5 Mobile Marketing Strategies for 2021

It isn’t surprising that as much as 65% of people in the USA are using smartphones and 70% of the mobile users will get an action triggered in about an hour. And, that is why it’s essential for every business— whether a bricks & mortar entrepreneur or an online business owner to get their mobileContinue reading “5 Mobile Marketing Strategies for 2021”

Mobile Marketing: Why it is Important & What Strategies Apply

Do you know about Mobile Marketing? OK. Let’s begin with a prefatory definition. “A Digital advertising strategy where you reach your audiences through their mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, and others) using apps, social media, emails, SMS, and more.” Mobile advertising appears in the form of ads that show up on mobile phones and tablets. ForContinue reading “Mobile Marketing: Why it is Important & What Strategies Apply”

Modern Mobile Marketing Trends For Small Businesses- Part 1

As mobile marketing is giving a new definition to digital marketing, it is essentially important for digital marketers to use their knowledge of future mobile marketing trends. Undoubtedly, it is important to think ahead of the year and look beyond to see the mobile marketing trends that will help your business to flourish in theContinue reading “Modern Mobile Marketing Trends For Small Businesses- Part 1”

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2018

2017 has been a tremendous year for business to actually get on the digital marketing bandwagon. With the multiple emerging technologies and platforms like machine learning and chatbots, many online brands got the opportunity to connect with their targeted audiences and future customers.

Mobile Advertising- A Boon in the Market or a Bane?

Mobile advertising is the kind of advertising method which is done using mobile devices as a media. An abrupt increase in the number of mobile users over the recent years has prompted the advertisers to focus more on advertising through mobile phones rather other traditional methods of advertising such as PC or TV.