The Continuing Business Potential of Contextual Advertising

Placing advertisements solely on TV commercials, radio advertisements or in the steadily-nearing-obsolescence newsprint industry will not cut it anymore. Employing such 20 th century strategies solely is not forward thinking or moving. And in business, you have to move forward.

For example, marketing and advertising a movie today involves a lot more than just airing TV commercials. That is 20th century thinking, since a lot of people enjoy entertainment on smart devices and cell phones just as much as on conventional TV.

Today you would use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat and a host of other social media platforms. Every day there seems to be a new social media platform, app or innovation that is the top story of the news outlets

But today you have to take it further than that in the world of business.

There is some hesitancy with the use of contextual advertising, based on hacking and invasion of privacy concerns.

But continuing with that same logic, today’s consumer will proffer their basic or most intimate personal information for the sake of pizza delivery, virtual scavenger hunt mobile player games or just to but something online.

Today’s consumer is offering more and more personal information online to businesses, automated data mining software technology and third-party information collection vendors, voluntarily and enthusiastically I may add, in never before seen and ever more increasing numbers.

Contextual ads get a bad rep because it involves using behavior-recognizing software and internet history tracking software to present niche-realm focused advertising to specific consumer demographics.

However, the truth of the matter is that the information is out there. Many businesses pay a lot of money from third party data mining or intercepting collectors just to initiate their contextual ad campaigns.

If you are online with your business, embrace online advertising and already have a customer database, all you may have to do is ask for information or truthfully say that contextual advertising will custom design advertising to your customer’s online habits, and you may get positive feedback.

Information compiled in a survey by the Seattle Times found that almost 70 percent of the people asked replied that they found contextual advertisement to be useful, especially so if the website they visiting corresponded to what was being advertised.

The digital age has forever changed how business is conducted.

We can never go back. Today, people are becoming more and more reliant, attached and addicted to smart devices and being exposed to regular updates and advances in the technological arts.

You must create a marketing presence for your business online.

And if the information is there for the taking or better, asking based on already developed customer and business relationship, then you ought to consider how contextual advertising can best work for you.

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