Want to Improve Email Marketing Results? Here’s How!

Email Marketing is a broad term in the context of Digital Marketing! This form of marketing is estimated to give the result worth $44.25 for every single dollar spent. From all online marketing strategies, Email Marketing is supposed to bring the highest engagement rate to your website.

And, thereby helps the company to stand out in the crowd, which is the key to the success of any business. How do you know whether your email marketing strategies are being rightly implemented or not? Well, the best way to gauge the performance of your Email marketing efforts is keeping a track of the open rates of your Marketing Email. You are supposed to be careful while sending these digital messages and the overall result of your campaign will automatically improve.

Email Marketing
Email Marketing


Top 5 ways to Improve Results of your Email Marketing Efforts:

1. The Subject Line need to be Engaging

What is the first thing that will make you open an email in your inbox? The answer is certainly the subject line. Not choosing the subject line prudently is clearly leaving money on the table. It’s important that you have tested well before launching an Email Marketing campaign. Keep it simple, a bit personal and casual.

Email Marketing
Email Subject Line

2. Right kind of Content is the Key

Without any doubt, the open rate for your marketing Email will skyrocket, if you are sending your customer, engaging, interesting, simple and informative emails. The content has to be designed in a way to encapsulate all of the above qualities. It cannot only be informative and give the results that you are eyeing on. It will just result in making the customers ignore your marketing Email. Right kind of content will increase the open rate.

Email Marketing Strategy

3. Should be Written to the Individual Person

We are particularly interested in reading a piece of writing if we can feel an individual connection. The same is true with Marketing Email! The customer/audience is interested in reading your mail if he feels that it has been written directly for him. The best way is to use the name of the recipient in the opening. Frame the entire body as if you were writing for this single person. It will make the reader feel connected and curious.

Marketing Email

4. Choose the Right Email Sending Time

Talk about Digital marketing, particularly Email marketing and the first thing that will pop up in mind is the selection of timing. Make sure that you have chosen the right time to send your message before hitting the send button. The timing should be chosen as per the kind of audience and the intent of your email. A study has found that sending marketing emails on weekends give the best results.

Email Marketing


5. Let the Email be Sent from an Individual, not from Company

It’s an important consideration! The recipient filters and reads the Emails by checking the sender’s name. And, if he/she finds that the mail has been received from any company, he considers its an advertising email. And, he then decides not to read the message or maybe he will delete it. So, make sure your email is being sent from an individual and not company.

These are some very important considerations to make when you are preparing for your Email Marketing campaign. And, incorporating these Email Marketing strategies will enhance open rate.


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