Ultimate Guide to Help you Overcome Banner Blindness

Are you keen to know how you can get rid of Banner Blindness? Are you worried that it’s causing your hard-earned money invested in these banner ads to go in vain?

Do you want your ads not ignored?

This is a big question for every marketer who is trying to sell his products/services using Banner ads. Making sure that your audience is not hemmed by ads that do not appeal to him is an important first step. 

Getting back the attention of the visitors who have already found their “Cognition Schema” is largely a tough nut to crack.

It is evident when you are using banner advertising, your goal is solely to get click to the effect. 

With banner ads, you simply want to play smart – getting the greatest brand exposure at the lowest possible price. You want to get your ad CPC as down as it could be and get the highest click-through rate as never before. 

But, you have an enemy thwarting any marketers’ dreams – it is “Banner Blindness” – it is this truly percolating negatively all through the Digital marketing landscape. 

So are there any ways to overcome this? 


There are ways to beat BANNER BLINDNESS and get your ads noticed.

Let us help you with our ultimate guide to help you overcome Banner Blindness. Our guide is meant to help both – marketers & publishers. 

Let’s get started:

  1. Native Advertising 

Can you recall whatever we discussed in our blog, Everything about Native advertising – even if you do not, you can click the link to read again. 

This will help you further understand how to overcome banner blindness!


Let’s start it that way. Which are the most common locations on a website page where you see display ads?

At the right sidebar and on top of the website probably. Yes true. It is where results have established the most traffic and have given the best results when it comes to the traditional form of advertising. 

But do you know which part of the website gets the MAXIMUM HITS? 

It’s the editorial part, which is meant for displaying your quality content.

Since it does not look that obtrusive to the user as it blends in the environment, it is in. The user does not even notice if that’s an ad.

And even if they do, people do not mind clicking this kind of ad and looking into what it’s trying to sell.  You must switch from traditional banner advertising to embedding your ad in your website content natively. 

Digital advertising embedded in the website content is one most effective ways of overcoming Banner Blindness.

It has also been found that about 70% of the users would like to learn about your service or product through content rather than through traditional forms of advertising. 

This is the reason content marketing is booming through the Digital landscape today.

It is expected that every year this number would keep on multiplying every year – and the obvious reason has to be the enhanced click-through rate & engagement. 

Social share, traffic, time spent on the website, and stats related to other important parameters were analyzed and it was found that native advertising gave spectacular results. 

At every part of the content marketing funnel, these parameters are essentially important. 

So, are you super excited to jump into the Native Advertising bandwagon? 

  1. Tweak the Ad Placement Location

You won’t ever be appreciated if it’s banal and usual. A similar concept also goes with online advertising.

As long as you have nothing original, you can’t reach the top of your consumer’s mind.

If you are placing your ad in the same location for quite some time, people might be ignoring you. It is when Banner Blindness occurs – because the ad does not look appealing to the user.

You have to move a little from the traditional location – you can look for the following places on your website for putting your advertisement.

  • Above the fold – it is where the ad would not look obtrusive. 
  • Embedded into the text – may be in the content that appears on top of the – you can put these ads in the middle of a blog post, maybe. 

You must make your ads as beautiful, unique, attractive as possible. Experimenting with videos and social media buttons is the key to improved click-through rates. 

You have got the freedom to test your ad performance through Google Adwords. 

Are you ready for your next experiment? 

  1. Create Attractive Ad designs

 Have you ever thought about the aspects that garner more click? 

Do you know an attractively designed ad has far better chances of being noticed than a dull and dead advertisement? 

It immediately engages customers to your website. So, why to wait – start implementing the strategy. 

There are undeniably different ways you can use to create attractive ad designs. 

Keeping your design simple is a prerequisite for any advertiser. If you have too many colors, copies, and irrelevant images – it will do nothing but look obtrusive to the user. 

You have to think about the visitors who have come looking for something else and ended up looking at your ad. 

Design your advertisement around – the most critical aspect that sells your products and that message should be coupled with a short description, compelling CTA (want to know how to create the best call-to-action? Read our latest blog post?)

