What Should be Your SEO Strategies Post-COVID-19

Thinking of designing robust SEO strategies Post-COVID-19? Great indeed!!

We are living in isolation, locked down inside our houses, away from the rest of the world, and it depends completely on how you make use of this time.

However, we are all in a state of confusion, uncertainties & dilemma, but there’s positive about everything & every situation.

Someone has rightly said that. “A wise person knows how to be productive in the times of unproductivity”. 

The situation is worsening at every hour of the day, which is quite frightening for each one of us. 

But, we have to together vow that nothing would affect us, and we are gonna come out of this turbulent situation.  

After the coronavirus is gone from our lives, the recovering phase is not gonna be really easy. But, planning in advance (with enough time in quarantine now) will definitely boost the process of recovery.

You must start designing your SEO strategies Post-COVID-19. Here are some tips that will help during your process of improving your SEO strategies POst-COVID-19 Here we go:

1. Keep Your Content Ready

The Coronavirus-free-world will without any doubt bring with it a slew of changes in every sphere, in the way business functions & definitely in the way one must design their SEO strategies Post-COVID-19. 

So, while you are in home quarantine, keep up the good work, keep writing for your future to invest in your future endeavors. 

While you invest your time in writing, make sure that the consumer is going to behave differently, there is going to be a huge shift in the way they choose their searches. 

Strategize your writing, contemplate on the same, and start writing.

Design your content in a way that when we again start living in a Coronavirus-free-world, your consumers are back. 

Having your content ready will help you in a number of ways and will definitely keep you ahead in the rat race. 

2. Hunt for Top SEO Talents in the Market

The Coronavirus will, without any doubt bring forth closing of many companies, loss of jobs, and therefore, enhanced chances for employers who are looking out to expand their brilliant pool of talents.

If you are looking out to expand your pool of SEO talents, this is the time to start with! 

You can very much attract those extraordinary SEO talents who have lost their jobs because of the COVID-19 economic slowdown.

Without giving it a second thought, this is the time when you can start recruiting now.

Even if this will not be that effective as of now, but will definitely get you the results in the long run. 

There are going to be brilliant SEO talents looking out for opportunities when it all gets over. So, this is the time to update your  LinkedIn profile and be active. 

Make sure that you do not miss any chances!

And, even in the case, you are not hiring as of now, you can have this great opportunity to make connections, know about prospective associations (both employees & clients) that can help tremendously in the near future. 

3. Close Monitoring of Keyword Rankings & GSC

At this point in time, it is more important if you are monitoring GSC for keyword changes & ranking way more closely than in the normal times, or not

Within a span of a few days & a few weeks, there has been a great change in how the market is responding and the way the customer is behaving. Therefore, you need to make new strategies, and closely monitor how the consumer is behaving and what he is looking for. 

And, if you are not taking care of these changes, you will miss the opportunity to make new strategies.

4. Make New Content Strategies

No one would have predicted about this situation that we are all stranded today. Because of the effect of COVID-19 most part of the world is living in isolation, quarantined within the confines of their homes. And, therefore, they are browsing through the internet, youtube, and more such online stuff.

So, if you are a Youtuber, if you have a blog or website of your own, you have an amazing opportunity to attract more viewers to your site.

You have more time to create and publish more unique & interesting content. You can revisit the previously created content, find ways to attract more traffic & make changes accordingly.

5. Keep up-to-date with Google Trends

Unlike the usual days, people are living quarantined inside their homes. They aren’t traveling or commuting. Their preferences have changed as of now. And, therefore, their search trends have also changed.

For this, you have to keep yourself updated with Google Trends and the new answers people are looking for in your industry. 

This data will help you remain on top of the search around your business. Having this data will help you create & design content as per the need of the industry with topics that will get most hits & most likes.

The strategy will make you ready for the battle to come 

In the future, this content will be a great resource in the days & months to come. This will consequently enhance your website’s ranking. 

6. Think Beyond Content & Use This Time Wisely

While “Content is the Currency”, yet you have to be very wise in investing your time in various other things that matter. 

During this time of COVID-19 disaster, you need to be really wise when you handle what to work for. 
Throughout this strategy, content & SEO must go hand-in-hand. Here’s what can be called the best SEO strategies Post-COVID-19.

  • Update Images that your website uses.
  • Keep a check on the website speed.
  • Make sure that content is properly linked and is easily accessible.
  • Check out the URL structure.
  • Get an insight into the user exercise on your website.

And, then you have this golden opportunity when you can sit home and learn something new or a new update that could be used further in designing SEO strategies Post-COVID-19.

There are a variety of e-learning portals that are providing free courses as a part of their SEO strategies Post-COVID-19.

So, you can avail of those courses and learn a new skill. Moz & Ahrefs are a few portals that are offering free courses during COVID-19.


So, the simple thing is that you should sit back and stop planning your SEO strategies Post-COVID-19.  Just be active, find ways to utilize this time for the future. 

Don’t stop your Digital Marketing Strategy during COVID-19 and not even the SEO strategies Post-COVID-19. No matter what, there’s always an opportunity to make the best of the worst time.

This strategy will definitely help your business to grow leaps & bound in the long run.

Hope very soon, we will win over, this disastrous COVID-19, and everything will restore to normal. Stay healthy & keep thinking about your SEO strategies Post-COVID-19!!

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