Taking advantage of Re-Targeting

I would like to take the time today to talk to you about your Re-Targeting campaign.

If you are thinking to yourself, “What Re-Targeting campaign,” then you are worse off than I thought. As an advertiser, or business owner, you cannot overlook the importance of Re-Targeting. Guys, consider how you approach dating. If you find a girl attractive, and the first thing you do is ask her on a date, she’s more than likely to say no.

There usually has to be some kind of communication that occurs before you just ask someone out. A girl won’t go out with you if she doesn’t know at least a little bit about you. The same thing applies to advertising.

If you are a new business, or haven’t done much marketing in the past, chances are many consumers have no idea who you are, what you provide, and at what quality. Consumers are just like the women you would like to date. They need to know a little bit about what you do before they trust you. When you hit customers with an ad here and there, they aren’t likely to act. They may visit your site out of interest, but leave without converting. Statistically, conversions aren’t high the first time around, so you are basically wasting your advertising dollars.

Now let us say that you find a girl attractive, so you approach her with stimulating conversation. You talk things over and find out you have a lot in common. At the end of this conversation that woman is more likely to take you up on your dinner offer. You have created a comfortable situation, which guarantees a conversion, in this case a date!

When you Re-Target consumers you do the same. You earn brand recognition and create a situation where the consumer feels comfortable to spend their money. AdMedia highly targeted ads capture audiences. Once captures, those interested consumers visit your page and our tagged. As they browse their favorite websites, we follow them and hit them with your targeted ads. They begin to recognize your brand and trust that what you provide is legitimate. They re-visit your site, but this time with their wallets open.

With AdMedia re-targeting, you never have to waste advertising dollars again. You are guaranteed higher conversions, and the return on investment you need. Find out more about Re-Targeting and AdMedia by visiting our website.

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