Top Ways to Improve Google Ranking of Your Online Business!

We are rushing to improve the Google Ranking of our business. However, shortcuts are not going to give long term results.

The fact is that Optimization for the Search Engines is a long Game. Those who are relying on the SEO shortcut ways don’t remain in the race for long. They are indeed living an absolute myth.

This blog has been designed to break down the myth. It’s going to get a picture of how you can improve the Google Ranking of your Online business. The post is all about how you can enhance the visibility of your business on SERPs.

With this, the biggest question hovering in your mind must be – “How long it is going to take to improve your Google Ranking?” Let’s find an apt answer to this important question!

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How Much Time does it take to Improve  Google Ranking?

There isn’t any definite answer to this question. However, there are ways that could be applied to improve the way you are doing SEO. There are ways you can apply to improve your Google Ranking.

Initially, it may seem a real tough and frustrating task. Many experts are not able to sustain through this frustrating journey. But, the fact is – ‘there’s no way but to keep trying’!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a comprehensive term and there’s a lot involved with it.

The time required for your website to rank will depend broadly on the competition level, what approach your business is following given the competition, your budget, and the skills you possess.

It Demands Continuous Efforts!

There are many factors that could lead to accelerated changes in SERPs. It can take months and even years for your site to rank even after you have made many new and attractive changes.

Sitting and waiting won’t do even after upgrading your site. If you want long term results you will need to make continuous improvements. It will help your site to get crawled and indexed in a better way.

Googlebot will not crawl a low-quality URL regularly. This will result in extending the re-evaluation time.                                  

It’s important to research and implement ways to improve Google Ranking. Here are ways that will help you reach under top 10 SERPs. Google Ranking is the only way to enhance conversion and sales.

Here are Top ways to enhance your Google Ranking:

  1. A User-Friendly & Sound Website

If the content of your website has not been structured mindfully, it can ruin even your SEO campaigns. Your ranking will suffer anyway if your site is difficult for the crawlers and users to navigate through. Website architecture is an important factor with respect to Google Ranking.

You will have to perform technical SEO Audits. One of the important aspects of SEO audit is fixing Duplicate Content. In most cases, duplicate content are related to technical issues. Most often the cause is related to the existence of multiple versions of the same.

For instance,

Google considers,,, as four different pages with similar content. So, that’s going to be duplicate content for Google crawlers.

  1. Create Only Quality Content

Are you updating your website or content regularly? If you are not working on quality content, a low SEO ranking is evident. Customers need a reason to visit your site. You will need high-quality content for enhancing traffic and give visitors a reason to come back to your site.

Another factor that is governed by great content is the ‘Dwell-time’, that is the average time a user spends on every visit. Undoubtedly, great, exciting content on the site will attract more visitors and keep them engaged on the site for a longer period of time.

Websites, with relevant informative content, will keep visitors engaged for longer, increasing the average Dwell time. Qualitative content will enhance the chances of your site being bookmarked. This, in turn, will help in improving the Google Ranking of your site.

  1. Optimizing Images on Your Site

If your website has enough images and pictures, it will definitely improve your site’s Google Ranking. But, these images can work with improving SEO only when these images are optimized. There are a number of factors that are important for image optimization.

Like you will need to take care of the size and the file format. Using huge images can slow down the loading time. You can compress and resize them for better SEO results. Another way is naming the image file according to your keywords.

Suppose for example, if your website deals with travel and tours or vacations. Instead of naming a product as Tour 1, you can name the file as ‘best Italy Tours’. This will make the image, rich with respect to SEO ranking. In addition to this, you may also use the keywords in caption and title for better results.

  1. Use Header Tags in Your Content

Breaking your content into header tags can keep the visitors engaged thereby helping with the user experience. Header tags are the small subheading that makes it easy for a user to read and skim through the content.

In addition to making the content readable, headers also add to the appeal of the content. It looks more sorted and well-written that is an important part of ‘writing high-quality Content’. People won’t be interested in reading your content and coming to your site if there are no breaks between the paragraphs. Consequently, your site’s Google Ranking will deteriorate. So, it’s important to pay heed to add header while you are working on your content.

  1. Start Working on Links

Your website’s Google Ranking depends greatly on external as well as internal Links. It’s important that you are continuously working on these links and polishing them. There are different ways to polish your site’s Links. Let me describe a few important of them:

Working on Broken Links:

There are assortments of websites that don’t bother about fixing the broken link issues. But, they don’t understand that this can really deteriorate the user experience. There are crawlers that can easily find out all the 404 errors and fix the issue.404 broken link

Keep Track of Your Site Mentions

You can set Google alerts in order to know when there is a mention of your site on the web. This will help you in keeping track of where your brand is being mentioned over the internet. When you notice an unlinked mention, you can request the webmaster for converting the mention into a link. This will in turn help in enhancing your site’s Google Ranking.


While site owners and businesses do not prioritize and pay heed to these small techniques, but they can work tremendously with your Google Ranking. If you are making the right approach, it can keep you ahead on SERPs. Follow these techniques and let Google find you. Create content to keep the audience engaged.

I talked about “Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Google Ranking” in my previous blog and the above are some additions to those techniques. Implement them all for your site including the ones mentioned above. This approach will help your business in the long run and come up with the result you have been eyeing on with your continual efforts. Implementing these strategies will surely improve your Google ranking and help visitors and crawlers find you.

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