Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Google Ranking

Roughly stating, 90% success of an online business is about its Google ranking.

The zenith of your business is when you are ranked number one at the first page of Google. Data from different sources have revealed that 95% of the total online traffic is directed to the first page, which finally determines your Google ranking.  However, there isn’t any magic wand with those who rank first on SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). There are certain rules that you have to comply with and certain ideas to implement organically.

It absolutely needs long hours of work, hard work, perseverance, dedication with a punch of stupendous creativity.

The everyday transforming face of Google’s algorithm that needs you to be consistently attentive with how you are handling your business.  

Nonetheless it’s not really rocket science. Anyone can implement some SEO techniques with an enormous degree of excellence. Let me teach you some of the on-page SEO and Off-page SEO techniques to help through the optimization technique.

Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Google Ranking

These techniques will help you learn optimization for both humans and the search algorithm crawlers.

Ok. Here we go…

  1. Update Yourself with the Google Ranking Algorithm

Opting for a shortcut SEO technique is not the right way. This won’t set you up for any long-term success.

While not always the Google algorithm updates are announced publicly. These updates keep coming at regular intervals.

There are around 500 to 600 updates every year. And, not the actual functioning is always known to the public.

Most SEO experts site these changes as the reason of not being able to succeed in their attempt to rank at the top.

But, there’s the point if everyone knows everything how would Google be able to filter out the sites providing the authentic information.

Google aims at collecting all the information of the Universe and resourcefully making it available to the users.

The key is, keeping track of the Google algorithm updates, which include Mobile-friendly update, Pigeon, Hummingbird, Penguin, Panda, Google EMDs (exact match domain names), and others.

So, what’s the way out to keep track of these updates?

The most reliable source is the  Moz’s Google Algorithm Change History. It maintains the proper database of the Google Algorithms chronologically.

  1. Know your Search Ranking

Unless you know where you stand now, it’s not really possible to move forward.

So, even if yours is a completely new website, you need to gauge your current Google ranking to improve its further.

Don’t worry. There are several tools to help you find your current Google ranking. You can simply type on google “keywords ranking tool” You will get several result on SERP. You can use them for auditing your keywords ranking.

Another aspect in this regard is the speed of your site.

You need to know the speed of your site if you want to improve your site’s Google Ranking.

There are very less chances of your site ranking high if its load time is more.

In that case, no matter how relevant your meta tags, meta description, title tags, keywords, and on-page SEO are, higher site load time will affect your Google ranking negatively.

Thankfully there are many site speed testing tools. Some of these include “WebPageTest” and “Google PageSpeed Insights”. Keep running these tests at times to find ways to work on your Google Ranking.

  1. Tracking Different Standards

Next step includes finding out other different standards to evaluate what else is required to bring out the improvements.

Organic traffic is the most important factor to consider. It’s important to know how many visitors are reaching your site via Google.

Studies have shown that organic search comes up with the best revenue for most businesses.

You can check this search result using Google Analytics.

It’s simple. You can check out the acquisition channels results by logging into your Google Analytics account.

hile you are analyzing traffic to your site, it’s important to find the keywords generating most traffic. You have tools for this.

With the help of SERP Scan, you can find out those keywords which have the potential to generate organic traffic for your site.

Understanding the difference between commercial keywords and Information Keywords.

It’s important to understand commercial keywords.

You may be making mistakes and not spending enough time to these keywords. It’s the commercial Keywords that make money and improve Google Ranking.

With use of informational keywords, you may be driving great traffic to your site. But wondering why they are not converting and buying your products.

The answer for this could be the language you are using. However they are clicking, but not in the mood to buy. You could give them that impulse. They actually want you to speak their language.

You may be focusing on informational keywords like ‘how to remain healthy’, ‘how to install wordpress’, ‘how to travel like a pro’. And, this is why your customers are not converting.

You should instead focus on commercial keywords. They may look like

‘How to buy Best tour packages in India’

‘Buy best gifts for mother’s day’

‘Content writers in the U.S.’

For e-commerce sites, keywords with certain suffixes and prefixes give better Google Ranking. If you own an ecommerce business use these prefixes and suffixes with your keywords.

Purchase, Buy, Discount, Free, Shipping, Order etc.

  1. Is your website mobile-friendly? Ask.

Data from various sources have revealed that almost 60% of the total searches are from mobile devices. This is only growing everyday.  

This makes out that, content of the website, which is not accessible as accurately as from a desktop or laptop have very less chances of having high Google Ranking.

For this you may be conducting a “Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test”. It will help you determine exactly if your site is mobile-friendly or not.

On Google console Mobile-Friendly test, just type the URL of your website and “Run Test”. This will give a clear result stating if it’s mobile-friendly or not. It will show how it looks on how the site looks when opened on a mobile device.

If your site fails this test. Find out the fixes and start working on them. With its result, the mobile-friendly test will also show the probable causes.

  1. Big No No to Unhealthy Link Building Techniques

Only go with the right ways to building links. There are many techniques for that. Here are a few techniques you need to follow.

Anchor text linking or in-text links

These are simple links that are going to appear in your content. Placing such links in the right way can considerably increase traffic to your site and enhance your site’s Google Ranking.

Anchor text linking is particularly effective when you are working on a specific keyword to rank. With this the target keyword is used with the anchor text. However, it should be mixed with generic keywords to avoid any penalty and breach of Google algorithms.

Take for instance, if your primary keyword is Scotland tour Review, then you can create an anchor text smartly by incorporating it with other generic keywords like Europe tour reviews. It should look like: find best Scotland tour reviews, Europe tour reviews etc.


With this information, you can unbox the real potential of your business by improving your site’s Google Ranking. These are some of the keys to unlock the door to the greatest success of your business.

I will be talking about some more techniques on improving Google Ranking in my next blog till then implement these techniques and win over the world. You can read more about Digital Marketing, SEO techniques, Content Marketing Strategies, and more at

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