6 Benefits of Virtual Collaborations During COVID-19

Virtual collaborations, virtual meetings, virtuals lunches ~ nothing is a novel idea! It has been there since technology began making our lives simpler.  There are businesses that solely function on the virtual working model. Over the years they have known plenty of advantages of the virtual working model. Therefore, they continue to function in aContinue reading “6 Benefits of Virtual Collaborations During COVID-19”

Important Guidelines for Conducting Virtual Meetings

As a result of the fear of further havoc that can further result from the crisis of corona, companies have temporarily moved to the virtual model. Everyone is working from home, and the meetings and conferences are being better conducted via Virtual mode.  Amidst all the ruckus that Coronavirus has brought with it, Virtual meetingsContinue reading “Important Guidelines for Conducting Virtual Meetings”

7 Ways How Virtual Meetings Can be Productive

With the outbreak of COVID-19, Virtual Meetings have become a common way to get the business going. Almost every industry has switched to work from home. And, they are looking for ways to conduct Virtual meetings productively. Virtual meets are not a big deal for the companies that have been functioning that way. But, theContinue reading “7 Ways How Virtual Meetings Can be Productive”

Why a ‘Free Virtual Lunch And Learn’ Program is Important?

Imagine enjoying the quarantine period by staying safe and healthy at home. But, then an important meeting arises that can’t be missed. A total mood spoiler? Amidst the chaos of coronavirus, quarantine has become the need of this hour. These mood spoilers are what everyone needs to get over. Staying at home and maintaining aContinue reading “Why a ‘Free Virtual Lunch And Learn’ Program is Important?”

Safe and Healthy Meetings with ‘Free Virtual Lunch and Learn”

There is no denying that digital industries are always innovating different concepts. One such leap is taken by Admedia by going a step further for the health and safety of its clients and associates, during this disastrous health crisis, COVID-19.  The idea is to provide Free Lunch so that a Virtual Meeting & discussion canContinue reading “Safe and Healthy Meetings with ‘Free Virtual Lunch and Learn””