Why Small Businesses Should Look into Online Advertising

Why should small businesses think about going digital when it comes to advertising? The answer is simple: it’s on the internet that you’ll reach most people these days.

But what about the traditional means of advertising for small businesses? If you’re small, you’re probably limiting yourself to a local clientel: your target customers are going to be your friends and neighbors.

What’s the point of putting up a website that attracts folks in New York City if you are operating a plumbing service in San Jose? Wouldn’t it be better to spend your money on direct mailings? ads in the local newspaper? listings in the yellow pages? your logo on bowling shirts and little league jerseys?

Well, think about it this way: how many eyes are actually going to see those promotions? I can speak from experience here: every piece of advertising that comes into my mailbox goes instantly into the recycle bin. I don’t even read the newspaper published for my county. Yellow Pages? Good grief, I don’t even keep my phone directory anymore. All my relevant phone numbers are on my smart phone already, and if I want to call a business, I’ll google them on the internet. And so, I think, will just about everyone else under the age of 65.

Let’s face it, we’ve bought wholeheartedly into the internet. Our eyes are fixed to the screen for hours throughout the day. The internet is our all-purpose go-to place for information. So shouldn’t small business owners be taking advantage of these facts to adjust their marketing strategies?

If your idea of high-tech strategies involve Madison Avenue ad-men and Super-Bowl extravaganzas, think again. On-line advertising can be inexpensive, easy to create, focused, and far-reaching. All you need is a computer with internet access, and a modicum of skills…..or an assistant with these skills. Inexpensive software is available to help you create banners, pop-ups, and side-bar ads.

Probably the most exciting, creative, and effective internet marketing is being done today on social media: Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter, to name just a few of the giants in this regard. Using imagination and style instead of big bucks, small businesses can get their message out there; can use niche marketing to target customers in a specific town or even neighborhood; can streamline their activities to reach target customers; and best of all, can be available for web-searches 100% of the day and night.

For the small-business owner with imagination and drive, the internet offers some really amazing advertising opportunities.

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