Tips to Write Irresistible Email Advertising Copies

In the last few years, email advertising has come a long way. While most brands today look obsessed with the idea of all those fancy new functionalities — they do not always work. No matter how many bells & whistles you are incorporating therein, it won’t work.

So how does it work?

Do you know what kept you glued to that Netflix series last night? It was kind of intriguing & simply said!

No matter if your email copy is plain or not so FANCY, it will be considered interesting by the audience as long as the content that it contains is well-written and intriguing. Your subscription can skyrocket if the copy has been written in a well-structured & interesting way.

So, before you start writing an email copy for a big brand, you must know how to write a marketable email copy. There are two important parts of any email advertising copy, and you need to understand how each of the two is important –

  1. The subject line
  2. The Body

Let’s look at the nuances that you need to take care of while you get on to the journey of writing an email copy. Start with the subject line, and then proceed through the message contained in the body.

Tips on how to write an Intriguing & Captivating Email advertising Copy:

Subject Line:

A strong subject line is the beginning of the success of your email copy. Data say, almost 33% of the readers would open an email only if they find the subject line interesting enough.

The idea here is — you must not ignore the subject line of your email copy, it can make or break the success of your email copy. Start putting in extra effort in designing the subject line — it could be the reason the email copy you have designed has not been performing so far.

Let’s look at the parameters one needs to take into account when creating the subject line. Here we go:

  1. Personalization will make it look real

People feel a sense of respect, connection & friendliness when there is a touch of personalization. For instance, using the recipient’s name makes them feel that they are not being treated like numbers, which can make a huge difference to what action they are going to take. Think about other ways you can personalize the subject line keeping in mind the type of audience you are going to shoot this email to.

It has been found that the more emails are segmented the more they perform with respect to click-through-rates & open rates. The reason is obvious — when you have a segmented email list, you can easily personalize the subject line & the email as a whole. Gone are the days when the recipients used to be impressed only by Fancy functionalities.

  1. Incite FOMO (Fear of Missing out)

As they say, the first impression is the last impression. So, it is the subject line where you can begin to instill much-needed curiosity. It is where you could use a couple of magical words and leave your audience completely spellbind and in the awe of what’s there inside. Use some kind of curiosity language — and make sure that the reward that you have talked about in the subject line is for real so that the audience who opens it does not feel cheated.

  1. Keep it Clear.

While making subject line eye-catchy is one of the important aspects of any email advertising campaign, keeping it clear & understandable is way more important. In the first go — you need to focus on making it clear. It is only when your subject line is clear and presents succinctly whatever you are trying to put forth that your audience will bother about opening it to read. Once you have created a clear message — you can further mold it to make it catchy, funny, or cute — whatever you want to for that matter.

If you want to know more about email advertising we have got you covered.

  1. Woo them with some OFFER

Who does not like GIFTS & OFFERs? All of us do.

So, if you want to improve the email open rate you have to woo them with some OFFER — but make sure that it is not merely about wooing them — make a real offer no matter small or big. There is no better strategy than making an offer that your audience cannot refuse & the one he won’t get anywhere else.

For instance, many top brands woo their customers with same-day home step delivery. This OFFER would ostensibly attract audiences from different segments like the ones who cannot visit the physical store in person. So, the probability of audiences belonging to this group going through the offer is almost 100%.

  1. Establish Relevant alignment between the subject line & the Body copy.

If you are a business owner or an email marketer working for some company — you must know how crucial it is to align the CTA copy with the content of your landing page. It is not anything different in case of the subject line & the body of your email copy — there should be alignment between the two.

Whatever you are promising to offer through the subject line must be fulfilled when someone reads finally through the body of the email copy. If that’s not done responsibly while crafting the email copy — your audience will end up going back disappointed & may never return. No alignment between the subject line & the body of the copy can be detrimental to the email open rate & click-through-rate.

How to craft Body of the Email advertising copy?

  1. Use the Second person.

Instead of the first person like “I” or “we” make use of the second person like “you” or “your.” This will direct your email copy towards the reader — it will refer to the audience, and they will feel connected. Writing the copy in the second person would make it look more conversational. That’s great about establishing connections. In addition to that, whatever you are trying to say via the email has been formulated with a focus on the audience and not the brand.

  1. Be succinct & Clear.

Don’t populate the body of your email with everything that’s going in your head — be clean, clear & precise. Most marketers are obsessed with filling the space as much as they can with literally unnecessary information.

Whenever you are crafting an email copy consider it personal — think as if you are going to open it in your inbox. Think about how you would react to something like that? People find it ridiculous — no one has got time to go through all the unnecessary stuff. People usually give a birds-eye view through the important points that are relevant to them. It is when they decide whether to throw it into the trash or take action.

Populating your email copy with too many words would serve no purpose and would only confuse your audience. Take an approach wherein you can say everything important in just a few words — you can redirect them to read more on your website.

  1. Boast the benefits.

Why are you writing this email in the first place? To let your audience know about the exciting offer you have for them. Right? They can only know about your offer if you let them know.

They have no idea about your OFFER & your email copy is going to be a communication channel. And, it must explain everything about the offer including its benefits. The reason that most email copies fail because they only explain the features & not the unique Benefits that it’s offering.

Be crafty & SMART — boast the benefits of your product or offer that the email copy is all about. While you give the basic idea of the product — you must also talk about the extra 20% Offer for all the first five orders.

  1. Build Relationships.

While the email copy is all about a product or an offer — but you can instill a lovable bond with your audience through the language you are using. Make sure that you don’t sound too selfish, just boasting & advertising your product. Email advertising is a wonderful avenue for letting your brand value improve and build meaningful relationships. It can serve a variety of purposes given you are having lovable communication with your audience.

Wrapping Up.

No matter what the goal of your email advertising copy, make sure to focus separately in the subject line & the body of the copy. The subject line is the entrance, which will decide whether the guests are interested in getting in or not. The body of your email is the store itself where the audience will stay if it’s interesting enough.

If you are giving enough thought into crafting the subject & the body — it will make the audience take the desired action. List out enough resources into your email-copy so that it could make your audience take the desired actions. Apart from introducing an offer via this copy — you can also develop a long-term relationship with your target audience by keeping the language communicative & lovable.

At AdMedia, we earn recognition for your brand through email advertising. It can boost revenue & click-through-rate like never before if done mindfully & strategically. Email advertising is an amazing medium wherein you can access your audience who already know you. It provides an opportunity to establish a long-term relationship with your audience.

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