Things You Must Do Before Starting Paid Internet Advertising

Are you planning to jump into paid Internet advertising? If so, well, you are on the right track as the competition is getting really high and to match up the level, you need to pull up the socks. Paid Internet advertising is an effective way to enhance the online traffic to the website which apparently boosts the business. But, hang on!

If you are not seriously doing paid advertising, it might cost you really high. So, make sure to do some kind of research before you jump the gun. Ensure that whatever you are up to, it is getting you good results.

There are some entrepreneurs who have introduced an aggressive Google Ads campaign that is sort of working for their business. But later on, they were generating new leads that were actually not being targeted.

It is really important to know what are you doing for your business and the digital ways are actually working for your business.

Then the biggest question arise here? How do you make sure that paid advertising is performing as it should be? There are many simple things that you can do to ensure that you are getting good results.

There are a lot of things that you need to do before you dive directly into Paid Internet Advertising in 2019. Read on to know more what is required:

How Long Tail Keywords Works for Paid Internet Advertising in 2019

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First of all, the most important thing you should understand, before directly diving into Paid Advertising, is how it works. Google Ads Tool is a great tool for discovering keywords.  

This tool tends to show you very broad keywords that incur more cost and also not much effective. They are referred to as “head keywords”. But you should concentrate on the keywords your customer use to search. So, you need to look for “long tail keywords” which are more specific keywords that count for most of the search-driven traffic.  

For Instance, when you purchase “head” keywords such as “social media marketing” you will spend more money and reduce your ROI. You should remember is to target a large number of lower-traffic keywords than a small number of higher-traffic terms.

Most of the marketers make the biggest mistake with SEO or pay-per-click advertising is by choosing the wrong keywords. Usually, when you purchase “head” keywords like “social media marketing,” you will be spending more money which will reduce your ROI eventually. The chief key is to remember that you will get a lot more value for money by targeting a large number of lower-traffic terms than by targeting a small number of higher-traffic terms.

Conclusion, the best way of keywords can come from your own website. Ensure to consider using a survey tool like Qualaroo to find out what your customers are actually looking for or why they decided to do business with you.

Figure out the Right Place for placing the Ads

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If you search, you will find a lot of places where you can buy ads, with each site having its own strengths and weaknesses. Before starting, let’s know in brief the types of paid advertising.  There are quite a large number of places from where you can buy the Ads, with each site having its own characteristics.

Display Ads or Banner Ads in Paid Internet Advertising 

Banner Ads is one of the common forms of online advertising. These Ads tend to target customers who are not looking for something innovative. It can be purchased using a pay-per-click model or can be displayed for a certain time period.  

Text Ads in Paid Internet Advertising

Generally, Text Ads are usually seen on the primary Google Search Page. These Ads costs less than display Ads and target customers that are actually looking for something specific.  Try listing your Ads at few places.

Google Ads  

Google Ads is one of the common choices for many businesses. They offer display and text Ads using highly targeted keywords.  

Facebook or LinkedIn


Social Advertising has grown dramatically in the past few years. These Ads consist of text and display elements and are targeted based on user preferences, location, and the audience. All it depends on the type of your business, you can go for LinkedIn and Facebook options.  


StumbleUpon guarantees “click-through” of some kind through paid advertising options.

BuySellAds or Direct Buy

When it comes to finding the best place for additional display ad opportunities, BuySellAds is a great place to find it. These usually allow you to “rent” space on a website or a blog for a fixed cost. These can exist if you contact some of your favorite bloggers directly from their site.

In the starting, it is important to try out these options and use hard data to make a final decision about where you want to put your hard earned money. Often times, we believe in our guesswork like which site would work best without putting in efforts. If only works for those who believe in their gut feeling. It is because hard data will tell you what gives you the best return and good tracking capabilities will make this possible.

Track your Paid Internet Advertising Campaigns

When it comes to online Ad Buying, Google Analytics is the most essential tool. It is free and easy to install. Just become acquainted with Google Analytics Custom Campaign once you install it. You can easily create a customized URL for each ad that will help you see overall performance for advertising. You can easily compare all of your advertising campaigns on a single platform.  

Create a Landing Page

Landing page

It becomes quite important to send the traffic (visitors) to the landing page, instead of the Homepage. Here are some good reasons that explain it well:

  • Landing Pages allow you to customize the message for coming visitors. This will let the advertiser continue the trail of messages that have started with the ads. 
  • Customized Landing pages permit the advertiser to compel the visitor to a specific event or action.
  • Call-to-action on the landing page easily compel the visitors to take a specific action which can easily be tracked down.

Upon combining these strategies with the right tracking tools, you can be updated with the information on how to reach and sell the product to the new visitors. Depending upon your requirement, you can wit either create a single landing page for an entire ad campaign or can create a specific landing page for each keyword that you want to target.

Blocking your custom landing pages from search engines is something you can’t afford to skip and the best way to do it is with a simple edit to your “robots.txt” file. If you permit Google and Bing to send non-paid visitors to your page, you may get a false sense of how your page is performing.  

Create a Call-to-Action

Sometimes, it is easy to get a customer on your landing page but what when you have a visitor on your landing page, how do you convert them into a lead or a customer?

Well, the golden rule is to have a clear call to action on every page you send them. This will make them understand your purpose and will clear all the air that they might have regarding your landing page. So it is important to think twice before making a landing page.

If you have any kind of confusion regarding your landing page, research and focus on your reason behind making a landing page. Once you are confident about your motto, make it live since everything on your page should force your visitors toward the action you want them to take. If you are not clear about the purpose, then you are just wasting your money.

A/B Testing is Mandatory 

It is important to use A/B Testing once you have launched your page since small modifications and changes bring a great improvement in an overall conversion rate. A/B testing method works for any page best but it is advisable to make only tested change in it.

For instance, the effectiveness of the page’s headline or button placement can be tested but it is suggested to not to test them simultaneously. A single change is enough to understand if A/B testing is working for you. A/B testing is an ongoing process, so keep testing and modifying your page as per the desired/required changes. Lastly, do not forget to keep a track of the performance of your page, you will surely be surprised to see the unexpected rate of conversion.

Monthly Review Report 

It is not always wise to keep reviewing your results every day as this practice may lead to extempore results. Therefore, it is crucial to give your analytics time to accumulate accurate information about your ad campaign. A monthly review is the ideal time period to determine for reviewing your statistics.

The Golden Words

Last but not least, whatever paid Internet advertising strategies you implement, just don’t view your results every day. It’s better to wait for some time and review and analyze your statistics. These paid Internet advertising ways will definitely work for your business. 

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