12 Unique Benefits of Using Contextual Advertising

In our previous blog post, we talked about contextual advertising and what techniques you can use to boost your advertising using contextual marketing. We discussed what is contextual targeting how it differs from other forms of online marketing.

This is another post on “contextual advertising” in a row. But, it is going to be discussing in a little detail about the benefits of contextual advertising. If you are new to this concept, you can follow our other post — 5 Important Contextual Marketing Tips to Boost Advertising

Content-based marketing is another term often used for contextual advertising. Under this concept, ads are placed on different platforms in the context of the content on the website it is placed in. Contextual advertising is one of the most perfect forms of advertising especially for small businesses that want to popularize their products & services. On top of everything else, contextual advertising is pocket-friendly and every business can afford this form of advertising.  

Let’s talk about why most marketers today are turning towards contextual targeting and what value it adds to their business:

Let’s get started:

So, we are not going to start here with what is contextual marketing. If you wish to read everything from scratch, you can follow our blog Reach out to the Right People with Contextual Advertising

Top benefits of contextual advertising:

  1. There are no annoying pop-ups.

One of the most annoying parts of serving the internet today is the huge number of annoying pop-ups placed at every part of the page. At times, a user gets so annoyed by these ads that they end up closing the window. Contextual advertising to a large extent solves this problem by showing only relevant ads to the customers only in the context of the content it is placed in. With contextual targeting only those ads that contain information on the product or services, the user was seeking. Rather than annoying customers, these contextual ads will only answer your customer’s queries!

  1. It serves ads to the Right People.

Contextual targeting gets you only targeted traffic. Nothing can be more beneficial to enhance sales for your business than showing ads to the right people at the right moment. It is when there are more chances of your customers making the purchase. Contextual ads are served to your audience just after they have noticed some keyword searches. It provides the most impactful & effective way of making the best possible use of the resources you have put in designing those ads. 

  1. Contextual advertising is cost-effective.

So if you are thinking that you need a huge budget for putting those contextual ads in front of your audience then you are mistaken. Contextual advertising is cost-effective to the extent that even small businesses and startups can afford to go for this form of advertising. Moreover, you will only be charged for ads that are clicked and not for ads that are displayed. 

  1. The performance of Contextual ads can be measured.

Advertisers get the freedom to measure the performance of contextual ads. You can very much find out what revenue your ads are generating. You can curate your ads and choose a particular demographic (depending on the type of product). For web marketers, contextual advertising is an amazing way of boosting sales & generating revenue. 

  1. Contextual ads bring Customers’ satisfaction. 

Contextual advertising is one of those popular ways that feed customers only with information (about the product & services) they are really interested in through contextual advertising. Since these ads are completely based on the keywords that the user has searched recently – the user relates to these ads. 

  1. Contextual ads are more personalized.

Since contextual ads are based on the previous searches of the user, the advertisers get the freedom to approach marketing with personalization. Getting to personalized ads makes out the user is more clearly able to connect with the brand and make a purchase. You are presenting to your user what they are looking for and providing them what they need at a given point in time.

  1. Reach customers when they are serious about purchasing. 

Most of the time customers are just scrolling and looking for what’s there in the store. They do this because they are free or just lying down when they have nothing to do – and are not actually serious about pressing the purchase button. With contextual marketing, you reach your audience when they really want to purchase a product or service. 

Other important benefits of Contextual advertising are:

  1. Gives an opportunity to communicate your brand message & know about the customers’ experience.
  2. Contextual advertising is more effective than the traditional forms of advertising as they are — targeted, more personalized & are served to the audience when they actually need to purchase the product.
  3. Provides an opportunity to interact with your audience and allow them to be the center of the relationship.
  4. The consumer gets information about a product they need without having the need to search for it actively. 
  5. Contextual advertising boosts sales. As the ads are relevant to what the customers are looking for and it is highly likely that they will click the link and buy a product. 

Final Words

Contextual advertising is one of the most recent developments in the online marketing industry. However, it is never going to be the same — things are changing & getting improved every day. Until any other update comes in, you can exploit the plethora of benefits of contextual advertising for your online marketing needs. 

Contextual marketing is targeted around the needs of the consumers. They perform better than any other traditional advertising as they serve ads that are relevant to the user. At AdMedia we provide contextual advertising services to help advertisers & publishers with targeted advertising based upon high-value user shopping interest signals, such as the search terms, contextual mapping, or behavioral activity. 

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