Types of Facebook Ads You Can Run for Your Brand

In today’s digital era it is very important to maintain your brand’s image and positioning in the market. Facebook is considered to be a very big giant with an Upper Hand in today’s market. If your brand gets famous on Facebook you are likely to drive a very good sales target. The Facebook business page is continuously evolving and the features it offers to its clients are amazing. With the business community of Facebook now one has many opportunities for reaching out to the audience and to retarget them. However, just like the different options, it is more likely to generate confusion as the advertisers fail to figure out the perfect Facebook ad for their business. It is very important to select the perfect ad because one never knows what harm the wrong ad might cause. With its algorithm, Facebook has allotted specific targets for each type. For gaining an upper hand in this race you need to be aware of all of them. 
It is always important to stay ahead of the competition and if one doesn’t know about the basic differences between the different Facebook ads then they might end up harming their own business and sales target. It is not always important that an ad is run for the purpose of the sale. Sometimes it is to maintain the engagement and to keep the brand’s image in focus.

There are 5 different kinds of ads that one can run on Facebook:

  • Carousel
  • Image
  • Video
  • Slideshow
  • Collection

Carousel Ads
Carousel ads are basically designed for generating more website visitors and for better conversion rates also they improve your overall marketing results. One can add up to 10 images or videos with separate links and headlines that would identify the creators you uploaded. One can easily let everyone know the story of the brand while using the carousel ad format. One can use it in various formats and for various purposes. If one wants to plan a digital marketing strategy where they want to end up showing their best collection to the users they can obviously choose this format. You can also let the users directly go to the buying link of the product uploaded with this format. This can also be used if one wants to showcase the best product or service of them. You can even include the mandatory information regarding each image or video that you uploaded in this format under it. Facebook hosts this ad not just on the Facebook app but also on Instagram and messenger too. It is a great way to showcase your creativity by using get to narrate a certain story. Each item has its own title and description along with the destination link. If you want to combine it with a custom audience then it would work wonders for you full stop however the first image or video should be clickbait so that you can drive a lot of attention.
Things that you need to keep in mind while posting the ads are;

If your image has text more than 20% then it will not be approved.
Your headline should be of 25 characters, a link description of 30 characters and an ad copy text of 90 characters.

Also, the recommended image size is 1080 x 1080 or 600 x 600 pixels.

You can select this at type to drive visitors to your site. They are basically to generate the lead. The number of visitors you will get the more data you will derive for the retargeting purpose. It is a single image format. The ideal size of this image should be 1200× 628 pixels. Also one should always keep in mind not to bombard with a huge amount of text. Your text should not take more than 20% of the image as Facebook will not approve of it. Your image ads should be formal and quite creative. It should not look flooded with text. 

If you want to have the impactful ad copy with this format then you should use the small text which is clickbait. Always talk to the point and your image must be creative enough to derive the attention. In this ad the major role is played by the image hence it should be perfect enough to speak a thousand words.

It is a single video Facebook ad which helps in advertising even on  Instagram. However, your video should never exceed 60 seconds. To have a more impactful video Ad format it should be somewhere between 10 to 15 seconds. According to a study, the videos derived more traffic than text. 64% of your target audience are likely to buy a product once they watch a video of it. It is human psychology to believe that images can be tampered and creatively shown better but the video will tell the exact product. If the video is longer than the audience gets bored and might skip your main message. The video ads play in the new sweet without the sound and hence you should create a video that is visually so good that people understand it without even turning on their sound. Also, your message should be in the front along with a call to action button.

It is different then the Facebook video format and one should never confuse between both. Facebook gives an option of selecting 3 to 10 images and then turning them into a good Facebook slideshow format. If you are not good with editing videos then you can select the best images and turn them into this format. It can be really helpful if you want to show a transformation or transition of certain products. Facebook has gone overboard by giving you the option to add sound. It is quite easy to maintain this as they have a very fast loading time. You can add URL, description along with a good title and a call to action button. 

Collection ads
They are quite interactive ads and allow the user to scroll up and down and even have many interactive buttons that allow them to even zoom in and zoom out. You can add multiple products in different categories and create a collection. You can choose from the provided templates or can simply build one using the advanced builder. You can even go on the blank canvas so that you can create a template best suited for your products.

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