Top Five Benefits of Video Content for Your Business

As a content marketer, you must know that video content, incorporated intelligently into your content marketing strategy can bring unprecedented results. According to a study, around 85% of the internet savvy in America watched online video content every month in 2020. Around 54% of consumers want to discover about the products they are interested in — in the form of video content. And, today almost 87% of marketers are using video as the most effective tool for marketing their brand or business.

With the data, it is evident that, if you are a startup or a booming brand — you must put video content on top into your video content strategy. The staggering statistics indicate that video content is more popular than ever before. Over the years, digital marketing has witnessed many transformations — and the increasing popularity of video content is — one of them. Let’s see effective ways in which video content can help your business grow tremendously:

Five reasons why you should incorporate video content in your content marketing strategy:

  1. Boosts Conversion Rate

Incorporating video content on your landing page can enhance the conversion rate up to 80% — you must invest seriously in video content. Having an expert on board, who can present your product or service with the help of video content can create an impact on the buying decision. It will drive traffic and compel them to buy from you, helping with enhanced ROI. The idea behind is — you can put across the RIGHT EMOTIONS in the context of what you are trying to sell.

Videos serve as testimonials that instill confidence in your product and video content encourages the direct sale boosting conversion rate. In a study, it was found that almost 74% of the users who discovered the product through some form of video bought it immediately. So, without giving it a second thought, you should start crafting your own videos.

  1. Video Drives Better ROI.

You’ll be more convinced of incorporating video content into your content or website after knowing that around 83% of the businesses have experienced improved ROI after incorporating video into your content marketing strategy. Even if video content may be cheap or expensive to produce, depending on the niche — however, it can pay you as much as you could never have thought of. And, technology has made it easy with too many advanced video editing tools. You can make pretty amazing videos from your phone itself.

More than everything else the most important thing that matters is that — you do not have to make a perfect video, good content alone is enough to get the hits on. As much as your content is original, informative, and interesting to read — nothing else matters. As long as you are incorporating original content interestingly — the design & look of the video would not make a difference to what you are trying to sell.

  1. Video Instills faith in your Product.

The faith of your customers is the foremost important thing on your way to building a successful business. It is where you put in the foundation stone of building a platform where you can sell your products & services. Content marketing itself is a strategy wherein you try building that faith — video content acts as a powerful push that instills immense faith in your product.

Provide vital information intriguingly that your customer has come looking for and you’ll need nothing more to do. A video does everything for you — from building trust to influence the elite people, converting them & driving ROI for your business. A good part of the audience fears buying from you — they are skeptical about fraud & cheating. Effective marketing videos can eliminate that kind of skepticism or fear.

  1. Google appreciates Video content.

Not only your audience but Google also appreciate video content! It increases the time that every single visitor spends on your website. And, when that number increases — it enhances trust signaling to Google that you have something interesting people are keen to see & watch. If you have video content on your site — it is 53 times more likely that your website will appear on top of the SERP. And, the fact that Google owns YouTube — embedding videos to your website would make more difference to sales, ROI & conversion rate. You must make sure that — the videos that you are putting over are optimized for SEO. Hire someone to write interesting descriptions & titles to engage your audience.

  1. Video works wonders for Mobile Users.

Per a study by YouTube, the consumption of video content increases by 100% every year. Today almost 90% of users watch videos on their mobile devices. People like watching videos more than reading a long piece of text-based content. A huge part of the Internet community watches these videos on their smartphones. With the growing use of smartphones — video marketing has become an important mode of winning audiences’ diving sales. Watching videos on smartphones help your customers by instilling a sense of connection.


Video marketing is an effective form of online marketing in the times when — everyone is busy & occupied all through with their own stuff. We know that — today the audience is more dispersed than ever before with so many devices available. At AdMedia, we understand how video content can give a boost to your business. With the right content, AdMedia lets you target the right audience and get the highest quantity of optimal views from users who will most likely act upon your message. Create engaging videos, improve ROI & keep your brand on top of the SERP.

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