Use the principle of proximity. Learning the art of packing up the relevant information together logically & in a relevant way.

Another important aspect is using contrast – the ad color must be in contrast with the color scheme that the website is following. This will immediately catch the readers’ attention. Like for instance, if the website is designed with dark color, use a light color for your ads. 

The contrast principle must also apply to the topography and imagery, in addition to the color.

For instance, a combination of a sans-serif with an old serif could be a great idea. 

Never use similar fonts – for instance, never use Arial with Helvetica – this combination is going to get your reader’s flow disrupted. 

Then comes creating compelling calls-to-action. If it is about engaging and motivating your audiences to buy your product, compelling CTA is important.

It should be so designed and written that it clearly & precisely conveys the message you want to convey and the benefits it would come with. 

Also, create an easily identifiable CTA. It should not be cluttered and make people stressed about what if it inadvertently gets clicked. 

You can use directional cues and human faces to make it look more appealing to the user – they will love it. Use human eyes directed towards your product to make it look even more interactive. 

  1. Optimizing for mobile

Another important way of overcoming banner blindness is by optimizing your ad for mobile. 

Keeping with today’s technical advancements and knowing the fact that a huge part of the population today uses mobile devices & smartphones – your ad should be designed to look appealing to the mobile user.

You can do the following things to make your ad look relevant to mobile phone users. 

  • Embed videos into your mobile banner ads.
  • Keep your Facebook banner campaigns activated.
  • Use the “Call No” button.

Before deploying your banner ads make sure that it looks mobile-friendly and relevant to the smartphone users. Keep conducting testing, to understand and implement what is it that can make your ad look good on the small screen. 

This small effort would earn you surprisingly GREAT results.

One Important Step in this direction is getting rid of the clutter and serving your user with only fewer ads. Of course, the more a publisher will reduce clutter on his website the more advertisers he will be attracting. 

Advertisers will pay more for uncluttered premium space. 

  1. Remarketing campaigns can help

Do you know about cart abandonment? 

It’s a kinda situation, where a customer who was all ready to make the payments by filling the checkout form, but because something suddenly came up, he had to leave the cart. And, maybe he will never return the product he had almost ordered.

This phenomenon is called cart abandonment. 

It is 67.19% for eCommerce websites, which is a huge number.

Imagine the loss the seller has to face every day because of cart abandonment.

In a similar way, for advertisers, losing their first-time-visitors is pretty much painful. 

But, what if there was a way to bring these customers back to the checkout form? Remarketing would help here. 

Remarketing is a technique that helps sell to your existing customers rather than the new ones. Also, marketers can get remarketing ads ready to follow their existing customers wherever they are going around the internet. If you wish to know more about retargeting read our latest blog post here

You’ll discover everything about retargeting and how it should be done to get the best ever results. 

You have to just use a special tracking code that will place cookies on the computer of your website visitors. 

Retargeting ads are more effective than banner ads – for the fact that the audiences’ being targeted with remarketing ads are already interested in your product – and you know this in advance because they have previously spent time trying to order this product.

This is a kind of guarantee that if he is shown a similar ad again – which he was interested in previously – it is more likely that he will complete the buying process.

Thus conversion will occur instantly!

Are you ready for BIG conversions? Shoot remarketing ads!


Creating banner ads that could get you the best bang for your buck is what we learned in this blog post. There are other ways that serve the purpose that banner ads are designed for pretty much well.

Banner Blindness has become one of the most staggering issues for the webmaster. But, you can overcome banner blindness by taking care of the color contrasts, better designs, topography contrast, compelling CTA, making them mobile-friendly, and doing more. 

There are other ways too – like native advertising where you can place your ad in the editorial section of the website, which does not bother the audience. 

There are a variety of companies that can help you deal with banner blindness by placing your banner ads at the most correct location. We at AdMedia create ads for you that look amazing and capture users’ attention

Good advertising needs to be eye-catching, interesting – and more importantly – targeted. An ad that lacks relevance is one that consumers will easily ignore. But an ad with strong graphics and targeted content will leave a larger impact. We promise all of this and to help you through the journey of overcoming banner blindness. 

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