A Lot to be Thankful for Here at AdMedia

November 24 wasn’t a typical Wednesday at the AdMedia HQ. Since it was the day before Thanksgiving, we decided to celebrate by having a potluck! Everyone in the office each brought something to share with the rest of the team. Some brought delicious entrees, while others took the responsibility of bringing drinks and utensils.

From 1 to 3 PM, all of us took a break from our jobs and headed to one our conference rooms for the Thanksgiving feast. Every single member of the AdMedia team participated and as a result, our Thanksgiving table was packed with yummy food, including pasta, beef, chicken so much more. We even had some salads and a “Tofurkey” (tofu turkey) for our vegan friends! For dessert, we munched on various cupcakes, cheese rolls, cookies, and whole lot of sweets!

Yes, the AdMedia Thanksgiving get together was definitely an enjoyable one, not just because of the scrumptious food, but mainly because we were able to bond and catch up with each other. The holiday months are always busy for us in the advertising space, so it was quite refreshing to sit back for a couple of hours and just enjoy.

Check out all fun and food that we had in the photos below:


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