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What’s the first thing you notice on a website after its graphics? Obviously the way it is interacting with you and how easily you can use it. With the evolution of technology, there have been many changes in the way we perceive a website or an app. Digital platforms have opened many opportunities and options for a user. The competition level has increased and every brand is focusing on making their digital presence number one.

According to a study if the user interface of your product is not good then the ranking of your website may drop from 1 or 2 numbers. The difference is not because you are not trying hard or your product is not worthy but the way a user communicates to you is not meeting the standards of today’s world.

Gen Z needs everything swiftly and smoothly. In our article “Why your brand needs a UI and UX designer”  we explained to you the importance of UI and UX design. Many of you now have a clear picture of what both terms are and how important they are. 

It is a very hard task to make your website perfect to the T but we need to amp up our game and stay ahead in the business. A good UX designer can help you a lot in increasing the footfall and decreasing the bounce rate of your domain.

UX Process

This is the honeycomb of UX and it explains very clearly what a UX design should be. 


There is no use to create a UX design if it is not useful to the company. A UX designer researches various elements and find ways to implement it. 


After good research and an in-depth study, the designer needs to take out the designs that resonate with your brands. If they like the element used in a clothing brand and want to implement it in makeup brand then it will be a total mismatch and the element or style couldn’t be used there. Hence, the designs should be usable.


Will you click on a page or tab that is very messy and not at all clear? No one will, hence, the elements need to be very clear and desirable. The result should be very clear, to the point and in sync with your services.


The elements must be credible enough to justify your products and services. You need to make sure that you are not over-promising anything. If your products are different from the website then it hampers your company’s image and the UX designer needs to be very careful with their research.


A brand needs to think about the different users that they have. A perfect UX design can interact with every user. You never know who is, on the other end, accessing your website or app and you need to think of various profiles that might need your product. Hence, every user must have the same experience may it be a person with special abilities or someone who is completely fine. 


Check your website’s navigation for yourself first and then roll it out. No one has time to navigate a lot and to spend more than a few minutes on your website. Hence, all the information must be easy to find and navigate. 


Every time a user navigates to your website they must find some valuable information regarding your product. The UX designer must keep in mind the Content, Context and the User in mind while preparing the design.


The aforementioned are the possible items that you must keep in mind while doing research and preparing the UX design. The UX designer also has to work in sync with the UI designer and the entire front end team so that the results are according to the plan or at least better than that. 

However, there are times when the designs may fail as the UI team says it will look cluttered. Hence, it is advisable to first discuss with the UI team and then make the final draft.

UX designing is a very complex and crucial process and it is not limited to the digital platforms. There are many more opportunities where they could be used. They could work as a researcher, analyst or designer. There are many big brands that spend a hefty amount on the UX process as it lays the foundation of any business that wants to make it big in the market.  

We hope you are quite clear about the major points that should be taken care of in your UX design. 

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