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LinkedIn has prepared a list of suggested posts during COVID-19. 

As we have noticed how the graph of LinkedIn activity has suddenly shot up with the outbreak of coronavirus. 

With the increase in LinkedIn activity, the type of content people are interested in reading has also changed. This dramatic shift has come to picture through the last two months.

While a month ago the most searched hashtag was #marketing #leadership, after the outbreak of coronavirus, this has changed to #COVID-19 & #coronavirus. Since February, the LinkedIn search trend has suddenly shifted to what it never had been. 

Data shows that, from the very beginning of February, the number of articles searched on coronavirus suddenly has grown to 17-times of that it was before. 

Some of the most searched topics on LinkedIn after the outbreak of coronavirus include work from home, social distancing, remote working, online classes, crisis management, collaboration, quarantine, and more. 

During the month of March, the search for most of these topics has shot up like never before.

Keeping in mind, this sudden shift, it is important to be able to engage readers with your posts. This needs tweaking around your posts as per the need of the hour. 

Therefore, LinkedIn has prepared this list of suggestions on what are the 4 Types of Posts to Share During COVID-19 on LinkedIn. Here’s the list:

Types of Posts to Share During COVID-19 on LinkedIn:

  1. Share Personal Stories of your Lockdown days

Personal stories,  sharing every little detail have been and will always be a great idea. People like listening to stories that are a part of their stories. They feel connected as they can draw inspiration and help themselves find a way to help themselves. 

You can create a post asking very personal questions like “how do I work my day through the stress of work from home?”

So, this is something most people would connect with because they too have similar questions in mind and for which they are looking for an answer.

The best way to approach answering such questions is by starting a thread of normal conversation that you have with your colleagues or friends. Give all the details of how your new day looks like and what you are doing to enjoy work from home.

If you are managing a team and you want to discuss your experience and also want to find out what motivates other managers. 

This kind of a conversational post can engage people & be interesting. 

  1. Be a part of a Relevant Conversation – Comment

The best way to discover stories & conversations on LinkedIn is by searching through hashtags related to the topics you are interested in. 

For example, if you are looking for threads of conversation on work from home, you must search #workfromhome. And, you must comment with relevant ways to make work from home interesting. 

You can be a part of any conversation on a particular topic you are interested in by searching the topic with a hashtag and then following the group.  

  1. Don’t try to fake around – Be “You”

LinkedIn has hinted that it is not always like that you have to create only work-related posts. 

It says you should sometimes be “YOU” and create posts that tell about your life and the things around. For example

What has been the source of motivation in life

Tricks to spread happiness

Sharing motivations quotes & more.

LinkedIn says, don’t be too tight on your thoughts. It’s good going easy sometimes.

  1. Be a Part of New & Reliable Stories – Share Your Thoughts

Another way you can remain connected with your favorite groups & communities is by sharing news & stories from authentic sources. This is another great way to gain trust & be liked.

The team of editors at LinkedIn is always looking for trusted news from trusted sources & updates from experts. 

In the times of corona, the best way is to find out information from different authentic sources including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention & the World Health Organization. 


So, these are some of the best ideas around which you must design Posts to Share During COVID-19 as suggested by LinkedIn. 

There is nothing to be unsure about. Just go easy. The best way is to understand that people are facing a similar problem as you are and they are in similar situations. 

And, there are people who have also come successfully out of the situation. You can always ask questions & get solutions.

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