Why a ‘Free Virtual Lunch And Learn’ Program is Important?

Imagine enjoying the quarantine period by staying safe and healthy at home. But, then an important meeting arises that can’t be missed. A total mood spoiler? Amidst the chaos of coronavirus, quarantine has become the need of this hour. These mood spoilers are what everyone needs to get over. Staying at home and maintaining a social distance is all the world needs right now. This may sound easy but becomes hard in the time when those meetings are urgent and help to stay in the market for longer periods of time. Building client relationships is as important as maintaining employee and employer relationships. 

With Admedia’s new virtual lunch program ‘Free Lunch & Learn’ one can achieve both. All you need to do is stay back home and enjoy the free lunch before your meeting. Sounds simple and interesting? Well! It is. This promotes a healthy relationship that Admedia shares with everyone it is associated with. There are many benefits of this program like;

No- Stress

The entire idea is to learn without having any stress. Lunch and learn sessions are very important for encouraging a stress-free environment. The employees and the clients can be in a surrounding which is both relaxed and comfortable. 

Strengthening Relationships

It is a great team-building exercise and helps in strengthening professional relationships. The clients are really happy when they are made feel special and this program focuses on the same.

Lighten the mood

Listening about the deaths and harm COVID-19 is causing creates a serious environment and everyone misses how good their busy schedule was. In this time when they are offered these virtual lunches before meeting it lightens up their mood. 

Increases loyalty

When the company takes such initiatives for the people associated with it, they start developing loyalty and trust in the company. Hence, the clients would appreciate the hospitality and think of further business associations. And the employees will put their 200% in the growth of the company.

The need of the hour

It is very important to stay back home and avoid human contact as much as possible. The government has been taking preventive measures just to make people stay home and keep themselves healthy. It is very important that their efforts and concerns must be appreciated and the only task we have to do is to limit our physical contact.
In-person meetings can wait but health will not. Admedia understands its social responsibility and this gave the rise to the concept of virtual lunch and learn. The work we are doing or the meetings attended will help in the growth of the company. This, in turn, will help in the growth of the employees. Anyone who is willing to join this initiative can visit Admedia.com/virtuallunch to know more about the concept of Virtual lunch and how to avail it. However, there will be certain parameters to confirm your free lunch. The Free lunch and learn is offered at the sole discretion of AdMedia LLC. The last day of submission as of now is April 30th but if the quarantine is increased then there might be changes that will be updated on the website.

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