How can consumer mobile activity help you?

Start Investing in Mobile

The invention of mobile applications such as Foursquare and Gowalla are making it easier for advertisers to target consumers. These applications allow users to display personal information about themselves such as their location, lifestyle, and consumer choices. Having access to these facts means that advertisers can target consumers more effectively, basically it takes the guess work out of targeting.

The most valuable information will come from consumer preferences. When a consumer submits information stating what they have purchased, what they are interesting in purchasing, or what they desire, advertisers can generate personalized advertisements based on the individual. This leads to an extensive increase in conversion rates. Advertisers can also take advantage of the mobile platform itself.

Having a consumer’s exact geographic location is incredibly valuable for small businesses. Local advertising could see a dramatic boost. For example, if you own a small restaurant, being able to send your advertisements to mobile users in your radius will bring in new and returning business.

The negative side

So far, consumer satisfaction has been high. Consumers are so excited about this new form of online social networking, that they have yet to let the negative consequences deter them from usage. However, anyone who has received continuous text message updates from club promoters, local bars, and businesses, can tell you that it gets old after a while. For now, jump on board the mobile train and start advertising while it’s hot.

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