Who says watching viral videos is a waste of time?

Say what you want about viral videos like Call Me Maybe but the fact is, these things are cash cows. And no, we’re not just talking about the publishers who rack in a lot of pay per click dollars for their views. Businesses or brands that take advantage of the popularity of these videos also stand to generate tons of buzz, exposure, and yes, revenue.

The next time you find yourself watching the hottest YouTube sensation, think about how you can incorporate it into your marketing or advertising campaign. Be bold. And be there early. It’s best to ride on an Internet meme’s fame while it’s at its peak.

Want to know how others did it? Below are some examples of how big brands used viral videos to their advantage:

Abercrombie & Fitch Uses Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen

When Carly Rae Jepsen’s single Call Me Maybe became a viral hit last summer, everyone from Jimmy Fallon to President Barack Obama (baracksdubs) covered the video with their own versions.

Brands, of course, didn’t get left behind. Take Abercrombie & Fitch, for example. “To celebrate the song’s Summer popularity, A&F asked its hottest guys from its Flagship stores all around the world to have fun with the song—film it on their phones and to do whatever came naturally.” The result? Sixteen million views and tons of girls who couldn’t peel their eyes of their screens.

Samsung Uses Overly Attached Girlfriend Meme

You remember Overly Attached Girlfriend, right? That girl who gave us the creeps while singing Bieber’s Girlfriend single? Well, we’re not quite sure if she got her guy, but we do know that she caught Samsung’s attention.

The tech company recently struck an ad deal with Laina Walker (Overly Attached Girlfriend herself) to star in its new SSD 840 commerical. In the ad, she embodies your computer who’s feeling a little neglected. Just like in the video that made her famous, Walker gives viewers the crazy eyes while throwing in some passive aggressive threats (i.e. “accidentally” leaking your search history). Watch the official ad here.

AdTech Goes Gangnam

In honor of ad:tech, BlueKai spoofed Pys’ worldwide hit, Gangnam Style. The parody had the same craziness and hilarious dance moves, but on top of that, it also had some geeky subtitles about the online advertising realm (“Heeeyyy sexy data!”). And in lieu of “Gangnam Style” you’ll hear “Oppan AdTech style” instead!

Watch the hilarious spoof here and see if you can relate. (You kind of have to be in the Internet advertising realm to be truly amused by the parody, but check it out even if you aren’t a digital marketer to get a glimpse of just how crazy ad people can get!)

Your Turn

Got any parodies to share? Have you spoofed any Internet memes lately? We’d love to see them! Post them in the comments below and we might just help you spread the word!


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