The Unlimited Potentiality of Mobile Video Advertising

Marketing is the key to success.

You. Your company. Your logo. Your product. Your brand

They are all one and the same thing.

More to the point, today’s businessperson has to incorporate and concentrate all of the aforementioned characteristics, mix and stir in brainstorming sessions until you creatively encapsulate everything great about your business into an idea, quirky intellectual property or some such, and then translate into engaging marketing and promotional strategies.

Today’s businessman has to stay on top of trending technological advances, the newest in social media platform evolution and demographics tied to such. 20 th century business thinking, initiating a business strategy and standing back, no longer apply. New opportunities for advertising potential increase with every new upgrade or advance in technology multiply your chances and potential for successful ROI based on the use of targeted or niche-realm focused mobile video advertising strategies.

Today’s consumers are only too happy to provide their personal info, and more importantly, progressive feedback of service, to companies that provide quality products and service. Consumers today can order pizza from their smart devices with emoji icons. As a businessperson, you have to know what percentage or demographic of consumers buy via internet, their smart devices and such.

According to statistics developed by consultant firm Symphony Teleca, almost 65 percent of all people who possess a smart device will shop via the internet and purchase items via their smart device.

Business forecasts and projections for 2016 alone predict that almost 168 million people will purchase something via the internet this year.

It has been furthered projected that on average, each of those projected 168 million consumers will probably purchase around $2,000 worth of items.

Think about that.

Barely 20 years ago, a consumer, to buy something, would have had to walk into a brick and mortar establishment or buy a specific shopping-network item advertised on TV.

Today’s consumer can buy something from anywhere in the world. That also means that now consumers can also be target-advertised wherever they go in the world with their mobile smart device. Strategizing how to effectively market and promote mobile video advertising techniques and taking advantage of metadata mining from consumers willing to offer such information will only increase your profitability potential. More so when companies cater or direct specialized advertising to niche or targeted demographics.

Marketing and the promotional and advertising strategies that inherently grow out of a focused or niche-realm demographic marketing approach. Marketing is all about maximizing how to get as many people as possible to learn about your business all at the same time. Marketing is all about letting your customers know how to order what you sell. Marketing is all about building a customer base and continually strategizing ways to attract more potential, future and loyal customers. Marketing is all about knowing how to inject the right balance ratio of entertainment, information and persuasive selling to mix in an advertisement.

Most importantly, marketing in the 21 st century is all about using online video mobile advertising strategies.

In the 20 th century, advertising was all about targeting to demographics where they lived. Today’s consumer can be anywhere on Earth. It’s time to customize your advertising strategies to recognize such.

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