy would enhance customer’s trust in your brand. He can find you everywhere — actively trying to help people with its product or service. A more convenient & fluid buyer’s journey is obviously exhilarating. It convinces your customers that you are all doing it right. It makes them happy & satisfied, and would never mind pressing the “buy now” button. Your customers are satisfied — and that is where any brand wins the game. If they are satisfied with your services, they will definitely recommend friends and family to buy your products or avail services.

  1. Establishes a Unique View of your Brand.

With a cross channel advertising approach, you get every little information about your customers through different sources. Brands can use this information collected to create a dedicated comprehensive strategy based on where the majority of your customers are coming from and what they are looking for. This means that incorporating cross channel advertising will come with the added advantage of a unique CRM system. With this, you have a complete image of your customers.

Cross channel implementation can drive ROI and enhance sales. It will get you the best bang for your buck. In the future to come, cross channel advertising will definitely become the new normal in the digital marketing landscape. Undoubtedly, this will need some adaptations, but that will be worth it — bringing thousands of opportunities. AdMedia’s Cross-Channel Advertising solution gets you everything — Search, Display, Mobile, Video, Add-Ons, Remarketing, and more. It serves up your ads across multiple channels to connect with your customers no matter where they are on the web and what device they’re using.

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