Top Facebook Marketing Tips to Earn More Money

Social Media has become one of the most important places to earn money and Facebook tops the chart as usual. Though having marred with controversies surrounding the data breach, Facebook has continued to step up its Marketing activities to make more money for the brands. So, if you have a specific brand that is user-centric and has been on the rise, Facebook can make it rich the highest levels of success in the lowest possible times also. Check out some of the top Facebook marketing tips to make money in quick time. Learn the New tricks which can make your brands friendly and in all the ways more money minting.

Top Facebook Marketing Tips – Set Up a Dynamic Facebook Business Page

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Before you flex your muscles on the pedestal of Facebook, it is important that you make a Facebook Business Page to list yourself as a brand. You need to set up the page in order to let Facebook know that you have a business to sell here. You can create six different types of pages here which is based on Local Business or Place, Brand or Product or anything of such kind. A Facebook tutorial would guide you to fill the form and some basic information about the business you are offering here. And you are ready. Here you can give vital information about your business from the setting head setting on the page. You can edit the page, change the template and convert the page from standard to Business one.

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This will give you access to a customizable call-to-action button (see: top right of the above image) and several other seemingly small but business-friendly features. You would require equipping your page with unique username, a profile picture (170×170) and a cover photo or video (820×312). Use the About Tab to fill information about your company and the business – what you’re about, where your customers can find you, how they can get in touch, and your hours of open service.

Facebook Messenger Bots for Customer Service

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Social Media Sites have quickly become the center for customer service by the brands. Facebook uses the Facebook Messenger Bots for customer service while also promoting it. To set it, you would be required to visit the Facebook’s Page on the Messenger Bots. Make sure you get back to the user with a more detailed response, but that auto-reply in itself is huge. Customers and prospects really look at your brand’s response time when determining whether or not to reach out. And that initial, immediate response cuts down response times substantially. But Messenger chatbots have not been fully tested and sometimes they get ahead of the user intent and steer customers and prospects the conversations.

Top Facebook Marketing Tips – Organic Posting

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It is always important that there be organic posting during the time you remain as a seller on the Facebook. In the recent years, the reach rate among businesses that post organically on Facebook has lingered around 2.6%. 93% of the advertisers on social media use Facebook primarily. So the news feed has become more competitive day by day. But if you have some astounding organic postings left, it would make things easier for your brand.  Also important is the change in the News Feed feature of the Facebook. It changed its algorithm to bring more user-friendly contents from friends and family and less business/marketing content. Post a lot of organic content but that should not be too much in number. It should be just enough for the readers to be always interested.

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