Reach out to the Right People with Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising is a form of targeted advertising where ads are shown on the website, which is relevant to the content of the page. Unlike traditional media publishers, who have had no knowledge of which ads are relevant to their audience, contextual advertising reaches the niche market using highly targeted ads.

With paid advertising, definitely, you wish to enhance your marketing campaign — for this, it is important to show these campaigns at the right time, in the right content, and at the right time.

For instance, if you are spending a lot of money running a PPC campaign and not getting any result — it’s for sure that you are not doing it right. It can be possible that — these ads are intrusive & annoying to the user or maybe they are not relevant to your audience. Adblocking and banner blindness has become so prevalent that marketers are eagerly looking for a way out. Contextual advertising is one way of working out banner blindness & adblocking. If you wish to know more about banner blindness read our latest blog post on how to overcome banner blindness.

Defining contextual advertising:

Contextual advertising is the technique wherein ad campaigns are placed only on the websites & the web pages that are relevant to the ad being shown. For instance, if you are a digital marketing institution, contextual advertising will have you place your ads on a website of a blogging site that talks about Digital marketing.

The idea here is reaching out to the right people who are really interested in your product. In the above example, there are almost 90% chances, the person who is interested in reading digital marketing blogs will be interested in enrolling in a digital marketing institution. Reaching efficiently to the right audience will mean enhanced click-through rates.

This means, undoubtedly, contextual advertising can play a very important role in improving the performance of your display ads. On the other hand, if you see an ad that’s about some beauty product on a Digital marketing blogging site — it will be absolutely irrelevant. There is almost a 100% probability that your ad won’t be noticed.

Simply stated, contextual marketing is a form of advertising where your ads will be placed only on the relevant sites, which is relevant to the context.

Why Contextual Advertising Is Important?

The same traditional advertising techniques must be making it hard for you to get noticed by your target audience. Banner blindness, adblocking must have become the common phenomenon — your video ads, sponsored search results, and banner ads must be constantly getting ignored.

This is where you need to switch the gear, abandoning those old traditional marketing routines. Start creating campaigns that are based on the context — this will make your campaigns, way memorable, and effective.

Here are some key benefits of contextual advertising:

  • Based on the customer’s realtime behavior, Contextual marketing helps create an environment wherein the audiences get personalized marketing experience.
  • Contextual marketing is about a fundamental shift from product-centric to consumer-centric campaigns, which enhance engagement.
  • It focuses on what resonates with your audience at the time, your ad campaign is actively running.
  • Contextual marketing helps get rid of banner blindness and adblocking to a large extent.

There are plenty of digital marketing agencies that are now shifting to this improved approach, where being noticed is going to be easy. AdMedia’s Contextual algorithm has been so designed to place your ads in the right context of the content. This helps your ad appear, only in front of the audiences, “who” are really interested in what you have to offer.

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