Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam Launches “Stories Are Everywhere”

It’s Wieden + Kennedy’s first work for Instagram and it’s a huge multi-channel Instagram Stories campaign that was launched in the US, Germany, and Italy in April. However, it is the agency’s Holland unit that came up with the video collection of 26 films that was screened at the Insta Stories Festival in Cologne, Germany, last week.

Thierry Albert, creative director at W+K Amsterdam, says, “Instagram is one of the most loved brands in the world, and it’s their first global campaign. In a world full of hyper-stylized communications, it felt fresh to shoot the campaign on iPhones, using only the Stories features. No cheats. No tricks. Anyone can do what we did. All you need is the Instagram app.”

The Insta Stories here cover different scenarios from a spectacular snowboarding jump, to something that appears cheeky, e.g., a snowboarder sticker on vanilla ice cream. Creating dynamic shortcuts to express a mood, a feeling or a moment, with the objective of channeling elicited emotions onto a product or brand, “Stories Are Everywhere” reflects how users have adopted a tactic advertiser have relied on for generations. “We intentionally mirrored the experience of Instagram Stories, so all the executions were short, fun and surprising. We didn’t take ourselves too seriously, because that’s what connecting with friends on Instagram is all about,” says Instagram executive creative director Bekah Sirrine.

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