Women are Equally Competent in every sphere of life – United Colors of Benetton

Valentine’s Day 2017 saw huge success and overwhelmingly positive response to “United by Half” campaign of Benetton, made by Creativeland Asia and debuted in India. On the International Women’s Day, in their latest campaign, “Women Empowerment Program,” United Colors of Benetton spread the message across the globe asking women to unite and fight for their equal rights. This women’s empowerment program is aimed at supporting women in every sphere of life.

In the campaign, they display strength in every walk of life be it in decision-making, in sports, in equal opportunity for education, in jobs and much more.
The ad begins with a voiceover of a young bride standing next to her husband with a sword in her hand and saying, “We are not the better half or worse definitely not the weaker half.” The ad focuses on the strength of women by showing a woman replacing a punctured tire in a car. The campaign shows women of different age groups achieving success in every sphere of life and work they choose to do. The film ends with the message that “women have been denied their equal half for too long, let us unite for the equal half”.
This ad was originally focused on social issues prevalent everywhere in India, supporting and assisting deprived women. Gianluca Pastore, worldwide communications director for United Colors of Benetton, said. “This year we have understood that probably could be used as a kind of icon for our program, the Benetton women empowerment program. We want to make people aware of our Benetton women empowerment program. We want to go from just a social awareness campaign to social commitment,” Pastore added. This program is a big stride towards changing the mindset of society and getting women an equal and respectable position in every walk of life.

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