7 Silly Mistakes Every Professional Content Writer Must Avoid

You must have heard that we all learn from our mistakes! And no one in this world is perfect to jot down their thoughts without mistakes. If you make mistakes while writing despite being a professional content writer, no worries, you are no exception! Take it easy!

Whether you are a content writer or managing a content team to fulfill your content marketing needs, you need to take care of some pitfalls that could bring all your efforts to waste. Hence, this post outlines a list of some major mistakes that should be avoided by professional content writers. Let’s read them carefully to skip committing them!

Mistakes Should Be Ignored While Blogging

The main idea is to make you aware of such mistakes that you might have been doing or still in practice of making them while creating content unintentionally. So, once you learn them, there are fewer chances of you committing the same in your content. Take a walk through them!

7 Silly Mistakes Every Professional Content Writer Must Avoid

Writer’s Block is Unbreakable Not every day is meant for showing off your writing skills as every writer gets in a writer’s block at some point. However, there are many writers who think that they cannot break through the writer’s block. This is not true. In fact, if you are a professional content writer or just a content creator, you have a great potential to break through the writer’s block. There are some online tools that help in transforming your mindset, which results in generating creative ideas that can be incorporated into content creation (blogging). If you don’t want to use any tool, take a break from home and tune in to some music or take a walk around your workplace. This could relax your mind and opens up some creative doors of your mind.  

Tip: So, next time you experience writer’s block, try to take a break from work for a few minutes and get back to work with a fresh mind.

Ignoring the Target Audience – If you want to win the hearts of your readers, you must get into their minds first. It is not easy to understand their mindset but if you observe them (through analytics or other content strategy trend) you might hit the bull’s eye. High-quality content is a key to bring heavy traffic on the site but if you don’t write relevant content, then it probably brings down your content on SERPs. Therefore, ensure to create content that informs your target audience about your product, else it won’t be read by your readers which make it less valuable content for your readers.

Tip: Next time, when you write any content, keep in mind that the content is informative and has relevance to the readers. Believe or not, it is one of the best ways to get into the hearts of your readers.

Ruling Out the Outline of an Article – Not keeping the content in line is one of the greatest problems that most of the content writers face. Outlining an article gives a lot of clarity and keeps your content in structure. This small practice takes only a few minutes to jot down the introduction, the body of the article and conclusion of the article, but it saves a lot of time from getting stuck in the middle of an article. A lot of writers skip writing outlines to save their time but they do not understand the significance of outlining an article before you start an article.

Tip: Whenever you start your content next time, make sure to outline your article first to avoid getting stuck in the topic and get more clarity about the topic you want to discuss.

Writing Unattractive Titles – Not many writers pay attention to the titles, but it is a fact that a title with relevant keyword gets the attention of the user. The readers show their interest in reading the post if only the title is compelling and self-explanatory. So, if you want to encourage your visitors to click on your article, make sure to include some relevant keywords into it; however, you have to keep one thing in mind that you don’t verge on the clickbait just to get few hits on your post. This may frustrate your reader which results in keeping your post at the low of the searches.

Tip: Think twice before giving a title to your post. It is advisable to make your title slight attractive with a relevant keyword. This gives a clear idea to your readers and as a result more clicks on the post.

Stop Being a Copycat – Being a content writer, it is your primary responsibility to research and to keep an eye on what others are doing. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to create exact replica content. Even search engines do not entertain similar content rather they keep it in the low searches on the SERPs. Hence, do some search about the topics and avoid making a similar content of what your competitors have already shared with the world.

Tip: A fresh idea unlocks many closed doors! So next time, write something that grabs the attention of your readers with your unique, quirky and exclusive content piece. Don’t be a copycat, create a fresh post with your creative ideas and relevant keywords.

Don’t edit your post frequently – frequent edits deviate your mind resulting in losing clarity of thoughts. This could lead to unclear content which might confuse your target audiences. Just to make your content error-free copy and grammatically correct, a lot of writers do editing while writing a post. But the correct way is to do it once you are done with the writing part. The editing part can be best performed when your write-up is filled with information and is ready to align the content. So, once you end up writing your content, relax for a few minutes, and put your editing shoes on and kill the write-up with your editing killer skills.

Don’t edit your post frequently

Tip: Wear your editing copy only once you finished your writing part. This will rectify your areas where amendments are required.

Proofreading is just a waste of time – after editing, there are a lot of writers who don’t believe in doing any kind of proofreading. Proofreading your content eliminates the small changes that you might have skipped while editing. This encourages the error-free content which enhances the number the readers and keeps them glued to your content type.

Tip: Don’t underestimate the power of proofreading when you write content next time. When you finished with writing and editing part, it is the time when proofreading comes into action. Always proofread before you go for publishing.

Summing Up

As of now, you must be familiar with the mistakes that should be avoided while creating content. So skip making mistakes in your content that will keep your readers stick to your content. Think, read and skip the mistakes that have been mentioned in this post when going for blogging.

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