Top Five Video Advertising Trends in 2020

Video advertising trends have been growing pretty fast in the last few years. We have already entered into the other half of the year and video marketing has already swept away the digital marketing landscape. And, there is no doubt that the trend is going to grow even bigger in the other half of 2020. As much as 86% of online marketers are using video content as an important part of their online marketing strategy. They are relying heavily on different forms of video content to educate audiences about their products. Over the years, video marketing has become an increasingly evolving and engaging source of digital marketing. To know about the benefits of video marketing click here

In this blog post, we’ll talk about various forms of video advertising trends. Let’s move forwards to read the complete blog.

Top Video Advertising Trends of 2020:

  1. Facebook in-stream ads

Advertisers can place in-stream videos of five to fifteen seconds within on-demand videos or live videos on mobile devices. The best thing about these videos — is that they can be optimized for app installation, engagement, brand awareness, and video views. Feature ads, in this case, are extremely effective with almost 70% of them watched until the end. The in-stream ads are non-skippable, which makes for an important tool for tapping into Facebook’s eight billion video views.

Another perk of using in-stream videos is the feature that enables delivery on the Facebook Audience Network. This makes it possible to show the ads to the users while they are already watching videos on some third-party websites. The in-stream ads can run for a length of 30 seconds. In addition to that, all those in-stream ads that can be delivered both on the mobile & desktop devices.

  1. OTT Advertising.

Overtop abbreviated as OTT is a platform that provides different forms of video content on the internet. OTT in a very short time span has made people learn the meaning of “cord-cutters”. More and more consumers are opting-out from the traditional television subscription and are moving towards OTT making it their primary source of entertainment. It is estimated that by 2022, cord-cutters will reach around 50 million subscribers.

On the OTT, currently, there are three modes of video demands which include:

  • Subscription VOD: HBOGo, Netflix, Hulu
  • Transactional VOD: iTunes, Google Play, Amazon
  • Ad-supported VOD: Vimeo, Twitch, YouTube,

As does traditional advertising, using OTT offers similar benefits, in a different way. OTT allows advertisers to insert ads, create sophisticated analytics for personalized & smaller ads, target ads, and more. Brands get the benefit to display their ads in full screen and the views cannot pause these ads shown on OTT. This makes out, the video completion rate for OTT is much higher than the ads shown on the browser video-ads.

  1. User-generated content.

While long back we have transitioned into a digital landscape, the word-of-mouth still holds the importance as it used to, years ago. In a survey, it was found that as much as 76% of the users trust something said by an average user than by brands. Engaging your audience and building their trust becomes easy by leveraging user-generated content.

User-generated content or UGC as we call it. can be anything from pictures to videos to social media posts & reviews that are unpaid and are not created. Any brand-generated content is believed to have only one-seventh of the impact as compared to the user-generated content. It is obviously the authenticity that makes any UGC specifically one of the important aspects that appeal to the users.

Instead of getting attracted to more pushy content, today, customers are way more interested in brands where they feel emotionally connected. Telling brand stories & keeping it all transparent would impress them more than any flamboyant showoff that does not even exist.

  1. Shorter video ads.

For advertisers, with a huge number of video content, and the techniques create some tough competition for the users. Your user today, at any time, at any place, whatever he likes or does not like the video content, he can switch back right away.

The audience wants to see only relevant, valuable & attention-grabbing content. With this, people spending time watching videos has considerably declined in almost every medium. This has led to the trends moving towards shorter videos, which are meant to beat the woes of the being the skip buttons pressed.

Shorter videos are better because they tell the story of their brands in a succinct & salable way. They last for as much as 15 seconds and users find it way easier to watch them. This form of video advertising content is attractive, and engages audiences. Advertisers can use shock, humor & other actionable parts to create effective & compelling videos. In the video-focused market, Shorter video ads have today become a staple.

  1. Mobile-first advertising.

Today, smartphones are everywhere. Almost 52% of the total online traffic comes from mobile devices according to a report. The video advertising trends are growing every day and has become one of the fastest-growing means of digital marketing. Today, we know that almost half of the population depends on mobile for shopping, online transactions, and spend most part of their day on mobile devices.

With this knowledge, most brands have started focusing on creating everything — website, advertisements, and services — mobile-friendly. Creating this kind of user-experience has become a need for success in any business. And, in addition to bringing about transformation in how the audience consumes the content, mobile phones have also affected how video content is created by advertisers. The vertical advertisements on platforms like Snapchat & Instagram bring forth engaging content making it easy for advertisers to interact with modern-day customers.

Final Thoughts on Top Video Advertising Trends of 2020!

Technology is evolving every day, things are changing, markets are coming up with new trends — with all this, it is quite crucial to remain abreast of the latest trends. This is more like digging into the market first and showing up as a winner. At AdMedia, we have a vast video network with high-rank video partners and content providers. We guarantee our technicians will deliver the right audiences to multiple channels as well as multiple devices. We are working out ways to optimize video campaigns with high quality and with maximum reach every day. Let us start to grow together with these top Video Advertising Trends of 2020.

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