Some Marketing Tactics To Skip When Building A Digital Marketing Strategy

In this fast-moving digital world, where iterative initiatives and advanced technologies have been contributing a big part in improving our lifestyle, lest we are still lagging behind. This is because, the marketers use a digital marketing strategy that is useless, or it is not being used at the right time. Either way, the end result is not promising and we need to work really hard to make it work.

This article encourages you to include the right marketing tactics in your digital marketing strategy and eliminates the useless tactics that are just wasting your time and efforts. Read on to unveil that marketing tactics that should be avoided while building a marketing strategy.

Marketing Tactics To Skip When Building A Digital Marketing Strategy



digital marketing strategy



Put your thinking cap on and read carefully to understand the reason for eliminating the useless marketing tactics from your digital marketing strategy. In our previous post, we have already discussed the effective steps to consider while creating a digital marketing strategy and now we would be discussing the purposeless marketing tactics that need to be skipped when creating a digital marketing strategy. So let’s get started with the topic.

  • Don’t Spend Much Time On Easy On-page SEO Fixations


A lot of SEO experts spend hours on optimizing the web content for nailing the SEO. Since they are quite comfortable doing simple SEO (H1, page title, image URL, content, keywords) on the web content, they skip considering other significant factors requiring for building the best digital marketing strategy. Google algorithm is now much smarter than it was in previous years, so stop doing the fixation of ON-page and rather start including the following:

  • User Experience – to understand the behavior of your target audience.
  • Keywords –  to give a clear idea of your product or service to the audience.
  • Links – to give the right source to your target audience.
  • Conversions – to see the action on your ads made by the audience.
  • Don’t Make A Flood Of Blog Content


digital marketing strategy

Blogging! Blogging and more Blogging is what social media marketers are doing these days. Whether it’s a content blogging or video blogging, marketers are just investing their time in blogging for their businesses. Nowadays, blogging is a good concept and is trending as well but it is not at all necessary to fill your website or channel with useless blogging content. There is nothing that can beat the importance of having high-quality content, so it is suggested not to compromise on the quality of the content. If readers do not appreciate your content, it is likely to happen that Google may not hold your domain in high regard. Therefore, it is suggested to stop publishing low-quality blog content on your channel, rather, start looking at the frequency of your blog posting in order to generate a handsome revenue from the channel.   

  • Avoid Using Baseless Back-links




Backlinking is the backbone of any website and to get inbound links, you have to ensure that other sites are linking to your websites. This is something that you have no control over it. But if you create microsites, then a lot of marketers would visit and link to your microsites. This also allows a lot of worthless websites to link with your website. Besides, if inbound links are coming from the high-quality website, then you need to create many microsites that have several clouts with the SERPs, which is nothing but a sheer waste of time. Instead of, you should start attracting organic inbound links that would work in favor of you. Put in efforts in creating new and high-quality content that will get you right kind of inbound links.

  • Don’t Stress On Reporting


Conversions tracking is helpful when it comes to seeing how your ads conduct valuable customer actions. These days, it is quite easy to spend hours keeping a watch on the conversion reports but this doesn’t make enough sense for digital marketing strategy alone. These reports can only get some numbers but try figuring out what exactly numbers can add value to your business is important to ask yourself? Therefore, it is crucial to understand to hit the right metrics by analyzing the area in which your business is performing well. This opens the door of the areas where your business has the potential to get actions of your audience.

  • Untargeted Paid Advertising


It has been noticed that there are many ads which are running on the untargeted PPC. Different social media platforms have introduced advanced features to paid advertising targeting options. For instance, Twitter is targeting their audiences by its interest or username, whereas Facebook targets its competitors by segmenting their audience by desktop or mobile. If you are doing it in this way, you are on the right path, else, you are just wasting your time and money on such paid advertising that wouldn’t get you any profit. So, it is a good idea to turn off your paid media spend on such campaigns that are not holding the right marketing strategy and retargeting functionality. Better, you start doing the right kind of digital marketing by targeting the right audience on your PPC campaigns. This will reduce the overall volume by eliminating the wrong audience from your campaign, which results in giving you a higher conversion rate.

  • Don’t Use Social Media Channels For Marketing Purpose


It’s been a while ago when social media channels were leading as the only platform for promoting your business. It is because paid social advertising is a highly effective way to increase the reach of your audience to your ad campaign. If you play with the right kind of marketing, you can get your content or product right in front of your target audience. However, the time is evolved now and the marketers have come up with the new and innovative digital marketing strategies that help in growing their businesses. Before jumping to the different strategies, it’s wise to understand the only strategy that works in your favor on the social media platform. Therefore, keep a close watch on the ad campaign and optimize the best social media channels that add value to your business and abort the channels that keep you engaged in unprofitable acts.



Before coming to any conclusion, it is a good idea to sit and think on the points that have been discussed in the article, there must be some points that you might not agree with, but it is suggested to do thorough research before taking a final decision. If you have set a high benchmark for your business goals, eliminating useless marketing tactics from your digital marketing strategy would definitely work in your favor. Do not stop your research, keep yourself updated with the latest marketing tactics that would help you grow your business. 

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