5 Powerful Tactics to Create Marketable Youtube Video Ads

Today the most incredibly efficient result-oriented platform to say is, “YouTube video Ads.” As many as 78.8% of marketers have voted YouTube as the most efficient video marketing tool. This data beats even Facebook, which got only 58.5% votes. In fact, BI Intelligence has reported that video marketing has become popular in the last few […]

Top Five Video Advertising Trends in 2020

Video advertising trends have been growing pretty fast in the last few years. We have already entered into the other half of the year and video marketing has already swept away the digital marketing landscape. And, there is no doubt that the trend is going to grow even bigger in the other half of 2020. […]

Top Five Benefits of Video Content for Your Business

As a content marketer, you must know that video content, incorporated intelligently into your content marketing strategy can bring unprecedented results. According to a study, around 85% of the internet savvy in America watched online video content every month in 2020. Around 54% of consumers want to discover about the products they are interested in […]

5 Industries Where Video Content Must Play the Hero

Videos & visual form of communication has become the hero of content marketing. According to a report, in 2020, around 85% of people using the internet in the United States watched a video online on a monthly basis. And surprisingly, 54% of consumers are looking out to see information from brands and businesses in the […]

7 Reasons Why Video Content is Must During COVID-19

Coronavirus pandemic has made the future of businesses & marketers look clear as mud. This whole COVID-19 scenario has messed our heads, and we cannot figure out what’s going to happen next. But, crossing the bridge when it gets there is the best way to address a problem. Looking for a solution, when the problem […]

Top 3 Tips to Avoid Video Marketing Mistakes

Video marketing is an important technique for finding a place for your company in this highly competitive world. Businesses are promoting their products using different means of Digital marketing and video marketing is one of them.

Effective Affiliate Marketing Methods To Consider

Over the past few years, affiliate marketing has emerged as a winner in the digital world. With affiliate marketing being so successful affiliates have become successful due to their creativity. This post will discuss some effective affiliate marketing methods that have been proven to work very well over the past decade.

What Factors are Driving Online Video Advertising?

There has been a discernable rise in the number of video uploads on social media sites like, Instagram and Twitter as media and entertainment companies are trying to engage their audiences increasingly on social media. This has led to fast growth in online video advertising.

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